Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a Glorious Day!

I'll never be the same since returning to Christ! It is a glorious day. Jesus is alive!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great Resurrection Piece

Happy Easter to Everyone! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day.

A wonderful woman I know has written a piece on the resurrection of Christ. You can go here: http://lifesolovelee.wordpress.com/2011/04/22/for-a-thief-and-me-a-good-friday-indeed/ to read it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Testimony that will Knock Your Socks Off!

This is a testimony to God's grace, faithfulness, love, mercy, and of never forsaking us. All the Glory is His and His alone!

It all started back on Palm Sunday 2007. Actually Oct. 2006, when unbeknownst as to why, I quit drinking and smoking, just like that. A month later our son and my husband quit as well. Shortly after, our son purchased, (I know for some this is a repeat, but it leads up to today's testimony), A Purpose Drive Life Book and workbook for the three of us. By Palm Sunday, four years ago, Rick chose to give his heart to Christ and we attended church at Capital Christian Center. We haven't turned back since.

Rick was a non-believer, Jason and I were prodigals. Thank You Lord for rescuing us!

This past late October, 2010, something changed in Rick. He became a man none of us recognized. We were all very concerned. He became distant, detached, negative, he just was not the man I knew. I felt he was losing faith in Christ. He said he wasn't, but was very distant.

One day this year, about Feb. he told me he was struggling with things. He felt he could not be in a room with "stuff." He wanted a place that had nothing on shelves, counters, tables etc. It had to be organized, with nothing! I thought, oh my, I'm losing my husband. An instant panic set in, but then the Lord took back control. I told him to talk to his doctor as this was obviously a mental condition that needed to be addressed.

His doctor tried a medication that seemed to work great, but eventually set him into a deeper depression that made him more detached from us. He wasn't able to concentrate, interact with anyone, be around the grandchildren or our family. He took to the bed, never wanting to interact.

Finally I convinced him to go back to his doctor, who then took him off that medication and started a new one. This worked out great at first as well, but then soon had him back in the bed, falling asleep at the wheel, very despondent, tired all the time, not eating, not going to church--which he hadn't attended for almost 3 months. I kept asking him to talk to his doctor again.

During this time, I kept going to church and group, asking for prayer, never giving up even when I felt I couldn't go on like this, family problems were arising with many family members, all of it becoming overwhelming. But I kept praying and surrounding myself with good Christian women. I knew I couldn't give up the faith.

Our son was angry and frustrated. He's dealt with schizophrenia for years and back and forth with his believing, back to drinking on occasion, smoking off and on. Our daughter struggling with her depression and having a severe case of gastroparesis, not able to keep anything down, our grand daughters dealing with anger issues, an autistic step-grandson, our other step-grandson dealing with depression, our youngest grandson dealing with bowel problems, my little sister having no medical insurance with a tumor on her brain and some on her spine, causing great pain, severe headaches, problems with vision, not being able to think and cope, and problems too personal to talk about with Rick's family. All at once time. But I knew in my heart that God had a purpose in all this and kept thanking Him that good would come of it all, to give me the strength to carry it through.

There were times when I cried out, "Why?! Why are You letting this happen? I know You say You will never give us more than we can handle Lord, but how much more?! I don't think I can take much more! Please Lord, bring us some relief." Well during this time He gave me a vision of kneeling beside the bed while Rick slept and praying for him. But I didn't do it. I was scared, I didn't know what to pray.

But the Lord being ever so faithful, puts the right people at the right time in our presence. Thanks to Pastor Bob, Pastor Carolyn, sisters Leida, Bonnie, and Judy, I was given Scriptures to pray and keep pronouncing over him. I found that I was hounding him about faith instead of lifting him up, thanks to the testimonies given me on this very subject. I knelt beside that bed at night and prayed, I kept standing on those Scriptures and thanking Him that this would pass that He had a hand in all this and would take care of it. I handed it up to Him whole heartedly, knowing that only He could take care of this situation.

Rick started to pull out of it slowly.

Jason through this time found a sweet girl, who recently gave herself back to the Lord. Jason and her will be going back to church this Easter Sunday! Praise the Lord!

I finally called my little sister who I avoided as I did not want to be a downer with all she was dealing with. She was doing better, the pressure was being released!

Amanda has pulled out of some of her depression and finally got Julia in to see a psychiatrist. A good one who is willing to listen to her and did not diagnose her with anything and put her on medication right away. Instead, he wants to get to know the situation better! There family may seek family counseling if need be. Praise be to God!

Julia was recently baptized and has been amazing me with her knowledge of Christ. She's growing by leaps and bounds in the Lord!!! She loves to read the Bible. She recently sat with me one night and told me the true meaning of Easter. I didn't realize she had learned that. Praise be to God!

Our daughters family is finally coming together!

Palm Sunday, I was getting ready for church and reminded Rick it was our 4th anniversary of attending church at CCC. I could tell he was looking for a way out of going. He said, I'll maybe go to second service. I looked at him, punched my right fist into my left hand and said "Fight back! Fight back! You know the enemy is trying to keep you from going." He sat there for a moment with a pained look, then said, "Well, are you going to be ready on time?" Hallelujah! He was going to church.

What took place at church that morning is a testimony to what our Pastors Ken and Krist have been feeding us the past several weeks. After service, Rick was surrounded by great men of the church. His brothers, who never gave up hope, who were my strength and encourager's through this dark period, who kept the faith that Rick would return. Rick told them that he feared they would look down on him for being so week. What they said, just lifted us so.

"We are your brothers! We are here to hold one another up during our trials and tribulations. We will never turn our backs on you. We are here to lift you up! If you start floating too high, we will pull you back down. ;)" Now that, people, is what a church family truly does. We are there to hold one another through the good and the bad. We do not forsake one another as Christ never forsakes us. We love on one another, give support, help, be strong for one another. We don't walk away because someone stumbles and falls. No; in stead we walk right beside them, encouraging them. I am so thankful to be a part of such a good family in His house.

Rick is back in step with God, his faith and love for him stronger than ever. He's back to being a leader of the family! Hallelujah! Our relationship is stronger than ever. He has been driving a vehicle on it's last leg, which I was really concerned about, as it was not safe to be driving. We both kept praying for a way to get him a good vehicle. Monday it happened, he was able to purchase the vehicle of his dreams. Praise the Lord!

We have so much to be thankful for. Gone are the worries of whether Rick was going to pull through his darkness. And oh, btw, Rick is no longer on any of the anitdepressants! Hallelujah! Gone are the worries of whether or not our son would ever find peace in life. Gone are the worries over whether our grandkids and daughter would ever find happiness and be able to put their family back together (mind you, they have a long way to go, but we know they will get there and find their way back to the Lord as well. Gone is the concern as to whether or not my little sister would live.

We are still facing some ugly times in life with other family members still struggling as well as friends, but we now are able to stand strong together as a unit in belief that God has it in the palm of His hands and a greater testimony will come of it all as well. That weight of it all, the sadness of it all has dissipated with the knowledge that good will prevail through it all. God loves us no matter what and will be there to pick us up when we truly believe in Him and call out to Him.

Instead of walking away from your brothers and sisters in Christ thinking that they will think less of you, surround yourself with them. What really amazes me is how the Lord will make sure one of us is surrounded by the right people and given the strength to stand strong while your partner is going through a tough time. If it had not been for the strength of the Lord, I'd hate to think of what may have happened.

I was put in the right groups at the right time at church being fed the exact right words at the right time. I was surrounded by the right people with the right Scripture and uplifting words and the exact testimonies I needed to arm myself and to learn my wrong doings through it all. Through it all, the words shared to me and the lessons learned that I knew were to be passed on to Rick made all the difference in the world. Through those words given and the lessons taught, it slowly brought Rick out of the darkness and back into the light and then Glory to God, the rest all just started happening, bringing more light into each day!

I know in my heart that many more great testimonies from many will be told as we head into Easter. This is the week of Easter, with great things happening. Open your hearts to His great love. He is an all merciful, loving, faithful Father. Never let go of that belief. Be filled with His grace, for it is by His grace alone that we will survive. My prayer is that you will be blessed greatly by our testimony of His great love and this testimony reaches out to many that may be or will go into a dark time. Never give up on Him, as He never gives up on us. He's always there with open arms, wanting us to come back. Grace, Grace, Grace. Peace be with you all! God's blessings abundantly to everyone of peace, joy, love, good health and prosperity.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Check This Out

Great Granny Grandma is a wonderful woman with a passion for the Lord. The following is a post I feel everyone should read. It's a confirmation for me, as our Pastor spoke of the earth suit and soul. Go here: http://atfootofcross.blogspot.com/2011/04/smoke-in-cockpit.html to read the post.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed with all I really need to take care of; well what I feel I need to take care of anyhow. I know there is no need to feel that way, but sometimes we focus on the somewhat trivial things. So yesterday while talking with hubs about how I have so much jumbled, mumbled mess going through my head, I decided to pray about it. I asked the Lord to please provide time to "get caught up on those things I've been behind on."

Well He gave me time alright, but not the kind I was hoping for. I was blessed with my daughter informing me I did not need to pick up any kids today, as unfortunately two of them are home sick. :( So that took away a big portion of running today. But, I also missed another group session, which the topic is so good and important. Plus, I've been going to get groceries for a week now, and still have not made it; and still wont.

My cold seemed to be getting better until yesterday, which was more of just a nagging irritating cough. This morning I woke up to chest and sinus congestion. Growl! I haven't done anything, as I'm very week, tired, just out right exhausted. I try to get up and do something & I feel like I'm going to drop.

When I finally took a shower--and as many of you know, this is where I receive a lot of insight, is in the bathroom--I realized; okay, it was revealed to me, that I prayed a general prayer. But, then again, was it? For I realized then and there, that I was weakened in order to spend time in the Word, which I've for some ridiculous reason have not done yet. He had another plan for me.

I asked for time to get caught up!

He gave it to me. Instead of working on the house, I'm to be spending time in HIS Word. Am I disappointed? NO! Not by any means. As HE comes first anyhow. So my day was partially wasted trying to recoup; but in the end, it will not have been wasted, as I'm going to do as HE had planned for me.

The lesson here is to always when praying, be specific. If you pray for something in general, chances are, He will take you in a different direction, not always in a good one like He did with me. Pray specifically. A more appropriate prayer would have been: "Lord, you know my struggles. You know I have a hard time being organized and finding time to do what I feel I need to be doing. My house needs a thorough cleaning, I have a garage sale to prepare for, I have a room that is full from all the moves, a garage that needs reorganizing and cleaned out. Please provide adequate time for me to accomplish these tasks when you deem right."

See the difference. It covered the areas that is driving me nuts. Time is not very ample for me by any means. But it's all good. He is always faithful. He always listens. It's just that His plans for us may not be the same things we want. Some of you may say, "Well He already knows our needs and wants, so why would you have to be specific?" Because He wants a relationship with us. Because He wants us to take it to Him. He wants us to talk to Him like you would your parents, siblings, best friends etc. Tell Him what is exactly on your heart/mind. He listens, He answers--not always in the manner we ask for--but He knows what is best for us. He's faithful, loving, kind, and wants what is best for us. Trust Him, ask specifically, and believe He will answer. If you doubt Him, then don't expect your requests to be answered. BELIEVE! TRUST!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mothering Styles - FamilyEducation.com

Mothering Styles - FamilyEducation.com

What's Your Mothering Personality?

I'm a "Giving" Mother!

(Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)

Quiet and unassuming in my devotion, I am responsive to my children.s needs, offering behind-the-scenes love and support.

What's your mothering personality type? Take the MotherStyles quiz at FamilyEducation.com!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

His Gifts

I've often asked myself, "why is this person able to do this, and that one able to do that, but I so struggle and wonder if I'll ever be able to..."

Today while sitting in group watching a video, I looked up and glanced across the room and looked at a very dear friend. She took on a whole different look. She was radiant, a princess just beautiful as could be. I saw this vision and heard, she has a special anointing, I have great plans for her. I sat there in awe.

The Lord has given me several beautiful visions. They don't come often, but when they do, they are so vibrant and beautiful a majority of the time, only a couple of times did I receive dark visions. I knew I needed to share with her what I was given. That was a lesson learnt a while back when I was given a message and didn't share it.

After the video, we had discussion and some of the ladies, had been given Scriptures. Then prayer requests were taken and a couple of people gave me a Scripture. Then another. I was elated at the time, being armed with just the right Scriptures and filled with great hope.

Then I got home and sat in my prayer closet and pondered, why it was that there were those that are often given Scripture. Then I started to condemn myself for not having been an avid Bible reader for so long. Now I'm on track, but am so far behind from where I should be. Then it came to me. He said, "I give everyone different gifts for a reason. You have a gift of vision, they have a gift of Scripture."

I'm alright with it all now. So now when someone is so good in an area of Christianity, I'll be able to accept the fact that I lack that ability. It's by God's choice. I so love having that gift from God. The visions are amazing, and it's so wonderful to see the affect for the people that are meant to receive them, or to be able to share with many when it involves a multitude of people. What ever other gifts I've been given, I look forward to receiving.

So if you ever wonder, "Why is that person so capable of this or that, but I just can't seem to get it;" remember, it's by God's desire for you that you receive your own special gifts, and don't worry about not having what others have. We all have a special purpose, chosen by our great Heavenly Father. It doesn't make you any less of a person. We are all special in the eyes of the Lord.

One final note. I do not post every day, nor very often most the time, as I wait until I have a message I've been given to share. I could write a bunch of jibberish just to have something to write daily, but I wait until He's given me something to share. A testimony or a lesson as this is where I have been led.

I wish blessings abundant over you all.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are You Doing Enough?

This morning while listening to KTSY, a message of giving came on. I've heard it before, but not like I did today.

The husband was talking about how another couple was housing some homeless people. He felt he needed to do the same utilizing their garage. His wife reminded him that they only had a car port. He then said they could utilize their back yard to feed the homeless. His wife reminded him that their fence was basically right outside their back door. She also told him that he was already giving to others. It didn't matter how big or how small. That the little things matter just as much as the big things.

Still he felt that he wasn't doing enough, that he had to do it big as well.

Do you ever feel like you aren't doing enough? I know I have many a time and I'll start volunteering for this and that and start to stretch myself too thin. I keep thinking, "We are meant to give of ourselves and nothing is too big for the Lord." But He comes a long and reels me back in. He'll do something that makes me slow down.

So today, it was the perfect timing. It hit home. We don't have to push ourselves until we can't go any longer. We don't have to keep up with those that you feel give all and you aren't doing enough. I kept thinking about our Pastors and the staff of our church and how they keep giving and giving and giving. There are times you know they are dog tired, but they keep going. They keep giving. I kept telling myself, this is exactly what we are suppose to do.

But, and this is a big but; He wants us to do it His way, not our way, not the way of others. This is where many of us fall short. We keep trying to do what we think is the right way. Or we try to imitate what others are doing. That's when He steps in and says, "I'm going to stop you and you need to listen to Me." If we still don't listen, He'll make it even harder for us, and will continue to do so until He gets our attention.

I often think, "Man, He has to be sitting up there thinking, where did I go wrong with her? She is so stubborn!" But I know He loves us so much, that He never gives up on us. So we must hang on to that and do our best. All we need to do is get quiet and LISTEN! Let Him be our guide. Let Him tell us what it is we are suppose to do.

You know I may never get it right, but I'm sure going to try harder to take that time daily, in the morning to invite Him in and ask Him to guide me through the day into the next day. I'm going to ask Him, "Daddy, what is it you want me to do today? Please guide me through every task that is set before me. Father, I'm yours, use me as you wish." This is what I don't do enough of. I have those good days where my mind functions and I remember. Then there are those days that my day starts out hectic because I just couldn't get up in the morning to take that special time. So then I think, I'll do it later. Then later comes and I'm "busy."

We should never be too busy for the Lord. When you face a day like that, remember that no matter what you are doing, where you are, you can still talk to Him. I carry on a constant conversation with Him throughout the day, mostly thanking Him, but I don't ask Him to lead me. So now is the time to pray for a clearer mind, one that remembers, one that isn't muddled with "stuff."

I'd love to hear from any of you with ideas of how you overcome the obstacles of every day life, and how you came to a time in your life when listening came natural. I pray for peace, joy, love, wisdom, and prosperity for all. God Bless