Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Children of Abuse, Neglect...

This is a subject that has been weighing heavy on my mind for some time. I wanted to right about it before, but knew it wasn't the right time, now it is. I've been mulling this over all day with how to approach this subject. There really is no easy way, no easy words, just cold, hard facts. This will come across as harsh for some, but if so, perhaps it's telling you to sit back and really take a close look at your life. It will hit home for some, and I pray it does some good. If it changes the life of just one child, then it's done some good, but hopefully it will change the lives of many children; for children truly are a gift to all.

I ask myself, where did we go wrong with our children? Where did we fail them, and then I'm reminded that something has transpired between now and then. Some parents of today have turned their worlds upside down. Note; I had started to say all, but not all are this way, many have kept the values they were taught, and learned from their parents mistakes. But some...they are lost.

I've seen where children are living in filth, not being fed properly, being neglected, verbally and/or physically abused, being treated like an object and not a human being. I've seen kids given everything they want, apparently to make them feel wanted and loved. I've seen kids that are told, "Oh I love you so much, you mean everything to me," and then turn around and yell at them, turn away from them, and expect them to fend for themselves. Kids that are expected to show respect, but receive very little to none. The list goes on and one. Kids that are left to fend for themselves, feel neglected and rejected, but keep loving their parents, as they don't know any better. They try to cry out their fears and their hurts, only to be ignored, as their hurts and "real" needs aren't important.

What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong is parents are so wrapped up in themselves with they work, and are tired, don't feel good, etc. etc. They feel sorry for themselves and just don't have time to provide for and give their children what they need. "Clean my house! I don't have time!" "Spend time with my kids, work on their homework with them, play with them, I don't have the energy, I'm tired, I don't feel good, you just don't understand!" I've heard it all, and I'm tired of hearing it.

It seems that some today are expecting to have the world handed to them on a silver platter. I work, and just don't have the time. Let me tell you, we have been there done that. We worked, and many of us hard jobs with less pay that what you all get today, and we still managed to do things with our kids, we still provided for them, we still gave them a "safe and clean" environment even though we were tired, hurting, and not feeling good. Wake up! Quit feeling sorry for yourselves! You have children; you chose to have them, they didn't chose you; they didn't chose to be brought into the world.

Take the responsibility that was given you. Appreciate the fact that you have these gifts that were given you to be nurtured, loved, guided and taught by you. If you can't live up to "your" responsibilities, you don't want to provide what the children need, then I ask you, please give them to someone that will give them what they need.

Now don't get me wrong, there is no "perfect" parent, and there never will be. That is impossible. I made mistakes as a parent, and wish I had done some things differently, but; I did give my kids "love," I did show them the respect I expected from them. I did teach and nurture them. I know some of my family feels I spoiled my kids; what they didn't see is that they were expected to earn their things, when they were old enough to work, the things they "wanted" they had to work for, the things they needed, we provided. We didn't give them what ever they wanted. They grew up learning to respect things, and that money did not grow on trees.

I'm so tired of hearing from some, "You made the same mistakes!" Excuse me, we were to learn from our parents mistakes and made sure we didn't repeat them with you. You were to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. It's not a reason to make excuses. Ask yourselves; did your parents love on you? Did you parents help you learn and provide the materials for you to learn? Did your parents make sure you were taken care of and provided for, made sure you were properly clothed, kept safe, fed, and given a clean environment? Are you doing the same for your kids? If not, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your family life. If you can't make it work, ask for help or get your children out of there and put them where they will receive it. Your children aren't toys or objects, they are precious gifts who rely on you for guidance, safety, love, and provision. Not to be treated as inanimate objects to be brought out when you "feel like" taking time for them and then putting them aside when you don't want to deal with them.

As for provision, are you providing your children their needs first, then yours and then for the wants? Or are you giving, giving, giving, wants to you all and then the needs, necessities if there is enough to do so? Your children should be provided for their "needs" first, then yours met, then if there is enough the wants, provided you are putting some of that away for those times when emergencies arise.

Further more, your parents aren't your endless bank account. They aren't there to pick up after you, taking care of your needs so you can have your fun and take care of your wants. Your parents aren't there to be treated with disrespect, to be taken advantage of, to be treated like they are just there to do what "you" want them to do. Show them respect, show them you love them. When was the last time you took the time to really show your parents you love them? And I'm not just talking words; I'm talking genuine, quality time spent with them. Words are just that. Actions speak volumes, words can just roll off.

Get rid of that attitude, my parents can get this for me, they can do that for me, oh why should I worry about this or that, mom & dad can take care of it. Well this or that is broken, mom and dad can get it for us. Don't be surprised if some day your parents don't wake up to it and stop that endless bank account. Not because they don't love you, but because they do, and it's time to do the tough love. Parents love doing things for their kids, but like you, have feelings too, and can only put up with being taken for granted for so long. Don't expect them to do the raising of your children and providing the children the nurturing they need. It doesn't work that way. They need it from you too, more so than from grandma and grandpa, uncle and auntie, etc. They need it more from their parents than any one else.

If your children are acting out, throwing tantrums, talking back, being mean to their siblings, shutting themselves out from the family, abnormally quite, anxious, etc. then step back, seriously analyze your family life with an open, honest mind and ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to provide your child/children fully what they need. Don't endow them with gifts, things they want thinking that will fill the void, you are only hurting them. Your far from helping them. If you have the mindset, "well I'll give them what ever they want and when they grow up and move out, that's when they will learn that life isn't so easy." What is that??? That is setting your children up for failure. Is that really what you want for your children? Were you treated that way? If so, then change it with your children as you know what it feels like. You know it doesn't work. If you are struggling financially because of previous mistakes, take action and do something about it. Get help.

What this article all boils down to is a request for parents of today to wake up; give your children what they need and deserve. It's not just about you, your needs, your wants, it's about your family, as a unit. Those kids rely on you, they can't fend for themselves. Quit expecting them to be little adults. Quit thinking that just because you give them something it shows them you love them. If your child is depressed, sick, unruly, angry, etc, they are telling you something. Don't ignore it. If this article has struck a nerve with you, then it's probably because the truth hurts and perhaps it's time for you to sit back and be honest with yourself.

This article is written in defense of those young ones out there needing a better home life, needing their parents to grow up and be a parent. A voice for children to their parents to please love them the way they deserve to be loved, to provide for them the things they "need" not with objects to try to fill the void, for them to live in clean environments, not in disease ridden homes. If you can't provide for your children a clean safe environment, then seek help immediately! May we provide for our children giving them the love and happiness they so deserve. They are a precious gift to be cared for. Praying for families to unite as one, once again.

LOVE, PROVIDE, KEEP SAFE all the children of the world. For those of you out there that witness this sort of wrong doing going on with children, please act on it. Please make sure these kids are given what they deserve. My husband & I are going to start taking action from now on when we see children being mistreated. They don't deserve that. They deserve to be loved, nurtured, taught and guided. Let's show the children of the world, They Do Matter!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday's Funnies

I actually have a couple of them, but will do this one and save the other for next week. Read more funnies through Kim's blog "Homesteaders Heart" here:







Have a great weekend! Remember to laugh often. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Good Morning!

Received this in an e-mail, and thought it was so sweet. Good morning all!

Good morning!
We can pretend we are sharing a good cup of coffee (or tea, or Diet Coke or Mountain Dew while enjoying....

Good Morning Blessings
If it stops with you, then the blessing will disappear. The blessing will only keep working if it is continuously passedaround. If you are a recipient of a blessing, keep the blessing working by being the source of blessing to other people.
Good Morning !!!!
This morning when I awakened

And saw the sun above,
I softly said, 'Good morning , Lord ,
Bless everyone I love '

Right away I thought of you
And said a loving prayer ,
That He would bless you specially ,
And keep you free from care.
I thought of all the happiness
A day could hold in store,
I wished it all for you because
No one deserves it more .
I felt so warm and good inside,
My heart
was all aglow ..
I know God heard my prayers for you ,
He hears them all, you know.

^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^
^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

Nine angels are sent to you.
Have Faith!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

My grandchildren always seem to amaze me. I love their innocence and seeing that light come on. My 8 year old grandson, 7 year old grand daughter, and 5 year old grand daughter has a great love for the Lord. They are amazing with their desire to learn more about Him. Our 10 year old grandson, wants to have a better understanding and often asks questions. It's awesome.

So lately, the 7 year old often reminds us, and occasionally the 8 year old and 5 year old do to what Christmas is really all about. "Omah, we really need to remember that Christmas isn't all about decorations and presents, even though it's fun to get presents; but it's about the birth of Christ!" I love it. She gets it.

Since coming back to the Lord almost 3 years ago, I started seeing decorations in a whole new view and try to impress that upon the children so they too can really enjoy the beauty. This year, I don't know how to explain it exactly, but the decorations all around just hold a deeper beauty/meaning. Instead of the usual, oh wow, that's pretty; oh that's neat; hmmm, that is an idea; it's Happy Birthday Jesus, this is all for you. This is all to show our love and gratitude for you. May the lights shine brightly and the festive feel for your birthday spread great joy!".

Yes, Christmas takes on a whole new beautiful, wonderful feel, when you see it through a child's eyes. I'm so grateful and thankful for such loving, sweet, wonderful grand children. They are the highlight of our lives. May all the children of the world, find peace and happiness. May they be showered with love as our Saviour and Lord has shined His great love on us. Thank you Father for giving us such loving children and grand children. You have blessed us beyond imagination. You are good all the time!

May you all experience the great blessings of Christmas through our Lord. May you be filled with His love now and always. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Blessed be Your name, Jesus. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Blessed be Your glorious Name!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Letting the Light Go Out

When we let our light go out, our song die, we lose hope; we open the door to the enemy. It is an open invitation to come take over and cause trouble. We then become more frustrated, distracted, make mistakes and the list goes on.

If we continue on this path, not relighting that flame, putting that song back in our hearts, times get worse. Our dark moments become even darker. Sinking further and further into that sense of hopelessness and/or wrecklessness.

What brings me to this subject. The past two days have seemed rather distant between hubby and I and I became frustrated. I tried talking to him and he stated that nothing was wrong. Now I know we are going to have our moments, but because of past history, I let that dark side creep in.

Going to Black Friday only added to the frustration with lack of sleep. Tried to sleep last night, but couldn't. Had maybe a total of a half hour of sleep, but felt good. Once I got home and sat down, fatigue set in, but I fought it knowing I had a lot to take care of. So I pressed on. Hubby seemed fairly cranky which brought on more frustration. Then we started to snap at one another.

I instantly went into panic mode thinking of the past and became angry. The reason being, I was letting the light go out. I was losing my song. The door was opening wider and wider inviting the enemy to take over. Finally when taking a shower tonight--gotta love those shower moments--it came to me what was happening. Then I heard, I want you to share this revelation with others. So here I am.

The best part; hubby and I are joking around with one another and talking to one another again. So when you feel the flame starting to go out, you are losing that song in your heart, you are feeling hopeless, grab hold of the Lord, pray, talk to Him, get in the Word and keep that light lit. Once I put that song back in, listened to the Lord tell me why it all was happening, I grabbed hold of Him, listened, put the song back in my heart, and low and behold that light is shining again. Praise God!!!

Psalm 27:1
The Lord is my light and my salvation--whom should I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life--of whom should I be afraid?

Isaiah 9:2
The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of darkness, a light has dawned.

Matthew 5:14-16
"You are the light of the world. A city situated on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lampstand, and it gives light for all who are in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

May you all revel in the blessings of the Lord!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving

Psalm 95:2
Let us enter His presence with thanksgiving; let us shout triumphantly to Him in song.
Psalm 100:4
Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name.
Psalm 116:17
I will offer You a sacrifice of thanksgiving and will worship the Lord.
Phillipians 4:6-7
Don't worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. 7And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Today is a day to reflect on all that we are thankful for. It's not just about what we are going to eat. It's not about preparing for "Black Friday." Rather it is to show and be thankful for all that we have.
I'm thankful for so many things that it would make a huge list, so I will hit the major things I am so thankful for.
First and foremost, I'm thankful that I'm blessed with the presence of the Lord. I'm thankful that some of my family is walking with Him as well and we are walking together.
I'm thankful for having such a strong, good church family. For our Senior Pastor and his family, as they are filled with the Holy Spirit and lead our family. For all the pastors and their families for always being there and helping us through our dark times and to fill us with the Word.
I'm thankful for having a loving, godly husband. He is a good leader and provider for our family. The works of the Lord in Him just astounds me each and every day. My husband has done a complete 360 degree turn around in his life through Christ Jesus. Thank You Lord! I couldn't ask for a better husband. You always provide!
I'm thankful for family and friends. Without each other, life would really be tough and boring. Family brings such joy. Watching your children grow to become adults and then have families of their own, often giving us grandchildren. Grandchildren bring such joy, watching them learn, grow, and bring much laughter. Could not imagine life with out children.
I'm thankful for all the gifts the Lord has provided us. A roof over our heads, food on the table, transportation, a good job for hubby, clothes on our backs, our health, and loving hearts.
We all go through our dark moments, and that's okay, as He is working on us, drawing us nearer to Him during our weakest moments. It's this time that we need to listen. It's this time that we should be grateful for His great works. "Bring the Rain" song; everytime I sing it with conviction, He brings the rain, and I wonder, "what in the world was I thinking;" forgetting the whole reason for that rainy season. Then the miracle forms and I'm thankful. If only we can learn to be thankful when He does "bring the rain."
I'm thankful for this day, reflecting on the first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrams and Indians coming together. What a beautiful picture that is. Let's all come together, be thankful, and pour our thanksgiving on our Creator and Savior.
Father, Thank You for all your great treasures you bestow upon us. For family and friends. For providing this time for family to come together. For the bountiful meal that is about to be set before us today. Father, I pray that you provide happiness, love and provide for those without on this beautiful day that You have provided for us. Draw those that are lost and wandering to You Father, that they might come to know of Your grace and mercy. For You are a wonderful, loving Father, always providing, teaching, and drawing us to You. I Love You Daddy! Happy Thanskgiving. In Jesus sweet and holy name, Amen.
Be blessed everyone. Have a wonderful day and pour your love onto your family and friends as He does with us. Shine with His love, grace, and mercy. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU! <3

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Phil 4:13

Received this through an e-mail. Have heard of something like this before. Amazing!

Phil. 4 : 13

This will give you chills......

No matter how religious you may or may not be,

this can give you chills.

Phil. 4:13 states:

'I can do all things through Christ

which strengthen me..'

Here's the story:

A young man who had been raised as an atheist

was training to be an Olympic diver.

The only religious influence in his life came from his outspoken
Christian friend.

The young diver never really paid much attention to his friend's

but he heard them often.

One night the diver went to the indoor pool at the college he

The lights were all off,

but as the pool had big skylights and the moon was bright,
there was plenty of light to practice by.

The young man climbed up to the highest diving board and as he
his back to the pool on

the edge of the board and extended his arms out,

he saw his shadow on the wall.

The shadow of his body,

was in the shape of a cross..

The man felt a strange feeling,

like someone was speaking to him.

Instead of diving,
he knelt down and

finally asked God to come into his life.

As the young man stood,

a maintenance man walked in and turned the lights on.

The pool had been drained ! for repairs.

Remember this story and send it to a friend.

Yes, I do Love Jesus.

He is my source of existence and Savior..

He keeps me functioning each and everyday.

'Without Him, I will be nothing.
Without him, I am nothing

but with Him I can do all things through Christ that strengthens

Phil 4: 13.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Sharing God's Love

I’ve been going to write this post for about a week now and finally have the right words for it all. Its funny how we are lead on our paths and wait until the right moment. We often wonder why at times we wait and put things off. It’s not always procrastination, but rather our Father telling us to wait until He has given us the exact tools we need to carry on.

Tonight I received word that my best friend from H.S. mother passed away. Her dad is seriously ill battling cancer. I’ve lost contact with her since she married around 1983-84 there about. I’ve often thought of her and wondered how she is doing. I’ve missed her and reminisce all the great times we had together.

Tonight hit me hard. It was an awakening. At first it was hard to breathe. I just wanted to bawl, but only allowed a few tears. I had so many emotions flowing through me; I didn’t know how to feel. I decided to work on more organizing of the house. That wasn’t helping. So I thought I would go straighten up my desk. I looked at all the inspirational books we have and thought I need to read that one…not that one…oh wait a minute, that’s the one I really need to read. Then I came to Charles Stanley’s Life Principle Bible and was going to work on it…then I thought, no, I need to listen to a pod cast. I haven’t done that in ages.

Well, that’s what I needed and then it hit me as I’m listening to the end of one I had started months ago. The words…the exact words I needed to fit in with what I’m going to write about. By now you are probably thinking, “You just wrote several paragraphs now. You have a story to tell yet?” Yes indeed. It’s a story I pray will stir the hearts of those that need it and strengthen those that already know. So here goes.

It all started over a week ago. I went to pick up the kids to take them all to school as usual. The oldest girl was in a foul mood and was not happy. I tried to keep my cool until she started taking it out on the van. I snapped at her; and then reminded myself that anger on top of anger gets one nowhere, so I gained control. We were all loaded up and on our way, and the grumbling with the children continued. I reached down and grabbed a worship CD. The first one, “God is Good!” They grumbled a little more and I started to pray. I kept on praying asking for peace and restoration. It got quiet. The next thing I knew, they were singing, well all but one, but the grumbling subsided. By the time we dropped the first boy off at his bus stop, everyone was giggling and happy. Thank you Lord!

The next song they like to hear each morning, “Jesus Take the Wheel,” then “I Can Only Imagine.” This part of the story shows how God’s Love for us can be so calming. We only need to let Him in and learn to love as well.

Okay, that’s just the beginning. At first I thought, ugh, this day is starting out just great, then He showed me, don’t be so negative. Put on that positive attitude, be a builder and bring peace. Obey, and good things come of it.

Later that day I got an excited call from my husband. He had been going through problem after problem on one of the buildings they had plans for. He prayed on the way to work that morning and said, “Father, I need you to do something about this today. We need to get these problems solved so that this project is no longer delayed.” He no more than got into the office before he even had a chance to take his coat off, and the phone rang. It was one of the people working on solving the problems to tell him that “all” the problems had been solved. The project was moving forward!” Praise God.

And it just keeps getting better. He’s been praying for more work to come in since taking over the company completely. Each time he prays and asks for help, He shows up. The problems are solved, the money comes in. He’s been flabbergasted and stated he doesn’t know what is going on and that he doesn’t know how much more he can handle.

I reminded him to be careful with what he says. The answers came to us in church a week ago this past Sunday. “Tithing;” yes you read right; tithing. It’s right in the Bible that we are to give 10% of our goods to the Lord. I kept feeling empty when we would not give our full amount. Now mind you, we are in a church where they do not keep track of what we give. Our Pastor knows that’s between the Father and us.

Well I knew we were not doing the right thing and kept telling hubby my feelings on this. Then without my knowing it, he started giving 10% sometimes more. He’s been faithfully tithing for some time, and giving more when needed or prompted to do so. He knew it was right and knew that was what he was supposed to be doing.

Then came the picture at the “Men at the Cross,” that he was instructed to buy. He knew he was supposed to do it for the church, and it happened. It was money I didn’t think we had, then the Lord reminded me, “do not worry child, I will take care of you.” You know what? He has done just that.

We have learned to be faithful to our Father, our Lord and Savior. Jesus gave His all for us. We are asked to do a small thing for Him. I mean seriously, it is small when you compare it to giving your life for everyone! My husband has faithfully been giving what we are suppose to for several months now, and wow, the blessings keep coming.

He asked some of the pastors and myself if it was bragging to tell people about this. We all told him that the Lord wants us to share the good news, just not in a boastful manner. This is why I’ve waited. I wanted to make sure I wrote this with the right words.

Two things to share with you that drove me to write this. One is from words we heard from Oral Roberts at church this past Sun: “If you don’t give a harvest, why do you plant a seed?” Those are some powerful words.

Then last but not least from Charles Stanley:
“If you hunger more for worldly riches than for the treasures of knowing God; then you’re climbing the wrong ladder of success. Genuine eternal blessing is more than it’s measured in relationship with Jesus, not monetary accumulation. Make Christ your top priority and chief joy, and you will experience true prosperity.”

Wow! How true that is. We need to really grasp hold of this message that He is sending us. We were talking with some of the pastors and they have seen others experiencing similar testimony’s. We were struggling, worried where the money was going to come from, business was slow and low and behold, faith kicked in and He’s answered every call. Other’s have had the same experience. Faith! Plant the seed! We talked of how many are struggling and afraid to take the plunge. All I can say is do it with your heart in it! Have faith! Be true to Him and He will bless you beyond your wildest imaginations. Don’t do it wanting and expecting, but do it in faith, with Love and a giving heart. He’ll know if you are doing it for personal gain or not.

Long story short: Ever since hubby started planting the seed faithfully, life has improved. Ever since I grabbed hold of all that was happening and got back to the Bible, life has improved more. We have become builders with the grand children and joy has surrounded us. We find it much easier to handle difficult situations. When the enemy strikes, we say NO! We pray and life returns to normal. We still go through out dark times, but they are much easier to walk through now. When one of us starts to stray, the other grabs hold and reels us back in. I can't begin to describe the way life has become other than it is so much more of a positive atmosphere, and we feel His presence. It's beautiful! It's beyond beautiful. There are no words to describe it; you just have to experience it yourself. Don't give up! He never does with us.

Be blessed everyone. Walk in the light of the Lord. Believe in Him. Trust in Him. Have faith in Him to walk you through. And remember, we come closer to Him in our weakest and darkest moments. He’s molding us and preparing us. Love and blessings to you all!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Been Away Far Too Long

I have been away from blogging for far too long. I finally received my nudge to come back home to here. I've missed blogging. I got too wrapped up in Face Book. :( What an addiction that was. I am going to keep the account, but mainly for keeping in touch with friends and spreading the word. I am coming back to here to do what the Lord has planned for me. I only wish I had listened a long time ago. I hope you will accept me back and am looking forward to catching up.
Click on the following link to enter a drawing for a Thanksgiving Planner. It's a very nice gift.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

60 Seconds for Jesus

60 Seconds with God...
For the next 60 seconds, set aside what ever you are doing and take this opportunity! Let's see if Satan can stop this

The Scientific Death of Jesus

At the age of 33, Jesus was condemned to the death penalty.

At the time, crucifixion was the "worst" death. Only the wost criminals condemned to be crucified. Yet it was even more dreadful for Jesus, unlike other criminals condemned to death by crucifixion Jesus was nailed to the cross by His hands and feet.

Every nail was 6-8 inches long.

The nails were driven into His wrists. Not into His palms as is commonly portrayed. There's a tendon in the wrist that extends to the shoulder. The Roman guards knew that when the nails were being hammered into the wrist, that tendon would tear and break forcing Jesus to use His back muscles to support Himself so that He could breathe.

Both His feet were nailed together. Thus He was forced to support Himself on the single nail that impaled His feet to the cross. Jesus could not support Himself with His legs because of the pain He was forced to alternate between arching His back and then using his legs just to continue to breathe. Imagine the struggle, the pain, the suffering, the courage.
Jesus endured this torture for over 3 hours.
Yes for 3 hours! Can you imagine this kind of suffering? A few minutes before He died, Jesus stopped bleeding.
He was simply pouring water from His wounds.
From common images we see wounds to His hands and feet, and even the spear wound to His side. But do we realize His wounds were actually made in His body? A hammer driving nails through His wrist, the feet overlapped and an even large nail hammered through the arches, then a Roman guard piercing His side with a spear. But before the nails and the spear, Jesus was whipped and beaten. The whipping was so severe that it tore the flesh from His body. The beating so horrific that His face was torn and His beard ripped from His face. The crown of thorns cut deeply into His scalp. Most men would not have survived this torture.

He had no more blood to bleed out, only water poured from His wounds.
The human adult body contains about 3.5 liters (just less than on gallon) of blood.

Jesus poured all 3.5 liters of His blood; He had 3 nails hammered into His members; a crown of thorns on His head and, beyond that, a Roman soldier who stabbed a spear into His chest.

All these without mentioning the humiliation He passed after carrying His own cross for almost 2 kilometers, while the crown spat in His face and threw stones (the cross was almost 30 kg of weight, only for it's higher part, where His hands were nailed).

Jesus had to endure this experience, so that you can have free access to God.
So that your sins could be "washed" away. All of them! With no exception! Don't ignore this situation. JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR YOU! For you who now read this. Do not believe that He only died for others (those who go to church, or for pastors, bishops, etc.)
He died for you! It is easy to pass jokes, or foolish photo's by e-mail, but when it comes to God, sometimes you feel ashamed to forward to others because you are worried of what they may think about you.
Accept the reality, the truth that JESUS IS THE ONLY SALVATION FOR THE WORLD.

God has plans for you. Show all your friends what He experienced to save you. Now think about this! May God Bless your life!
60 seconds with God...
For the next 60 seconds, set aside what you are doing and take this opportunity. Let's see if Satan can stop this!
All you have to do is this:
1. Simply pray for the person that posted this message: Lord, You know the life of __________. I ask You to bless him/her all the things that make him/her prosperous. Take care of his/her family, his/her health, his/her work, and all his/her future plans. Lead him/her not into temptation, but deliver him/her from all evil.
In Jesus name, Amen!
2. Then notify others of this post. (You may copy and add this to your own blog if you wish, or link back to here, which ever is easiest).
3. Those that you notify will pray for you, and make that many people pray to God for other people.
4. Take time to appreciate the power of God in your life, for doing what pleases Him.
If you are not ashamed to do this, please follow Jesus' instructions:
He said, (Matthew 10:32-33): "Everyone therefore who acknowledge Me before others, I also will acknowledge before My Father in heaven; but whosoever denies Me before others, I also will deny before My Father in heaven."
If you believe, pass this message on, but only if you believe in Christ Jesus is your Lord and Saviour.
Yes, I love God. He is my source of life and my saviour. He keeps me alive day and night. Without Him, I am nothing, but with Him, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.
This is the simple proof. If you love God, and you believe and trust in salvation through Christ Jesus, then pass this on to all whom you love.
Our Pastor's son, Pastor Krist had talked on this. He went into more depth and scientific aspects of it all. I felt this is such a good reminder of Jesus great love for us. Would you be willing to make that sacrifice for the world? May the Lord bless each and everyone of you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Can Read...and Will!

Just visited Kim's blog at Homesteaders Heart where she has posted a challenge for reading. Like her, I have tons of books to read. I'll start them, but never finish them. I never make the time to read, but love to read, so why am I not reading them.

Any hoo, this challenge was stolen by her from Lisa, who stole it from another person--yes, brain farting here again--who stole it from another and who knows how far it goes back. ;) So I'm stealing it from Kim and am encouraging all of you to go ahead and steal this idea from me and keep it going! All you have to do is read one book a month.

Kim is doing a theme reading, 3 of one type, 3 of another of four different categories, which is one idea. You can do it how ever you like. Just asking that you comment to say you are accepting the challenge and post about what you plan on reading. Mine will all be devotionals since that is the main collection of books that we have. So here is my list for a year of reading!

For two of the books, I need to finish (am going to start from the begining so as not to miss anything)
1. Breaking Intimidation and
2. Honor's Reward by John Bevere.
3. How to Listen to God and
4. So You Want to be Like Christ? by Charles Stanley.
5. The Power of a Praying Woman and
6. Praying God's Will for Your Life by Stormie Omartian.
7. Trusting in the Names of God by Catherine Martin.
8. The Battle Belongs to the Lord by Joyce Meyers.
9. It's Not About Me by Max Lucado.
10. God's Power to Change Your Life by Rick Warren.

Happy reading everyone, and don't forget to comment and let us know that you are accepting the challenge and will keep this going!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

He's Moving!!!

God was in the House, oh yes He was! We are having Sacred Assembly or Solemn Assembly this weekend. It started last night. The presence of God is strong. He's moving volumes. The anointing is strong. I love having these encounters.
Psalm 80:1-19

1 "Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel. You who lead Joseph like a flock; You who dwell between the cherubim, shine forth!
2 Before Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh, stir up Your strength, and come and save us!
3 Restore us, O God; cause Your face to shine, and we shall be saved!
4 O Lord God of hosts, how long will You be angry against the prayer of Your people?
5 You have fed them with the bread of tea, and given them tears to drink in great measure.
6 You have made us a strife to our neighbors , and your enemies laugh among themselves.
7Restore us, O God of hosts; cause Your face to shine, and we shall be saved!
8 You have brought a vine out of Egypt; You have cast out the nations, and planted it.
9 You prepared room for it and caused it to take deep root, and it filled the land.
10 The hills were covered with its shadow, and the mighty cedars with its boughs.
11 She sent out her boughs to the Sea, and her branches to the River.
12 Why have You broken down her hedges, so that all who pass by the way pluck her fruit?
13 The boar out of the woods uproots it, and the wild beast of the field devours it.
14 Return, we beseech You, O God of hosts; Look down from heaven and see, and visit this vine
15 and the vineyard which Your right hand has planted, and the branch that You made strong for Yourself.
16 It is burned with fire, it is cut down; they perish at the rebuke of Your countenance.
17 Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand, upon the son of man whom You made strong for Yourself.
18 Then we will not turn back from You; revive us, and we will call upon Your name.
19 Restore us O Lord God of hosts; cause Your face to shine, and we shall be saved!"
Sing, sing a song, sing along, God of Heaven come down, Heaven come on down...
Don't know if that's the exact words.
This song came to me tonight while we were praying and asking for God to rain down. Third Day...Cry out to Jesus.

Cry out to Jesus! Ask Him to come down, bring heaven down to earth. Be blessed everyone and know that He loves you!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Tonight while watching the news, there was report of a seven year old boy who was kept behind a false wall by his grandmother and mother. Turns out the news report was different than the one on-line, so not sure what the whole story is. I was instantly upset, as mistreatment of kids just makes my blood boil. Then I started thinking of the family that lives behind us. That's all I'll say, as anything else would be just accusations. I have only sound to go on. My point is, there are so many children that are abused, be if physical, verbal, and/or sexual. I don't understand it at all.
We were eating at the time we heard the report. I sat there thinking of how I wish I could go all over the nation/world and check on all children and remove those that are being abused and place them in safe homes. Children's advocates are so overwhelmed that many cases are being swept under the rug. Yes, I know this for a fact. My litter sister while going after custody of her grand daughters was told so by the agency. So sad. So very sad.
But while thinking of this--I love how He talks to us--He told me, "I am here to take care of the children, but it's on my time." I realized that when it hit me that the boy was found and rescued, and how so many other children are found and rescued. So instead of worrying, being upset and angry (which is what God doesn't want us to do), I realized that it's important to pray even harder and more often. Then hubby told me to read:
Revelation 21:4 (CSB)
He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Death will exist no longer; grief, crying, and pain will exist no longer, because the previous things have passed away.
They may not be saved while on earth. They may be taken early, which none of us want to see, but I do know one thing, if their suffering is not going to end here, then take them young so they won't have to suffer any more. I also realize now that God will take care of those that harm children, in His time.
Pray for all the children out there that are treated in a wrong way, that they may find peace. Pray for the parents or whom ever may be doing the damage will be reprimanded and hopefully brought to the Lord to be saved. People can change. I've heard so many times, that person is so rotten to the bone, he/she will never change. Never say never, as with Him all things are possible. Remember a previous post on love they enemy. I pray for release of all harm on children that they no longer are abused.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Comment Problems

This is just to let you all know that for some reason I am not able to comment most of the time. I do read, but can not comment. I have a hard time responding to those that comment on mine. I'm not ignoring any of you, just have no control. Hope to be able to work on cleaning up and fixing my computer tonight and this weekend. Hope to be back in business here soon. Love and Blessings to you all!

Praying for the Lost & Unsaved

God is so good! My heart hurts for those that do not know our Savior. I pray that someday soon they will come to know Him and realize how empty life is without Him. Those that know me know that I deal with chronic pain and illnesses at times (often). But you also know that I'm not going to give in to it, for I know there is a reason and God is taking care of me.
Talking with a beautiful woman from CCC; she offered a great testimony of this very thing. She had suffered from chronic pain and illness for years and had prayed, had others praying for and over her. She was in bad shape at times to where she could not even make it to church. She was battling with something out of her control and it had to be broken. Through faith and never giving up, she was finally released. For our God never gives up on us.
He also allows us to go through our trials and tribulations for good reason; to teach us and bring us closer to Him. I have family members that are struggling greatly--yes, we have a generational curse to be broken--and can not understand and tell me that they believe but can't help but wonder why they are allowed to endure so much. I keep reminding them that He never gives us more than we can handle and God is not the one that brings the pain of sin to us, we do that, with help of our ancestors. This all goes back to the very beginning of time with the creation of Adam and Eve, where sin first began. I wish I had the knowledge and the right words to comfort them more, but encourage them to read the Bible. Without the knowledge and reading of the Bible, they won't understand.
Do I ever get frustrated? Sure at times, but stop and remind myself that the frustration isn't going to help. I need to hold to faith and trust in Him to walk me through it. If it is a curse, then I'm going to fight it, rebuke it, and "never" give up. As my friend from church has proven, prosperity will prevail. My dear friends, never give up on Him. He will never forsake us. He loves us and wants us to be with Him. I encourage those that question Him, and/or don't believe in Him to give Him a chance. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Despite the trials, I for one have never been happier. I'm not a true show of how great He is, as I still wander way too much, that's when you see me going through some strange stuff. That's because I'm living the worldly ways and not God's way. Learn from my mistakes please those that know me and have not accepted Him that without Him, that's when live seems dreary.
This brings me to:

James 1:2-6 and James 1: 12-15 (CSB)
2 Consider it a great joy, my brothers, whenever you
experience various trials,

3 knowing that the testing of your
faith produces endurance.

4 But endurance must do it's complete
work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.

12 Bless is a man who endures trials, because when he passes the test he will receive the crown of life that He has promised to those who love Him.

13 No one undergoing a trial should say, "I am being
tempted by God." For God is not tempted by evil, and He Himself doesn't tempt anyone.

14 But each person is tempted when he is drawn away and
enticed by his own evil desires. 15 Then after desire has
conceived, it gives birth to sin, and when sin is fully grown, it gives birth to death.

His words are so beautiful! Finally can not get enough of His great word.
The only way you can fully get to know God is to read the Bible. It's the book of His instructions. When you start living by His word, you will experience something so beautiful. Ask Him to come into your hearts now. Get on your knees and pray and ask Him to come into your hearts! For there is no greater strength than to be on ones knees. GOD LOVES YOU! Never doubt it. Believe Him, Trust Him, Follow Him and you will never be disappointed. When your trials come, accept them, knowing that He is growing you and molding you into what He needs you to be to complete His great plan for us all!
For all you beautiful people that do believe, please take a stand with me and pray for the prodigals that He will go and find them and return them to His flock, and for those that are unsaved that they will come to know Him and believe in Him. Pray for Salvation over all our brothers and sisters so that we can all unite and rejoice in His great Name. Thank You Father for never giving up on us; for if you had, I for one would be living in misery. Since coming to you, there has been no greater peace, joy, and harmony. I thank you Father for leading hubby and I to you, for we have become a unit, we have become one in you. Our marriage was once falling apart, and now it is so strong all because of YOU! All the glory is YOURS! Jesus Saves! Believe it! Just ask anyone that has been saved. May the Lord Bless You!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loosed by Faith

First off, let me point out that I do not feel I'm a saint, perfect, or above anyone; far from it. I'm praying that this will help others find their way that have been through the same experiences. With that out of the way, please read on.
Ever since 5th grade, I've been overly insecure, living with low self-esteem until finding my way back to the Lord. I still suffer, but not nearly as bad. Although there are times when it kicks back in. What brought this up? I signed up for Forbes online messages. I want to learn and understand more. When reading responses written to others that had commented, I was reminded of how cruel and uptight people can be. I was reminded of how judging one another is a sin.
Matthew 7:1-6
"Do not judge, so that you won't be judged. 2 For the judgment you use, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye but don't notice the log in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' and look, there's a long in your eye? 5 Hypocrite! First take the log out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. 6 Don't give what is holy to dogs or toss your pearls before pigs, or they will trample them with their feet, turn, and tear you to pieces."
This comes from the mouth of Jesus, and yet many of us still judge, ridicule, look down our noses, call others all sorts of names, etc. Why? Why is there so much coldness towards others so often? What good comes of it? Not one thing, yet we continue to hurt our brothers and sisters.
I grew up with hearing I would not amount to anything, I was stupid, a string bean, toothpick, wore falsies and stuffed, ugly, worthless, stupid, (yes, I repeated that for a reason), as so many use that term so loosely. We are not suppose to let words hurt us, yet they do. They can and do cause damage. Especially to those that live without the Lord for so long. Those hurtful acts of wickedness leave deep scars when left there to fester. I know, I've lived it and still continue to experience it.
I used to want to get revenge of all the so called, "popular" kids from school and their parents. Now, I pray that they have found the way and their hearts have been softened. Do the words, the looks of disapproval still affect me? Yes, but not nearly as much. Unfortunately the ones that do still cause hurt are the ones from church. I'm slow, I'll admit it. I'm not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but I give it my all. God created me to be who I am. I try to do the best I can by Him. If you don't like who He created, take it up with Him. But please, those of us that don't meet "your standards," stop snubbing us, stop turning up your noses, stop whispering and making snotty remarks, because it does still hurt.
I watch my oldest grand daughter going through the same thing. At age 5 she was already worrying about her hair not being just right. She was already worrying about how she dressed. The clothing she had picked out when we went school clothes shopping; half of them she didn't wear after one time, because she was made fun of. How sad is that??? I keep trying to build her confidence and teach her that what they say and think doesn't matter as the only one she has to answer to is our creator. Does that stop her from worrying? Does that stop her from hurting? NO, it doesn't. My heart breaks for her, as I know just how she feels. This year due to her parents moving, she started in a new school. She's cried going to school and doesn't want to go. She used to love school. Thank you to all those that have taught your children to look down their noses and make fun of others. I do seriously believe that we are a product of our environment.
As I said at the very beginning; I'm not perfect, I do sin--although I try very hard not to--I do judge at times--but am very quick now to stop and pull that log out of my own eye. Boy does that hurt too. I put myself in their situation and ask myself what right do I have to judge them? I don't know the whole picture. I've also learned that those that are rude are nine times out of ten, insecure with themselves, so they use others to make themselves feel better. Others, well, they are just--I'll let the Lord decide. :)
Ever since I can remember--thank you mom & dad for teaching me to think of others--I look for the good in everyone. I honestly believe that there is good in everyone, it's just deeply buried in some and you have to really look hard and pray that the good in them is brought to the surface and they are saved and come to know Jesus, the one who gave it all for us. Are there some completely consumed by the enemy. I hate to say it, but believe it is true, but still pray that they are released and rebuke the enemies strong hold on them so that they may be saved. For to be consumed by the enemy is a sad, sad, ordeal. Believe me, I have had light experiences of being held strongly by the enemy, and it's not a pretty picture.
So I'm asking for you all to take a stand with me and pray, pray, pray, for those lacking the heart and soul of the Lord, for they are hurting, and need Him more than ever. Do I hate my enemies? No, I don't. Instead, I hurt for them. For being without Him, you are a hollow shell living a life of misery, even though you don't realize it. This brings me to:
Matthew 5:43-48
43"You have heard that it was said, Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, (as I'm typing this out, I can hear His voice saying these very words!) 45 so that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. For He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward will you have? Don't even the tax collectors do the same? 47 And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing out of the ordinary? Don't even the Gentiles do the same? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."
I'm realizing more and more just how important it is to be in the word every day! I'm realizing just how wonderful and awesome the word is, the great lessons to be learned, and the beautiful feeling you get when you do. I pray for release for so many from the enemy and to come to know Christ; for there is no greater release than to be in His presence. Hold fast to the One Who gave it all for us. You will be blessed and find truth and release in His word.
Father, thank You for the words you give us, for direction in our lives. Thank You for saving us from the enemy that wants nothing more than for people to hurt. Thank You for sacrificing Your Son to save us all. Thank You Lord Jesus for Your great sacrifice. There are not enough words to show the gratitude for all that You have and continue to do for Your children. All the glory is Yours Father. We lift up our praises to You. We worship You with gladness. Father, we stand here together today to ask for a song to be placed in the hearts of the lost, for them to be bonded to You and rebuke the enemy that has a hold of them. We ask that you place a kind heart in those that are so quick to judge and hurt others. We ask for release of the hurt brought to those who have been struck by those that are lost and cold. Father, please place a hedge of protection around your children. Watch over them and go after those that have wandered. Pick them up and swaddle them to be returned to the flock, so that they will no longer be lost. Thank You Almighty Father, God and Creator of all! You are mighty and wonderful. We lift up our praises to You. Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, They Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from all evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever and ever. Amen!
I know the "Our Father" prayer is different than the one in the Bible, but instead, I recited what I remember reciting everyday as a child when I did have faith before losing it for so many years. Well, I never lost the faith, but strayed from Him for so many years. So many precious years lost. I pray that many are saved from that treacherous path of worldly destruction.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back Home

This weekend, hubby, Jay & I took a trip up north to visit my parents, little sister and her family. I so love the trip up their albeit a long one. The beauty one sees offered along the way is awe inspiring. It brings a certain peace to one's being. The majestic mountains; the constant changing of the land; the wildlife, farms, river, you name it; it's just all such a sight to see. Every trip we take, we see something different. Once there, you feel at home. Instant relaxation kicks in. It feels as if you are in paradise where nothing can touch you.
The warmth of being around family, the sound of laughter, being able to lean on one-another when needed, the peacefulness being away from the city. It's all such a wonderful experience. Of course our hearts were a bit heavy knowing what our other sister is going through, wishing we were "all" together and everyone was healthy.
But being there nestled in amongst the mountains, no busy roads, no sound of traffic, yelling, etc. It was awesome!!! Why did we have to leave? ;) We were able to watch four otter playing in the river this trip. They are so fun to watch. It makes you wonder why we all can't be more carefree like that. They were comical. They love to chase one another, fight over fish that they catch and just outright put on a show; or at least it seems that way. It's as though they know they are being watched and put on quite an act.
Unfortunately the baby goose my sister had rescued and nursed to an almost full grown goose has flown the coop so-to-speak. Was bummed not being able to meet George. It sounded as though he was a character. He is now with a shelter that works on taking care of the birds, teaching them to survive in the wilderness, which is where he belongs.
It was nice to see all the Bald Eagles along the way too, going both ways. As always we saw deer, and finally saw a herd of elk. No mountain goats or big-horned sheep this time. :( The mountain goats are fascinating with the way they move so easily on those almost shear cliffs. It's amazing how they can easily maneuver up there without falling. The weather turned nasty Sat. night. The winds picked up, lighting and thunder rolled in and it rained hard off and on. Was thankful for the rain, and as far as I know, no fires were started from the farm. That is always a blessing.

Mom & I were able to take time to go through old papers, photo's, books, etc. The memories that we shared was wonderful. Tears of joy over some of the memories that were brought back was so neat. We also went through boxes of art materials that were given to my sister to use for crafts at the senior home. Wow! what a mess, but what great items that were donated to the facility! Some of the items the people there would not be able to use, but a majority of it was usable. The end of the task of sorting through it all for her and organizing was tedious, but it allowed for some great conversation. Of course our hubby's weren't too thrilled with us, as it took time away from spending the day as a family. We tried to explain it was helping sis, but they still weren't thrilled--partly to do with the mess it made. We had beads upon beads upon beads and then these other things--do you think I can think of what they are called :( grrrr--they were little foil or plastic cutouts for decorating many different ways; such as hearts, squares, ovals, stars, moons, leaves, etc. Oh my gosh, the amount of this stuff to sort through to separate the colors of the beads, and some of the other stuff and designs. It took us half the morning and most the afternoon to get it done. The rest of the sorting of the boxes was done quickly. Mom had most the boxes done before I got there, thank heavens!
We had a lot of laughs though. Especially when we got down those little cutouts, as the static made it a pain in the rear to work with them. We drooped plenty, but oh well. I'm sure there are probably beads hiding on the floor somewhere. They would drop and bounce and away they would go. Jay and my nephew were getting them for us a little bit, then quickly grew tired of it. Then it was up to us to pick them up. Poor mom, had a rough time. She has problems with her left knee which makes it difficult for her to bend over.
Thankfully mom finally went to see a specialist to have her knee repaired. She has a bone spur growing in between here knee cap and joint. The spur pushes the knee cap out and makes it very painful for her to do anything basically. It made me cringe to watch her stand up. One time I thought she was going to pass out. I pray the Lord guides the physicians hands and repairs her knee completely and mends her quickly.
We had planned on taking food up there to fix, as we feel they should not have to feed us. Well, they had already bought a turkey and had it thawed. So sis, her hubby, two of her three boys, and their two grand daughters came over. It was nice to have almost all the family there for a nice meal set before us. It was like Thanksgiving early. Her grand daughters have grown so since being there the last time. It's nice to see with the baby, as she was so thin and tiny. Not no more. They are adorable.
Then came time to leave there. None of us wanted to leave. We enjoyed ourselves so. Now it's back to the grind, but it's all good. Get to take our daughters next to the oldest daughter to kindergarten tomorrow and the oldest. I pick the boys up after school, only to take them "all to school Tues. One boy gets dropped off at his moms at the bus stop, another gets dropped off at his school, and then back to pick up the girls and get them to their school. So I'll pretty much be spending Mon.'s, Tues.' and Fri.'s will be spent mostly driving. That should be interesting to say the least. But because of this, I must get my behind into bed, so I am wide awake tomorrow.
May the Lord walk with you, fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you are guided, may you be wrapped in His great love. Be safe, protected and peace brought over you. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bible Studies: Psalm 3

Time for some catching up. I'll be gone for 3 days and then it's time to get back on track. So today will be:

Psalms 3:1-8
Confidence in Troubled Times
A Psalm of David when he fled from his son Absalom. (CSB)

1 Lord, how my foes increase!
There are many who attack me.
2 Many say about me,
"There is no help for him in God."
3 But You, Lord, are a shield around me,
my glory, and the One who lifts up my head.
4 I cry aloud to the Lord,
and He answers me from His holy mountain.
5 I lie down and sleep;
I wake again because the Lord sustains me.
6 I am not afraid of the thousands of people
who have taken their stand against me on every side.
7 Rise up Lord!
Save me, my God!
You strike all my enemies on the cheek;
You break the teeth of the wicked.
8 Salvation belongs to the Lord;
may Your blessing be on Your people.

It does seem that the closer we become to God, the more we are attacked. I never ran into so much degradation of Christ until now. When going through my on-line classes, there was a student in my World Religions class that was atheist through and through. We were able to really have some great discussions. Then another was just set in his ways and became angry with me for my thoughts. Unfortunately I was still a babe in Christ at the time and wasn't armed with the tools needed, but did feel that the one was approachable.
Thank You Lord for protecting us, for placing a hedge of protection around us. as it says in v. 4 we cry out to Him and He answers. Glory be to God!
Because of His great love we no longer live in fear; for we know He is there to protect us. Praise the Lord for Salvation! With God, all things are possible.
Notice how it says in v. 8 that "Salvation belongs to the Lord: Your blessing be on Your people."
This verse reminds of how we are to love our enemy. I know that's not exactly what it's saying, but the thought that came to mind while reading it. Despite our difficulties with others, instead of being angry, bitter, carrying a grudge or what ever the case may be; we need to be praying for them, and show them kindness. "Your blessing be on Your people," for are we not all God's people? May we all be saved and receive His blessings, for Salvation is the Lords! Hallelujah! Praise God. Amen!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Isaiah 12

The following is a scripture I was led to this morning while spending time in His presence. Oh how I love being in His presence. It' such a comfort.

Isaiah 12:1-6 (CBS)

A Song of Praise
1 On that day you will say: "I will praise You, Lord, although You were angry with me. Your anger has turned away, and You have had compassion on me.
2 Indeed, God is my salvation. I will trust [Him] and be be afraid. Because Yah, the Lord, is my strength and my song, He has become my salvation."
3 You will joyfully draw water from the springs of salvation,
4 and on that day you will say: "Give thanks to the Lord; proclaim His name! Celebrate His deeds among the people. Declare that His name is exalted.
5 Sing to the Lord, for He has done glorious things. Let this be known throughout the earth.
6 Cry out and sing, citizen of Zion, for the Holy One of Israel is among you in [His] greatness."

Yes Lord, I will praise You. I thank You that You have turned Your anger away and have poured out Your love on us. You show us so much compassion, have sacrificed gracefully for a sinful people such as us. Praise You Father! I do trust in you and am not afraid. You are our strength, songs in our hearts, and our salvation. Forever shall we be grateful to You Lord. I give thanks to You today and everyday; and on that day we meet, I will give You thanks and praise! Father, You continue to pour out your blessings upon us and for that am so very grateful. So grateful for Your great presence, for without You we are nothing. Thank You Father! In Jesus sweet and Holy name, Amen!

May you all receive His great blessings. Have a beautiful God filled day! Love you all!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Psalms: Friday's Bible Study

Today's study is taken from Psalms Chapter 2:
Coronation of the Son

1 Why do the nations rebel and the peoples plot in vain?
2 The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers conspire together against the Lord and His anointed One:
3 "Let us tear off their chains and free ourselves from their restraints."
4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord ridicules them.
5 Then He speaks to them in His anger and terrifies them in His wrath:
6 "I have consecrated My King on Zion, My holy mountain."
7 I will declare the Lord's decree: He said to Me, "You are My Son; today I have become Your Father.
8 Ask of Me, and I will make the nations Your inheritance and the ends of the earth your possession.
9 You will break them with a rod of iron; You will shatter them like pottery."
10 So now, kings be wise; receive instruction, you judges of the earth.
11 Serve the Lord with reverential awe, and rejoice with trembling.
12 Pay homage to the Son, or He will be angry, and you will perish in your rebellion, for His anger may ignite at any moment. All those who take refuge in Him are happy.

As we can see from this Psalm, we must listen and follow the instructions the Lord has laid out for us. For those instructions come from the Father. We have seen through the Bible what can happen when we do not follow His word; when we don't heed His warnings. This is why we must get on our knees and pray, read the word daily, be in constant conversation, and listen. Listen for His might voice, for often times it may just be a whisper.

None of us want to feel the wrath of God. When we think of Pharaoh and how he mocked Moses and his warnings sent by God the devastation and destruction he brought down on them all. The flood of the earth when all were sinning. There is plenty of evidence of what happens when we decide not to obey. This is His warning to all. Our government officials need prayer that they might be reminded of this very Psalm and heed the warning!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Tami!

Today is Tami's Birthday! Be sure and go by her blog and wish a Happy Birthday.

Here's a short quote just for you my sweet wonderful friend on your birthday:

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. - Franz Kafka {http://www.birthdaycelebrations.net/shortquotes2.htm}

And here's a peach rose just for you, as you are a peach of a friend and sister! :)

flowers picture cflowers1463.jpg

Besure to click on the link "Diary of a Mad Woman" and wish Tami and Happy Birthday.

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Something Fun

Okay, here's something fun for you to do. As Kim at Homesteaders Heart said, it will drive you crazy. Yes, you are very welcome. Now good luck. My problem was paying attention. That's all the tips I will give. ;) Now click below and have a ball!

<62 words

Typing Test

Let me know how you did and whether or not you liked it. ;) I had 0 mistakes. Can you believe that? Won't tell you how many times I hit the back space key. Hee hee. Actually it wasn't that bad. LOL

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Genesis: Bible Study Wednesday

The book of Genesis tells of God creating heaven and earth.

Today's study if Genesis 1:1-25:

Okay, I really messed up here. I will pick this one up next Wed. and do the next lesson with it. I thought I had finished it and set the time for it to post. Ahhhh. Sorry all. Talk about being distracted.

Matthew: Bible Study Tuesday

Today's study comes from the book of Matthew 1:1-25.
The Genealogy of Jesus Christ
1 The historical record of Jesus Christ, teh Sond f David, the Son of Abraham:
From Abraham to David
2 Abraham fathered Isaac, Isaac fathered Jacob, Jacob fathereed Judah and his brothers,
3 Judah fathered Perez and Zerah by Tamar, Perez fathered Hezron, Hezron fathered Aram,
4 Aram fathered Aminadab, Aminadab fathered Nahshon, Nahshon fahtered, Salmon,
5 Salmon fathered Boaz by Rahab, Boaz fathered Obed by Ruth, Obed fathered Jesse,
6 and Jesse fathered King David.
From David to the Babylonian Exile
Then David fathered Solomon by Uriah's wife,
7 Solomon fathered Rehoboam, Rehoboam fathered Abijah, Abijah fathered Asa,
8 Asa fathered Jehoshaphat, Jehosophat fathered Joram, Joram fathered Uzziah,
9 Uzziah, fathered Jotham, Jotham fathered Ahaz, Ahaz fathered Hezekiah,
10 Hezekiah fathered Manasseh, Manasseh fathered Amon, Amon fathered Josiah,
11 and Josiah fathered Jechoniah and his brothers at the time of the exile to Babylon.
From the Exile to the Messiah
12 Then after the exile to Babylon Jechoniah fathered Salathiel, Salathiel fathered Zerubbabel,
13 Zerubbabel, fathered Abiud, Abiud fathered Eliakim, Eliakim fathered Azord,
14 Azor fathered Zadok, Zadok fathered Achim, Achim fathered Eliud,
15 Eliud fathered Eleazr, Eleazar fathered Matthan, Matthan fathered Jacob,
16 and Jacob fathered Joseph the husband of Mary, who gave birth to Jesus who is called the Messiah.
17 So all the generations from Abraham to David were 14 generations; and from David until the exile to Babylon, 14 generations; and from the exile to Bablyon until the Messiah, 14 generations. The Nativity of the Messiah
18 The birth of Jesus Christ came about this way: After His mother Mary had been engaged to Joseph, it was discovered before they came together that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit.
19 So her husband Joseph, being a righteious man, and not wanting to disgrace her publicly, decided to divorce her secretly.
2o But after he had considered these things, an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared to him in a dream, saying, "Joseph, son of David, don't be afraid to take Mary as your wife, because what has been conceived in her is by the Holy Spirit.
21 She will give birth to a son, and ou are to name Him Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins."
22 Now all this took place to fulfill what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet:
23 See, the virgin will become pregnant
and give birth to a son,
and they will name Him Immanuel,
which is translated "God with us."
24 When Joseph got up fro msleepoing, he did as the Lrod's angel had commanded him. He married her
25 but did not know her intimately until she gave birth to a son. And he named him Jesus.

We have the generations leading up to the birth of Jesus, "the Messiah." Each period we see exactly 14 generations leading up to His birth. It's good to know who's who in the Bible and where's where. There is a lot of good reading material out there for this specific area. I haven't researched on-line yet, as we have a good book on this subject, but I'm sure there is. Knowing who's who helps us to know where to go back to for breaking some generational curses. Of course when there is no one that we know of, then we go all the way back to Adam and Eve. Also, knowing who's who which is even more important, we can learn what to do and how to act, for those particular people followed Jesus' teachings.
It is easy to skip over this type of reading, who cares who had who. Well, we do need to know this; it is important to know otherwise it would not be in the Bible. When reading the Bible, just because it may seem it doesn't pertain to you, take time to read it anyhow. It is in there for a reason. God didn't set things up just because.
Mary becomes impregnated by the Holy Spirit and Joseph finds out that she is pregnant after they were engaged. He was a good man of God and didn't not want to bring shame to Mary and decided to quietly divorce her. But an angel of God came to him in a dream and told him to marry her as she was carrying the Messiah. Joseph followed the commands of God and married Mary. Jesus was born the child of Mary and Joseph.
This is a perfect example of how obeying the Lord is so important. Because of Joseph's faithfulness to God, Mary was able to give birth to Jesus in a proper manner giving Jesus an earthly father. Imagine if Joseph had divorced Mary. Perhaps the outcome would have been so different. Joseph followed God's commands and therefore we have a Messiah that saved us all from our sins.
Good things come from obeying, but wrong doings only brings hurt and disaster. Which do you want to follow?

Don't forget to let me know if you are giving your insites on the studies so I can link up to you.

Psalm's: Bible Study Monday's

What is the Purpose of the Book of Proverbs?

Today's study is Prov. 1:1-7.
1 The proverbs of Solomon son of David, kind of Israel:
2 For gaining wisdom and being instructed; for understanding insightful sayings;
3 for receiving wise instruction [in] righteousness, justice, and integrity;
4 for teaching shrewdness to the inexperienced, knowledge and discretion to a young man--
5 a wise man will listen and increase his learning, and a discerning man will obtain guidance--
6 for understanding a proverb or a parable, the words of the wise, and their riddles.
7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

This is pretty self explanatory but will break it all down anyhow just to be sure the way I'm seeing it that is. ;)
To gain wisdom and receive our instructions on how we are to live our lives according o the Lord. To learn how to speak properly; in other words to learn to control our tongues.
The instructions we are given comes from the Lord, which are wise as He will never lead us astray. These instructions are given to make us righteous, non-judgmental, and to have integrity.
Definition of Integrity: honest. Taken from Webster's pocket dictionary. The instructions are to make us righteous, non-judgmental and to be honest!
Proverbs also is to help us become knowledgeable, and how to be discerning; to know right from wrong; to know the difference between God speaking and the enemy.
Those who read and follow the Book of Proverbs are wise and learns to listen. When reading Prov. and following we are given the ability to understand the words and parables that Jesus often uses to guide us.
Fearing the Lord is just the beginning of what we should do; for those who do not accept wisdom and instruction.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Give Away

Man what a bucket head I can be. Shame on me for not doing this sooner. Tami at Diary of a Mad Woman is doing a give away. It is a beautiful piece at that. The give away ends on the 19th, so be sure and get over there and sign up for it. Just click on the link to go there. Thank you Sweet Tami for doing such a nice thing for all. Love you!

Continuation of Last Nights Post

Reading some of the posts that I did, I knew God had a hand in it. First I went to "Thoughts" where I found out about baby McKallister. I thought of the family from our church that just lost their 31/2 mos. old baby girl. to SIDS. I thought about my little sister who's baby girl was stillborn after nine months, and my parents who lost my oldest sister after 1 day. Then I thought of my sister-in-law asking for advice on how to help her friend who just lost her 14 year old son. This site on baby McKallister was the answer. It was made so clear to me. What a blessing. Talk about God's perfect timing. For everything in life be it happy, frustrating, devestating, it's all for a reason.

Then I proceeded on and read a prayer that I knew I was suppose to read. It confirmed all that I've been reading. This prayer was at "Off the Beaten Trek." You can find her blog on my side bar. It just lifted me even higher. Thank you Lord!!!

I proceeded on and read a testimonial at "My Three Little Monkey's,"--again you can find it on my side bar--where she had written of troubled times and God rescued them!!! Praise God!!! This was the point where I knew I must post about all this. He was confirming to me that all was good. That He was in control and would take care of everything. That He had rescued me and I was changed!

But before all the post readings, hubby had asked me to listen to two songs on his i-pod. One was "Sometimes I Cry" and the other "Walking on Water," both by Jason Crabb. Wow!!! I literally mean Wow! They both really hit home with me. This was the first time I'd heard the first song. The words were amazing. The second one I'd heard before but never really listened to the words. Well last night I did. Oh my gosh. I had this overwhelming feeling come over me and was told, "you need to share these two songs on your blog, face book, and with your daughter, son-in-law and family. For this is what will help turn them around and change their lives (our daughter and family)."

Talk about rejoicing. I laid there next to hubby telling him what was revealed to me and sobbed happy tears! Finally! Finally the answers were coming. I knew they would, but when you are doing battle with the enemy, you go into such heavy negative thinking. Now I can see clearly now, I can hear His great voice again. I'm full and being led by Him once again. Oh what a feeling, oh what a joy!

So that's my story. It's been an emotional ride, but well worth it. He has been flooding me with scripture, with others stories, with emotions that run deep, with just so much glad tidings. I can't begin to explain it, but those of you who have experienced this, knows how great it is. I've been changed, saved by God's amazing grace. Thank You Father. Prayers are being answered left and right. For we know when in battle with the enemy, with sin dangling over us, our prayers are not answered. He waits for us to get in alignment with him. Praise God, this is happening. Hubby's business is coming back. Some problems with it have been fixed, just as we had prayed for. Hubby and I are no longer at odds with each other, but the biggest of all, besides praying about my sister Lynn, (still don't know yet), our daughters family should be making a turn for the better. This is the message I received and I believe! I have faith in God. Thank You Lord for Your beautiful graciousness and saving those babies and family!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Visiting Results

Okay, I know I already posted today, but just had to add this. I am so full of so many emotions right now. I am so filled and over flowing that sleep is not going to come onto me for ours I think. It's what ever His plan is for me. He is just filling me with so much today!!! As I was visiting the last person tonight, I felt compelled to share. I didn't get far on visiting, but I know to obey when told to do so. So, I will get back to visit tomorrow night.

Wow! Where to begin. I had posted about struggles and all and where I was led. I thought the battle was over, but it had basically just come to a head and I wasn't ready for it. For some reason, I knew something still wasn't just right, but tried to ignore it. Thought it was just the after effects. That afternoon--day after my testimonial post--I became overwhelmed with emotion. I was weepy, confused, just didn't know what to do. I took a shower and then realized, I needed to get on my knees and pray.

I knelt down and just poured my heart out, pleaing for release of what ever had a stranglehold on me. Repented again for all I have and recently done. It was then that He told me what could have happened from my actions. Then told me not to worry, to have faith, He would take care of it. Although what I had done was not that big of a deal, to me it was horrible. I couldn't let it go. Then all types of things came at me, and I continued to pray, the tears dried up for the most part, and I just knelt there, listening, praying, listening, praying and then knew it was time to quit.

I then finished getting dressed and ready and went out and sat and talked with hubby explaining everything that had been going on. Now this was a shock to me. I realized while talking to hubby that I had allowed myself to become a bitter, angry woman. Huh??? I didn't even realize it. How could that happen without my knowing.

While I was praying, I had this vision of rays of light coming down to me, then something dark came up at it and the rays left, then they came back and the same thing, then they came back and there was a struggle with the light and the dark. Then it hit me. Something evil had ahold of me and the angels were fighting to save me. So my prayer became authoritive and I commanded what ever had ahold of me to leave that instant among other things. Well it wouldn't leave completely, but had dissapated some.

I explained to hubby what I had witnessed and told him I was doing battle with the enemy and needed prayer. This explained being naseous for over a week, being so wishy washy, irresponsible, you name it, I was out of control and couldn't understand why. Whew! Praise God for being so faithful. He never gave up on me, and He rescued me.

The following day after explaining all this to hubby, a song came to me and has been with me ever since. "I've Been Changed." I think it's Ernie Hause and Signature sound that does this, but not for sure. I will find out tomorrow and try to post it. But part of the words are:
I've been changed.
I've been changed.
I've been forgiven, nothing's the same.
All of my past has been erased.
Nothing ahead but amazing grace.
That might explain the look on my face.
I've been changed.
To hear this sung is just beautiful. It just gives the song much more feeling. But aren't those beautiful words. Satan's strangle hold on me is no more. I've been set free. I've been forgiven. I've been saved by God's amazing Grace! Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit!!! I've been released and am now over flowing. I will share tomorrow all that has since transpired. It just keeps getting better. It is so nice not to have that ton of bricks riding around on my shoulders. Even the fear for my grand children is gone!!! Hallelujah. I will explain all that tomorrow as well.
May God pour out all His blessings upon you all. May He guide and lead you and show His great mercy. Love and Blessings to all!