Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back Home

This weekend, hubby, Jay & I took a trip up north to visit my parents, little sister and her family. I so love the trip up their albeit a long one. The beauty one sees offered along the way is awe inspiring. It brings a certain peace to one's being. The majestic mountains; the constant changing of the land; the wildlife, farms, river, you name it; it's just all such a sight to see. Every trip we take, we see something different. Once there, you feel at home. Instant relaxation kicks in. It feels as if you are in paradise where nothing can touch you.
The warmth of being around family, the sound of laughter, being able to lean on one-another when needed, the peacefulness being away from the city. It's all such a wonderful experience. Of course our hearts were a bit heavy knowing what our other sister is going through, wishing we were "all" together and everyone was healthy.
But being there nestled in amongst the mountains, no busy roads, no sound of traffic, yelling, etc. It was awesome!!! Why did we have to leave? ;) We were able to watch four otter playing in the river this trip. They are so fun to watch. It makes you wonder why we all can't be more carefree like that. They were comical. They love to chase one another, fight over fish that they catch and just outright put on a show; or at least it seems that way. It's as though they know they are being watched and put on quite an act.
Unfortunately the baby goose my sister had rescued and nursed to an almost full grown goose has flown the coop so-to-speak. Was bummed not being able to meet George. It sounded as though he was a character. He is now with a shelter that works on taking care of the birds, teaching them to survive in the wilderness, which is where he belongs.
It was nice to see all the Bald Eagles along the way too, going both ways. As always we saw deer, and finally saw a herd of elk. No mountain goats or big-horned sheep this time. :( The mountain goats are fascinating with the way they move so easily on those almost shear cliffs. It's amazing how they can easily maneuver up there without falling. The weather turned nasty Sat. night. The winds picked up, lighting and thunder rolled in and it rained hard off and on. Was thankful for the rain, and as far as I know, no fires were started from the farm. That is always a blessing.

Mom & I were able to take time to go through old papers, photo's, books, etc. The memories that we shared was wonderful. Tears of joy over some of the memories that were brought back was so neat. We also went through boxes of art materials that were given to my sister to use for crafts at the senior home. Wow! what a mess, but what great items that were donated to the facility! Some of the items the people there would not be able to use, but a majority of it was usable. The end of the task of sorting through it all for her and organizing was tedious, but it allowed for some great conversation. Of course our hubby's weren't too thrilled with us, as it took time away from spending the day as a family. We tried to explain it was helping sis, but they still weren't thrilled--partly to do with the mess it made. We had beads upon beads upon beads and then these other things--do you think I can think of what they are called :( grrrr--they were little foil or plastic cutouts for decorating many different ways; such as hearts, squares, ovals, stars, moons, leaves, etc. Oh my gosh, the amount of this stuff to sort through to separate the colors of the beads, and some of the other stuff and designs. It took us half the morning and most the afternoon to get it done. The rest of the sorting of the boxes was done quickly. Mom had most the boxes done before I got there, thank heavens!
We had a lot of laughs though. Especially when we got down those little cutouts, as the static made it a pain in the rear to work with them. We drooped plenty, but oh well. I'm sure there are probably beads hiding on the floor somewhere. They would drop and bounce and away they would go. Jay and my nephew were getting them for us a little bit, then quickly grew tired of it. Then it was up to us to pick them up. Poor mom, had a rough time. She has problems with her left knee which makes it difficult for her to bend over.
Thankfully mom finally went to see a specialist to have her knee repaired. She has a bone spur growing in between here knee cap and joint. The spur pushes the knee cap out and makes it very painful for her to do anything basically. It made me cringe to watch her stand up. One time I thought she was going to pass out. I pray the Lord guides the physicians hands and repairs her knee completely and mends her quickly.
We had planned on taking food up there to fix, as we feel they should not have to feed us. Well, they had already bought a turkey and had it thawed. So sis, her hubby, two of her three boys, and their two grand daughters came over. It was nice to have almost all the family there for a nice meal set before us. It was like Thanksgiving early. Her grand daughters have grown so since being there the last time. It's nice to see with the baby, as she was so thin and tiny. Not no more. They are adorable.
Then came time to leave there. None of us wanted to leave. We enjoyed ourselves so. Now it's back to the grind, but it's all good. Get to take our daughters next to the oldest daughter to kindergarten tomorrow and the oldest. I pick the boys up after school, only to take them "all to school Tues. One boy gets dropped off at his moms at the bus stop, another gets dropped off at his school, and then back to pick up the girls and get them to their school. So I'll pretty much be spending Mon.'s, Tues.' and Fri.'s will be spent mostly driving. That should be interesting to say the least. But because of this, I must get my behind into bed, so I am wide awake tomorrow.
May the Lord walk with you, fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you are guided, may you be wrapped in His great love. Be safe, protected and peace brought over you. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bible Studies: Psalm 3

Time for some catching up. I'll be gone for 3 days and then it's time to get back on track. So today will be:

Psalms 3:1-8
Confidence in Troubled Times
A Psalm of David when he fled from his son Absalom. (CSB)

1 Lord, how my foes increase!
There are many who attack me.
2 Many say about me,
"There is no help for him in God."
3 But You, Lord, are a shield around me,
my glory, and the One who lifts up my head.
4 I cry aloud to the Lord,
and He answers me from His holy mountain.
5 I lie down and sleep;
I wake again because the Lord sustains me.
6 I am not afraid of the thousands of people
who have taken their stand against me on every side.
7 Rise up Lord!
Save me, my God!
You strike all my enemies on the cheek;
You break the teeth of the wicked.
8 Salvation belongs to the Lord;
may Your blessing be on Your people.

It does seem that the closer we become to God, the more we are attacked. I never ran into so much degradation of Christ until now. When going through my on-line classes, there was a student in my World Religions class that was atheist through and through. We were able to really have some great discussions. Then another was just set in his ways and became angry with me for my thoughts. Unfortunately I was still a babe in Christ at the time and wasn't armed with the tools needed, but did feel that the one was approachable.
Thank You Lord for protecting us, for placing a hedge of protection around us. as it says in v. 4 we cry out to Him and He answers. Glory be to God!
Because of His great love we no longer live in fear; for we know He is there to protect us. Praise the Lord for Salvation! With God, all things are possible.
Notice how it says in v. 8 that "Salvation belongs to the Lord: Your blessing be on Your people."
This verse reminds of how we are to love our enemy. I know that's not exactly what it's saying, but the thought that came to mind while reading it. Despite our difficulties with others, instead of being angry, bitter, carrying a grudge or what ever the case may be; we need to be praying for them, and show them kindness. "Your blessing be on Your people," for are we not all God's people? May we all be saved and receive His blessings, for Salvation is the Lords! Hallelujah! Praise God. Amen!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Isaiah 12

The following is a scripture I was led to this morning while spending time in His presence. Oh how I love being in His presence. It' such a comfort.

Isaiah 12:1-6 (CBS)

A Song of Praise
1 On that day you will say: "I will praise You, Lord, although You were angry with me. Your anger has turned away, and You have had compassion on me.
2 Indeed, God is my salvation. I will trust [Him] and be be afraid. Because Yah, the Lord, is my strength and my song, He has become my salvation."
3 You will joyfully draw water from the springs of salvation,
4 and on that day you will say: "Give thanks to the Lord; proclaim His name! Celebrate His deeds among the people. Declare that His name is exalted.
5 Sing to the Lord, for He has done glorious things. Let this be known throughout the earth.
6 Cry out and sing, citizen of Zion, for the Holy One of Israel is among you in [His] greatness."

Yes Lord, I will praise You. I thank You that You have turned Your anger away and have poured out Your love on us. You show us so much compassion, have sacrificed gracefully for a sinful people such as us. Praise You Father! I do trust in you and am not afraid. You are our strength, songs in our hearts, and our salvation. Forever shall we be grateful to You Lord. I give thanks to You today and everyday; and on that day we meet, I will give You thanks and praise! Father, You continue to pour out your blessings upon us and for that am so very grateful. So grateful for Your great presence, for without You we are nothing. Thank You Father! In Jesus sweet and Holy name, Amen!

May you all receive His great blessings. Have a beautiful God filled day! Love you all!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Psalms: Friday's Bible Study

Today's study is taken from Psalms Chapter 2:
Coronation of the Son

1 Why do the nations rebel and the peoples plot in vain?
2 The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers conspire together against the Lord and His anointed One:
3 "Let us tear off their chains and free ourselves from their restraints."
4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord ridicules them.
5 Then He speaks to them in His anger and terrifies them in His wrath:
6 "I have consecrated My King on Zion, My holy mountain."
7 I will declare the Lord's decree: He said to Me, "You are My Son; today I have become Your Father.
8 Ask of Me, and I will make the nations Your inheritance and the ends of the earth your possession.
9 You will break them with a rod of iron; You will shatter them like pottery."
10 So now, kings be wise; receive instruction, you judges of the earth.
11 Serve the Lord with reverential awe, and rejoice with trembling.
12 Pay homage to the Son, or He will be angry, and you will perish in your rebellion, for His anger may ignite at any moment. All those who take refuge in Him are happy.

As we can see from this Psalm, we must listen and follow the instructions the Lord has laid out for us. For those instructions come from the Father. We have seen through the Bible what can happen when we do not follow His word; when we don't heed His warnings. This is why we must get on our knees and pray, read the word daily, be in constant conversation, and listen. Listen for His might voice, for often times it may just be a whisper.

None of us want to feel the wrath of God. When we think of Pharaoh and how he mocked Moses and his warnings sent by God the devastation and destruction he brought down on them all. The flood of the earth when all were sinning. There is plenty of evidence of what happens when we decide not to obey. This is His warning to all. Our government officials need prayer that they might be reminded of this very Psalm and heed the warning!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Tami!

Today is Tami's Birthday! Be sure and go by her blog and wish a Happy Birthday.

Here's a short quote just for you my sweet wonderful friend on your birthday:

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. - Franz Kafka {}

And here's a peach rose just for you, as you are a peach of a friend and sister! :)

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Besure to click on the link "Diary of a Mad Woman" and wish Tami and Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something Fun

Okay, here's something fun for you to do. As Kim at Homesteaders Heart said, it will drive you crazy. Yes, you are very welcome. Now good luck. My problem was paying attention. That's all the tips I will give. ;) Now click below and have a ball!

<62 words

Typing Test

Let me know how you did and whether or not you liked it. ;) I had 0 mistakes. Can you believe that? Won't tell you how many times I hit the back space key. Hee hee. Actually it wasn't that bad. LOL

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Genesis: Bible Study Wednesday

The book of Genesis tells of God creating heaven and earth.

Today's study if Genesis 1:1-25:

Okay, I really messed up here. I will pick this one up next Wed. and do the next lesson with it. I thought I had finished it and set the time for it to post. Ahhhh. Sorry all. Talk about being distracted.

Matthew: Bible Study Tuesday

Today's study comes from the book of Matthew 1:1-25.
The Genealogy of Jesus Christ
1 The historical record of Jesus Christ, teh Sond f David, the Son of Abraham:
From Abraham to David
2 Abraham fathered Isaac, Isaac fathered Jacob, Jacob fathereed Judah and his brothers,
3 Judah fathered Perez and Zerah by Tamar, Perez fathered Hezron, Hezron fathered Aram,
4 Aram fathered Aminadab, Aminadab fathered Nahshon, Nahshon fahtered, Salmon,
5 Salmon fathered Boaz by Rahab, Boaz fathered Obed by Ruth, Obed fathered Jesse,
6 and Jesse fathered King David.
From David to the Babylonian Exile
Then David fathered Solomon by Uriah's wife,
7 Solomon fathered Rehoboam, Rehoboam fathered Abijah, Abijah fathered Asa,
8 Asa fathered Jehoshaphat, Jehosophat fathered Joram, Joram fathered Uzziah,
9 Uzziah, fathered Jotham, Jotham fathered Ahaz, Ahaz fathered Hezekiah,
10 Hezekiah fathered Manasseh, Manasseh fathered Amon, Amon fathered Josiah,
11 and Josiah fathered Jechoniah and his brothers at the time of the exile to Babylon.
From the Exile to the Messiah
12 Then after the exile to Babylon Jechoniah fathered Salathiel, Salathiel fathered Zerubbabel,
13 Zerubbabel, fathered Abiud, Abiud fathered Eliakim, Eliakim fathered Azord,
14 Azor fathered Zadok, Zadok fathered Achim, Achim fathered Eliud,
15 Eliud fathered Eleazr, Eleazar fathered Matthan, Matthan fathered Jacob,
16 and Jacob fathered Joseph the husband of Mary, who gave birth to Jesus who is called the Messiah.
17 So all the generations from Abraham to David were 14 generations; and from David until the exile to Babylon, 14 generations; and from the exile to Bablyon until the Messiah, 14 generations. The Nativity of the Messiah
18 The birth of Jesus Christ came about this way: After His mother Mary had been engaged to Joseph, it was discovered before they came together that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit.
19 So her husband Joseph, being a righteious man, and not wanting to disgrace her publicly, decided to divorce her secretly.
2o But after he had considered these things, an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared to him in a dream, saying, "Joseph, son of David, don't be afraid to take Mary as your wife, because what has been conceived in her is by the Holy Spirit.
21 She will give birth to a son, and ou are to name Him Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins."
22 Now all this took place to fulfill what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet:
23 See, the virgin will become pregnant
and give birth to a son,
and they will name Him Immanuel,
which is translated "God with us."
24 When Joseph got up fro msleepoing, he did as the Lrod's angel had commanded him. He married her
25 but did not know her intimately until she gave birth to a son. And he named him Jesus.

We have the generations leading up to the birth of Jesus, "the Messiah." Each period we see exactly 14 generations leading up to His birth. It's good to know who's who in the Bible and where's where. There is a lot of good reading material out there for this specific area. I haven't researched on-line yet, as we have a good book on this subject, but I'm sure there is. Knowing who's who helps us to know where to go back to for breaking some generational curses. Of course when there is no one that we know of, then we go all the way back to Adam and Eve. Also, knowing who's who which is even more important, we can learn what to do and how to act, for those particular people followed Jesus' teachings.
It is easy to skip over this type of reading, who cares who had who. Well, we do need to know this; it is important to know otherwise it would not be in the Bible. When reading the Bible, just because it may seem it doesn't pertain to you, take time to read it anyhow. It is in there for a reason. God didn't set things up just because.
Mary becomes impregnated by the Holy Spirit and Joseph finds out that she is pregnant after they were engaged. He was a good man of God and didn't not want to bring shame to Mary and decided to quietly divorce her. But an angel of God came to him in a dream and told him to marry her as she was carrying the Messiah. Joseph followed the commands of God and married Mary. Jesus was born the child of Mary and Joseph.
This is a perfect example of how obeying the Lord is so important. Because of Joseph's faithfulness to God, Mary was able to give birth to Jesus in a proper manner giving Jesus an earthly father. Imagine if Joseph had divorced Mary. Perhaps the outcome would have been so different. Joseph followed God's commands and therefore we have a Messiah that saved us all from our sins.
Good things come from obeying, but wrong doings only brings hurt and disaster. Which do you want to follow?

Don't forget to let me know if you are giving your insites on the studies so I can link up to you.

Psalm's: Bible Study Monday's

What is the Purpose of the Book of Proverbs?

Today's study is Prov. 1:1-7.
1 The proverbs of Solomon son of David, kind of Israel:
2 For gaining wisdom and being instructed; for understanding insightful sayings;
3 for receiving wise instruction [in] righteousness, justice, and integrity;
4 for teaching shrewdness to the inexperienced, knowledge and discretion to a young man--
5 a wise man will listen and increase his learning, and a discerning man will obtain guidance--
6 for understanding a proverb or a parable, the words of the wise, and their riddles.
7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

This is pretty self explanatory but will break it all down anyhow just to be sure the way I'm seeing it that is. ;)
To gain wisdom and receive our instructions on how we are to live our lives according o the Lord. To learn how to speak properly; in other words to learn to control our tongues.
The instructions we are given comes from the Lord, which are wise as He will never lead us astray. These instructions are given to make us righteous, non-judgmental, and to have integrity.
Definition of Integrity: honest. Taken from Webster's pocket dictionary. The instructions are to make us righteous, non-judgmental and to be honest!
Proverbs also is to help us become knowledgeable, and how to be discerning; to know right from wrong; to know the difference between God speaking and the enemy.
Those who read and follow the Book of Proverbs are wise and learns to listen. When reading Prov. and following we are given the ability to understand the words and parables that Jesus often uses to guide us.
Fearing the Lord is just the beginning of what we should do; for those who do not accept wisdom and instruction.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Give Away

Man what a bucket head I can be. Shame on me for not doing this sooner. Tami at Diary of a Mad Woman is doing a give away. It is a beautiful piece at that. The give away ends on the 19th, so be sure and get over there and sign up for it. Just click on the link to go there. Thank you Sweet Tami for doing such a nice thing for all. Love you!

Continuation of Last Nights Post

Reading some of the posts that I did, I knew God had a hand in it. First I went to "Thoughts" where I found out about baby McKallister. I thought of the family from our church that just lost their 31/2 mos. old baby girl. to SIDS. I thought about my little sister who's baby girl was stillborn after nine months, and my parents who lost my oldest sister after 1 day. Then I thought of my sister-in-law asking for advice on how to help her friend who just lost her 14 year old son. This site on baby McKallister was the answer. It was made so clear to me. What a blessing. Talk about God's perfect timing. For everything in life be it happy, frustrating, devestating, it's all for a reason.

Then I proceeded on and read a prayer that I knew I was suppose to read. It confirmed all that I've been reading. This prayer was at "Off the Beaten Trek." You can find her blog on my side bar. It just lifted me even higher. Thank you Lord!!!

I proceeded on and read a testimonial at "My Three Little Monkey's,"--again you can find it on my side bar--where she had written of troubled times and God rescued them!!! Praise God!!! This was the point where I knew I must post about all this. He was confirming to me that all was good. That He was in control and would take care of everything. That He had rescued me and I was changed!

But before all the post readings, hubby had asked me to listen to two songs on his i-pod. One was "Sometimes I Cry" and the other "Walking on Water," both by Jason Crabb. Wow!!! I literally mean Wow! They both really hit home with me. This was the first time I'd heard the first song. The words were amazing. The second one I'd heard before but never really listened to the words. Well last night I did. Oh my gosh. I had this overwhelming feeling come over me and was told, "you need to share these two songs on your blog, face book, and with your daughter, son-in-law and family. For this is what will help turn them around and change their lives (our daughter and family)."

Talk about rejoicing. I laid there next to hubby telling him what was revealed to me and sobbed happy tears! Finally! Finally the answers were coming. I knew they would, but when you are doing battle with the enemy, you go into such heavy negative thinking. Now I can see clearly now, I can hear His great voice again. I'm full and being led by Him once again. Oh what a feeling, oh what a joy!

So that's my story. It's been an emotional ride, but well worth it. He has been flooding me with scripture, with others stories, with emotions that run deep, with just so much glad tidings. I can't begin to explain it, but those of you who have experienced this, knows how great it is. I've been changed, saved by God's amazing grace. Thank You Father. Prayers are being answered left and right. For we know when in battle with the enemy, with sin dangling over us, our prayers are not answered. He waits for us to get in alignment with him. Praise God, this is happening. Hubby's business is coming back. Some problems with it have been fixed, just as we had prayed for. Hubby and I are no longer at odds with each other, but the biggest of all, besides praying about my sister Lynn, (still don't know yet), our daughters family should be making a turn for the better. This is the message I received and I believe! I have faith in God. Thank You Lord for Your beautiful graciousness and saving those babies and family!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Visiting Results

Okay, I know I already posted today, but just had to add this. I am so full of so many emotions right now. I am so filled and over flowing that sleep is not going to come onto me for ours I think. It's what ever His plan is for me. He is just filling me with so much today!!! As I was visiting the last person tonight, I felt compelled to share. I didn't get far on visiting, but I know to obey when told to do so. So, I will get back to visit tomorrow night.

Wow! Where to begin. I had posted about struggles and all and where I was led. I thought the battle was over, but it had basically just come to a head and I wasn't ready for it. For some reason, I knew something still wasn't just right, but tried to ignore it. Thought it was just the after effects. That afternoon--day after my testimonial post--I became overwhelmed with emotion. I was weepy, confused, just didn't know what to do. I took a shower and then realized, I needed to get on my knees and pray.

I knelt down and just poured my heart out, pleaing for release of what ever had a stranglehold on me. Repented again for all I have and recently done. It was then that He told me what could have happened from my actions. Then told me not to worry, to have faith, He would take care of it. Although what I had done was not that big of a deal, to me it was horrible. I couldn't let it go. Then all types of things came at me, and I continued to pray, the tears dried up for the most part, and I just knelt there, listening, praying, listening, praying and then knew it was time to quit.

I then finished getting dressed and ready and went out and sat and talked with hubby explaining everything that had been going on. Now this was a shock to me. I realized while talking to hubby that I had allowed myself to become a bitter, angry woman. Huh??? I didn't even realize it. How could that happen without my knowing.

While I was praying, I had this vision of rays of light coming down to me, then something dark came up at it and the rays left, then they came back and the same thing, then they came back and there was a struggle with the light and the dark. Then it hit me. Something evil had ahold of me and the angels were fighting to save me. So my prayer became authoritive and I commanded what ever had ahold of me to leave that instant among other things. Well it wouldn't leave completely, but had dissapated some.

I explained to hubby what I had witnessed and told him I was doing battle with the enemy and needed prayer. This explained being naseous for over a week, being so wishy washy, irresponsible, you name it, I was out of control and couldn't understand why. Whew! Praise God for being so faithful. He never gave up on me, and He rescued me.

The following day after explaining all this to hubby, a song came to me and has been with me ever since. "I've Been Changed." I think it's Ernie Hause and Signature sound that does this, but not for sure. I will find out tomorrow and try to post it. But part of the words are:
I've been changed.
I've been changed.
I've been forgiven, nothing's the same.
All of my past has been erased.
Nothing ahead but amazing grace.
That might explain the look on my face.
I've been changed.
To hear this sung is just beautiful. It just gives the song much more feeling. But aren't those beautiful words. Satan's strangle hold on me is no more. I've been set free. I've been forgiven. I've been saved by God's amazing Grace! Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit!!! I've been released and am now over flowing. I will share tomorrow all that has since transpired. It just keeps getting better. It is so nice not to have that ton of bricks riding around on my shoulders. Even the fear for my grand children is gone!!! Hallelujah. I will explain all that tomorrow as well.
May God pour out all His blessings upon you all. May He guide and lead you and show His great mercy. Love and Blessings to all!

Bible Studies: Psalm 1

This is going to be the start of a brand new addition to my blog. As soon as I get the time to figure out the link system, I will set it up. My hope for this is to have people link up to their blog and give their thoughts on each scripture. Psalms will be Fridays, Proverbs on Mondays, Matthew through the New Testament will be on Tuesdays, and Genesis through the Old Testament will be Wednesdays. Now the coming week may not be up to par, as hubby's parents are visiting. They came in yesterday. She has friends here that they will be visiting, so we don't know just when we will get together. It's a play it by ear. I should be able to get on at night at least. We will see. But the following week will start a thorough dedication. I hope you all will join me.

For now, the instruction is to leave a comment stating that you partook in the study on your blog and then I will edit and add links to your blogs for people to follow. Thanks for your participation. Love you all, God Bless. Let's get fed and feed others! Praise God!

Book I of Psalms (1-41)

Today's Chapter 1:

1 Happy is the man who does not follow the advice of the wicked, or take the path of sinners, or join a group of mockers!

2 Instead, his delight is in the Lord's instruction, and he meditates on it day and night.

3 He is like a tree planted beside streams of water that bears it's fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.

4 The wicked are not like this; instead, they are like chaff that the wind blows away.

5 Therefore the wicked will not survive the judgement, and sinners will not be in the community of the righteous.

6 For the Lord watches over teh way of the righteous, but they way of the wicked leads to ruin.

v1 When we avoid those that are wicked and are not tempted by the enemy, we are a happy people. Any one ever notice when you think back that during a time you may have allowed the enemy to tempt you to do something you knew was wrong, life at the time may have seemed great, but in the long wrong, it caused misery? Or you are with people that are sinning, you know they are, but you think to yourself, oh well, I'm not doing it so what's the big deal? Well, you are with them, you see them doing it, you're allowing it to happen, so doesn't that make us just as guilty of the sin(s)?

v2 When we are walking the righteous path of the Lord, we are that happy person in v1. This is why we are instructed to read the Bible daily; to be fed with the Lord's instructions for our lives. Once we have read the Bible through, should we stop reading it? No way, it's important to keep reading it through, memorizing scriptures that tell us what we are to do. The more we read the Bible through, the more we will learn, the more it will stick with us.

v3 We develop those strong roots in the Lord when we walk in line with the Lord. We become fruitful and prosper in life. When we aren't getting fed, our roots begin to come to the surface, we no longer bear our fruits, and we wither up.

v4 We are like the chaff being blown away in the wind when we allow ourselves to become wicked. Chaff is the fine stuff that creates a dust when reaping a field of wheat. Think about that for a minute. We are like the chaff being blown away. Who wants that kind of life? Basically that makes us insignificant; we don't have a life.

v5 Our goal should be to follow Christ, our pathway to heaven. Our door to our Heavenly Father. When we don't and reach judgment day, we will not be allowed to pass through that door. I don't know about you, but the thought of gnashing teath, constant agoning, moaning and groaning, crying all the time for eternity is not appealing at all. In fact it sends chills down my spine.

v6 The Lord watches over us 24/7. He doesn't miss a beat. He created us. He knows how many hairs are on our heads, he knows every pore on our bodies, there isn't ANYTHING that we can keep from Him. Nothing at all will escape the eyes of the Lord. I've heard some say, "Well He has to sleep sometime. There is no way He can watch us 24/7." Well obviously they need to be fed and given the word of the Lord.

Father God, we come to You today to give You thanks and praise. You are truly an awesome God all the time. You never leave us or forsake us. You pick us up when we are down. Like the Footprints in the sand, "when there is only one set of foot prints, it's because you are carrying us when we are weak!" Father, we thank You for Your precious loving heart to take care of us in our times of need. Please daddy, place a kind, loving heart in our beings, so that we too may show the love you show us. Let our souls sing out your greatness so that others may be led to you as well. Fill us with the Holy Spirit daddy. Lead us to those that need to know Your name; to those who know only evil so that they may be saved as well. For we know that without your presence, we are nothing but the chaff blowing away by the wind. As you say in Mat. 18:12-14 ...If a man has 100 sheep, and one of them goes astray, won't he leave teh 99 on the hillside and go and search for the stray? 13 And if he finds it, I assure you: he rejoices over the sheep more than over the 99 that did not go astray. 14 In the same way, it is not the will of your Father in heaven that one of these little ones perish. Thank you Father for finding us and bringing us back to you when we stray. Your faithfulness to Your flock is a blessing upon us all. Praise You Father. Thank You Jesus. In Jesus sweet and Holy name, Amen!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday--The Prodigal

Father God, thank You for leading me back to here. Thank You for Your clear warning that I need to get back on track, to get in line with You. Thank You for the leaders and teachers You place in my life. Thank You for Your perfect timing. Without You, I am nothing. I'm so thankful that You have not given up on me. Thank You for rescuing me from being a wanderer. Thank You for never giving up on me and bringing me back. I'm so thankful You heard my pleas, saw the tears running down my face, and You answered. I'm thankful for waking me at 3 am to tell me the message I was pleaing for. Being awakened at the hour to hear Your voice, to feel Your nudge, to receive that all important message, was well worth it. Thank You Father. I love You so and send all the praises up to You oh Lord, for the kingdom, the power, and the glory are Yours now and forever, Amen!

You see, I've felt something has been missing in me for sometime now. I pray, I read, not daily, sadly up until recently. I'm in constant conversation with Him, but that's not enough. One has to be in the word daily. Why is it we are told time and time again the importance of reading his word. I hear it often, but in my head I hear, well you are listening to podcasts, that has scripture in them, you listen to radio stations that are strictly for worshipping Him, so what are you worried about? You're getting the word daily by doing what you are doing. Well that is pure and simple deception. Once again, as I've wrote about so many times, this is where discernment comes in.

I spend too much time worrying. Where does that get one? No where, but misery. That's what Satan wants too. Last night was the breaking point when one of my grand daughters called crying that she wanted to come spend the night with us. Turning her down just tore me up because I knew no one wanted to spend time with her. I too was letting this precious girl down. It just ate and ate at me. I prayed, asked for intervention, prayed for miracle for the situations to turn around there in that household. I cried and cried, emotions had gotten ahold of me. Anger, desperation, frustration, you name it, they were all running through me.

Finally I sat and through sobs, plead for mercy on our grand kids in that household. Plead for His word to touch my ears, for leadership, for guidance, for intervention, for Him to tell me what He wanted me to do. I realized then that I can't do this alone--which I already knew, but pushed away--and asked to be relieved of the burden I kept carrying that I no longer could handle carrying any longer. Sitting there weeping, feeling like I was about to get sick, I poured my heart out to Him. I asked that I be shown what it was He was trying to tell me. Then it hit me that He was answering a previous prayer. He was teaching me to be silent, to pray, to keep my tongue in control, to pull the log out of my own eye, to leave it all in His hands and to TRUST Him to take care of it.

Despite the revelation, and knowing that I had to do this, I went to bed with a heavy heart, naseous, in pain, and all. I knew He was working on me. After all, we are all a work in progress. I repented for the wrong doing I had done earlier that day, and finally fell asleep. As mentioned above, He awakened me at 3 am. I thought what in the world, why am I awake now, I went to bed late as it was. Got up,went to the bathroom, and realized that He was trying to get my attention. Went to make coffee, which is when I realized what time it was, and thought, no, I need some sleep, went back to bed and stayed restless unable to sleep.

On nights when I'm upset and hurting, I sleep on the couch and usually have my lap top there as well. He proded me to get on my computer. At first I was like, "Lord it's early, I spend too much time on there as it is, please let me sleep." But that wasn't going to happen. So I get on and go to my religion section bookmarks--I know I need to lable it something else--and started going through the list. Clicked on a few things I thought may be what He was wanting me to read, but knew instantly it was not. The list is long. I kept going, finally in the S's I come across In Touch and click on it, as I got that burst in the stomach sensation that John Bevere speaks of, and knew then this is where He was leading me to.

Guess what the title was: "Walking Away From God." Oh my gosh!!! That is exactly what I've been doing, but didn't realize it. I felt full and excited at church, would worship Him often, pray daily, was back in the Word, but it wasn't enough. I thought I was completely full after listening to John Bevere's message, but was still less than half full. I was laden with a burden that I would not hand over to Him.

Luke 15:11-16 which is what Dr. Stanley's message, Walking Away From God is based on.

The Prodigal Son

11 And He said, "man had two sons
12 The younger of them said to his father, "Father, give me the share of the estate that falls to me." So he divided his wealth between them.
13 And not many days later, the younger son gathered everything together and went on a journey, into a distant country, and there he squandered his estate with loose living.
14 Now when he had spent everything, a severe famine occured in that country, and he began to be impoverished.
15 So he went and hired himself out to one of the citizens of that country, and he sent him into the fields to feed swine.
16 And he would have gladly filled his stomach with the pods that the swine were eating, and no one was giving anything to him. (NASB)

I believe you now know exactly what I'm talking about here. I had been a prodigal, just as my son, daughter, and one of my sisters has been.

Therefore, I am so, so thankful for the Lord our God who never leaves us. So thankful that he leaves a flock of 99 to go look for and perhaps tend t the lost. Thank You, thank You, Thank You Father for never giving up in me for You know my heart desires you, to be complete in You, to be aligned with You. I just needed that extra jab, as You also know how stubborn I can be. Thank You for never giving up. I love You so Daddy! Amen!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wise Teaching

Today I learnt something very important. I don't know how many of you have read and/or heard John or Lisa Bevere teachings. Wow! Wow! Wow! Talk about two people totally annointed by the Lord and so willing to serve. Those two are completely dedicated and God is speaking through them.

I had mentioned that John recently visited our church and spoke. It was awesome. I missed the night he spoke on his program "Breaking Intimidation." I was bummed to have missed that one. The following day was on "Honors Reward." That was awesome. So now I am going through a small group studying the Breaking Intimidation Series. I had attended one before, but we did not do the work book nor the DVD's. Reading was amazing and inspiring, but listening to and watching his passion in the subject is just WOW! I don't know how else to say it.

So there is one thing in particular that hit me. All these years, I thought it was the wrath of God when destruction hit. I thought it was the wrath of God saying, "Hey you fools, wake up." But I could never understand why He would do it to the innocent too. I knew there was no way "all" those people were evil and sinning that bad. John put it into perspective. It all makes sense. I picked this particular one out, as it is a good start to "Breaking Intimidation" by understanding this tid bit. I would love to share so much more of the book, but do not want to ruin it before you have the chance to read and listen yourselves. You will get so much more out of it. I may give a tidbit each week, we'll see. ;)

The message: Think back to the very begining of creation when God created Adam and Eve. Who did He put in charge of earth? Adam. Who did he say to make sure that the fruit of knowledge tree was not to be eaten from? Adam. Yes, Eve as well, but Adam was placed in charge. Eve was tempted and took the fruit to Adam. Adam should have said no. Then what happens? Havoc is unleashed sin Adam had given into Satan. Adam gave his "authority" to Satan.

In The Garden of Eden, it was peaceful and beautiful. When Adam sinned and lost his authority, snakes started to bite, lions started to attack, disasters began happening. So the next time a disaster strikes, don't get upset with God. Remind yourself, Adam is the one responsible for the acts. We need to keep our strength in the Lord, remember that Jesus came to earth to save it and take back the authority over the earth.

So let's all stand in agreement to walk with the Lord, to walk in His word, to live by His word, and not give up our authority to Satan. He so wants to gain it back from us. Imagine the destruction if we all started allowing him to break us down. Love the Lord with all your heart, READ the word daily, and get on your knees and pray.

Keep the Fruit of the Spirit and live by it, wear your armor of God. Fruit of the Spirit is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control. Gal. 5:22.

I am going to leave you with some scriptures to read: Gen. 1:26, 3:17-19,21, 9:2, Ps 18:19, 26:12, 91:1, Isa. 65:25, 12:14, 43:25-26, Mat. 1:23, 28:18-20, Mark 4:4, Luke 4:6, 5:20-24, 10:19, Acts 1:16-17, 1:20, 5:20-24 Rom. 8:20, Eph. 1:19-20, 2:2,6, 4:27, 2 Sam. 8-18, 12:13

Now keep in mind, this isn't the exact words that John Bevere spoke. His way of saying it all was so powerful. The best thing to do is get the set and sit down and really listen and take notes! God Bless!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To My Friends

Once again, I have to apologize for being off of here so much. I should be able to get back on track now. I plan to post daily. I'm be centering mainly on spreading the word. This has been placed strongly on my heart. And I've learned, when He gives you an assignment, you follow it. So I will be back here later or starting tomorrow. More than likely today. So put your seat belts on and away we shall go. ;)

My Oath to You

This was in an e-mail that had gone around a long time ago. There's a story, then the oath. It's so touching, that I had to share. ;)

A little girl went to her bedroom and pulled a glass jelly jar from its
hiding place in the closet.
She poured the change out on the floor and c ounted it carefully.
Three times, even. The total had to be exactly perfect. No chance here
for mistakes.
Carefully placing the coins back in the jar and twisting on the cap,
she slipped out the back door and made her way 6 blocks to Rexall's Drug
with the big red Indian Chief sign above the door.
She waited patiently for the pharmacist to give her some attention, but
he was too busy at this moment. Tess twisted her feet to make a scuffing
noise. Nothing. She cleared her throat with the most disgusting sound
she could muster.. No good. Finally she took a quarter from her jar and
it on the glass counter.. That did it!
'And what do you want?' the pharmacist asked in an annoyed tone of
voice. I'm talking to my brother from Chicago whom I haven't seen in
ages,' he
said without waiting for a reply to his question.
'Well, I want to talk to you about my brother,' Tess answered back in
the same annoyed tone.. 'He's really, really sick ... and I want to buy
'I beg your pardon?' said the pharmacist.
'His name is Andrew and he has something bad growing inside his head
injury and my Daddy says only a miracle can save him now. So how much does a
'We don't sell miracles here, little girl. I'm sorry but I can't help
you,' the pharmacist said, softening a little.
'Listen, I have the money to pay for it. If it isn't enough, I will get
the rest. Just tell me how much it costs.'
The pharmacist's brother was a well dressed man. He stooped down and
asked the little girl, 'What kind of a miracle does your brother need?'
' I don't know,' Tess replied with her eyes welling up. 'I just know
he's really sick and Mommy says he needs an operation. But my Daddy
can't pay
for it, so I want to use my money.'
'How much do you have?' asked the man from Chicago .
'One dollar and eleven cents,' Tess answered barely audibly.
'And it's all the money I have, but I can get20some more if I need to.'
'Well, what a coincidence,' smiled the man. 'A dollar and eleven cents
- th e exact price of a miracle for little brothers.'
He took her money in one hand and with the other hand he grasped her
mitten and said 'Take me to where you live. I want to see your brother
and meet
your parents.. Let's see if I have the mirac le you need.'
That well dressed man was Dr. Carlton Armstrong, a surgeon,
specializing in neuro-surgery. The operation was completed free of
charge and it wasn't
long until Andrew was home again and doing well.
Mom and Dad were happily talking about the chain of events that had led
them to this place.
'That surgery,' her Mom whispered. 'was a real miracle I wonder ho w
much it would have cost?'
Tess smiled. She knew exactly how much a miracle cost ... one dollar
and eleven cents plus the faith of a little child.
In our lives, we never know how many miracles we will need.
A miracle is not the suspension of natural law, but the operation of a
higher law. I know you'll keep the ball moving!
A ball is a circle, no beginning, no end. It keeps us together like our
Circle of Friends. But the treasure inside for you to see is the
treasure of
friendship you've granted to me.

Today I pass the friendship ball to you.


When you are sad . I will dry your tears
When you are scared ... I will comfort your fears.
When you are worried ... I will give you hope.
When you are confused ... I will help you cope.
And when you are lost ... And can't see the light, I shall be your
beacon . Shining ever so bright.
This is my oath .. I pledge till the end.
Why y0 ou may ask? Because you're my friend.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

What a Light Show!

Check out the pics taken in Boise, ID from our storm we had last Tues. What a show it was. No wonder we were woken up by it. Had no idea it was that big.

Had our oldest grand daughter spending the night that night. She loves watching storms, but for some reason that one briefly scared her. Perhaps because it woke her up with the brightness of it all. As far as I know, no fires were started which is a blessing and a miracle after how dry it's been. We did get some good rain with this storm along with cooler weather. It was actually chilly. Now today we are heading back up.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Okay, I know I've done a few posts, but just had to throw this one in for laughs. I mean after all, we do need a good laugh now and again, right? :) Any hoo, I had told you about hubby's and my fun with the T.P. Well he still continues to get me with some very unsuspecting spots. I have yet to figure out how he's gotten them to stay where he puts them. Ha ha. That's my man!!! So I came up with an idea tonight. I typed in toilet paper in the search and came across wikipedia, where most the time you can get a pic of something not copyrighted. Sure enough. So I sent him this.

Then I decided to take it one step farther. I found a link to a toilet paper video on you-tube. ;) And here it is. You can see how t.p. is made.

Okay, but now I have to give you this one. This just floored me. Who knew?

Have a great night/day! Hope this brought at least a smile to someone, or even maybe a laugh! As laughter is the best medicine!

Dare to be Great Award

It's about time I share this award that comes from my sweet friend Tami at Diary of a Mad Woman. She is always sharing. She has a beautiful heart, of caring, and loving others. She's been a beautiful inspiration to me and always there through thick and thin. I feel so blessed to have been sent to her and getting to know her.


This award goes out to everyone! There are no rules. Don't you just love awards with no rules attached. Thank You Tami for starting this. Be sure and visit her blog. So grab this award and pass it on to all you feel deserve it.


Well there is no doubt that we are going through a recession. Many are feeling it. Many are suffering. This morning our gracious Father led me to Nehemiah. There we can find encouragement.
It all starts with Nehemiah getting word that Jerusalem's wall had been broken down and the gates burned down. Nehemiah prayed to God:
Nehemiah 1:4-11
4When I heard these words, I sat down and wept. I mourned
for a number of days, fasting and praying before the God of heaven.
5 I said, Lord God of heaven, the great and awe inspiring God who
keeps His gracious covenant with those who love Him and keep His commands,
6 let Your eyes be open and Your ears be attentive to hear Your
servant's prayer that I now pray to You day and night for Your servants, the
Israelites. I confess the sins we have committed against You. Bot I and my
father's house have sinned.
7 We have acted corruptly
toward You and have not kept the commands, statutes, and ordinances You gave
Your servant Moses.
8 Please remember what You commanded
Your servant Moses: "[if] you are unfaithful, I will scatter you among the
9 But if you return to Me and carefully observe My commands, even
though your exiles were banished to the ends of the earth, I will gather them
from there and bring them to the place where I chose to have My name dwell."
10 They are Your servants and Your people. You redeemed [them]
by Your great power and strong hand.
11 Please, Lord, let Your ear be attentive to the prayer of
Your servant and to that of Your servants who delight to revere Your name. Give
Your servants success today, and have compassion on him in the presence of this
[At the time,] I was the kings cupbearer.

Nehemiah was then sent to Jerusalem and started the rebuilding of the walls and gates. When Sanballat got word of the walls being built, he mocked their attempts saying that there was no way the walls would stand, that the people were incapable of doing such a thing.
But the people of Jerusalem continued to build and finally built it up to half of what it had been.
Sanballat was furious and decided to attack the people and break the walls back down.
Nehemiah received word of this and set up guards at the gates to make sure that Sanballat could bring no harm to the people and the walls.
The prayed.
Nehemiah 4:10
In Judah it was said:
The strength of the laborer fails,
since there is so much rubble,
We will never be able
to rebuild the wall.

The building of the wall and gates continue on becoming stronger and connected. The men all worked with swords attached to their wastes. Some worked with one hand and held a spear in the other. These people never gave up and continued on despite the threat of Sanballat and his people.

Chapter 5 talks of social injustice to the people. Nehemiah talked to those that were charging the people interest and owned the people's lands. He asked them to stop charging interest and restore the homes and fields to the people that they belonged to. The group agreed, took an oath with the priests and shook on it with Nehemiah.

And it goes on with problems arising, but through faith, and never giving up; they still pulled through it all. We all need to be praying to the Lord our God for repair of our countries finances, that our government officials are righteous people and are led by the Lord not by the enemy. For we are under attack by the enemy. Should our government continue to take the path it is on, we will only dig ourselves a deeper whole.
Let's stand together and tell the enemy that it can not and will not be taken from us. Our God is much stronger than the enemy, and we shall prevail with the Lord in us. Remember when praying for someone outside of your family, friends, and church, you need to have at least one other person praying with you. Start prayer vigils where and when possible. Pray with your spouse, a friend, a family member, any one that is in agreement with you.

Just in Nehemiah, so shall we overcome. We must hold onto faith. Continue to pray. Continue to get in the Word daily. To believe in our Lord, and repent of all our sins. For when we do not repent, our prayers go unanswered.

You all are amazing brothers and sisters. I love you all so. May the Blessings of the Father be showered upon you. Love, Blessings, and Hugs to all! Have a beautiful, God filled week!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Keep the prayers going! I finally made it to visit my dear friend Alleluiabelle. Anyone that has visited her site knows what a sweet, caring, Godly sister we have in her. Her and her husband have been struggling with health issues for some time now. Recently Ron was supposed to go see a rheumatologist, but it was cancelled and he can't be seen until November now.

Alleluiabelle has been struggling with health issues only to have a new one arise. The has rotator cuff tendinitis. Anyone that has dealt with inflamed joints, or any type of arthritic pain, knows this is painful. There is no reason for her having that trouble.

To top it all off, their roof sprang a leak. They are facing financial problems due to all the doctor visits, co0-pays, etc. This is the last thing they need. Plus there son was laid off. Please be praying for their family. They so need our prayers more than ever now.

Also, an update on my sister Lynn. I finally got the chance to talk to her. The results of her blood work does not sound good, but am holding onto faith that a miracle will occur and the cancer--if it's there--will be removed. Last year her numbers were raised and they thought that it was due to the extra high level of thyroid medication they had her on, so they backed it off and told her to go back in a year to be checked again. Well, the numbers are significantly higher this time and her doctor said there is definitely something going on.

Her diet has to be a sodium free diet. She's already lost 15 pounds in one week. That is way too much to fast. She sticks with the diet for three weeks, then goes in to receive radio active iodine shots on the 9th and 10th, then a pill on the 11th or 12th, and then in for a scan on Friday the 13th. If this scan shows nothing, she will have to go in for a pep scan which is a lot more sensitive and picks up cancer much easier. They are praying they won't have to do that, as it is very expensive and they are not sure her insurance will cover it.

I guess she has been dealing with a sore throat often, and found a lump in her neck that was there for a couple of weeks and can't find it now. Then she had some discoloration spots on her chest, neck and one on her back and they were perfectly round. Two days before seeing the endocrinologist, they disappeared. He told her that without seeing what they looked like, he couldn't be sure what it is but it could have to do with can be related to the cancer. She also is having unexplained bruising occurring on both her legs. She says they don't last long, so hopefully that is a good sign.

Her teenage daughter commented to her, "Mom, if you do have cancer, one way to look at it, is you will beat it again, and it will only make you stronger than the first time." From the mouths of babes.

I pray this finds everyone else doing well, and that all who are needing healing or what ever the case may be, to receive healing now. Thank You Father! May the Blessings of our great Father be poured out amongst you all. Love to you all.

Updating Blog

Some of you are aware of my blog titled, "Parents and Kids Living with Mental Illnesses." I am going to turn it into an all health related blog instead of just mental illness. Since the health issues I've been facing and my sisters and mother, I've come across some very interesting information and figured it would be good to share it. I'd like to invite everyone to check it out. Just click here.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finally a Saturday Night with Hubby!

Tonight I was finally able to attend church with hubby and Jay! It was a blessing. We had one of our Pastors and board member speak tonight. What a powerful message he had on Wonder Full Life. Of course you can go to Capital Christian Center to listen to the message. It may not be up before Tues. It all depends. But Dr. Stan Fleming is an amazing man of the Lord with so much insight. He's been all over the world speaking and saving. He has an awesome program that he leads.

Come to find out, he has a website you can visit. Be sure to read his articles. Very good stuff, believe me. Well actually, visit all his links. Some very exciting stuff, eye opening items, you name it. The man is amazing. I'm so glad he is a member of the church. All his speeches have been great. You can visit his site at you won't regret it. He is also an author. I definitely want to get two of his books for sure, and both his videos. I haven't watched the video clips yet, but am sure they won't be disappointing.

Oh, one more thing, can any one tell me how to put the Mr. Linky thing on here? I have come up with a couple of Meme ideas, but want to know how to do the Link thing first. Thanks

Have a beautiful, blessed weekend. I hope to be back on daily, or close to it once again!!! I've missed you all so. Starting Monday, I should be able to catch up on most every one's blogs. Any one have a suggestion on how to keep up with so many blogs. You all write too good of material. ;) Blessings to each of you and your families!


Well, the job is finally done. Our daughter is all moved, and Jay and I got the apartment all cleaned up. I was amazed at how well he done! He was an awesome big help.

I believe I've talked before about being worried about the grand kids and what they are growing up in and with. Well, during the clean, I became more and more distraught with the more I found. Jay kept telling me, "Cast all your cares up to the Lord. Let not your heart be troubled." I know this and try hard to do that, but sometimes the worry overtakes me.

On Thursday morning I went out back and sat on the patio drinking coffee. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the temperature was perfect at that time. I sat watching the birds playing, eating, and flitting around. I grabbed my Bible and looked at the tabs trying to decide what to read. Then I was drawn to Philippians, I kept looking as was still drawn to there. Then I said, "Lord, lead me to what you want me to read," and I opened the Bible, but not to Philippians, but rather 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 and all of chapters 4 & 5. The title for chapter 4 lept off the page at me. At first I thought, oops, wrong area, then realized that know, this is what He wanted me to read:

Prayer for the Church
3:11 Now may our God and Father Himself, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you.
12 And may the Lord cause you to increase and overflow with love for one another and for everyone, just as we also do for you.
13 May He make your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all His saints. Amen.

It hit home when I read this. I was bad mouthing my daughter and her fiance. What a heel I was being. Our Father is an all loving God and we are supposed to follow in Jesus' footsteps. I was walking the opposite direction. So I read on:

The Call to Sanctification
4:1 Finally then, brothers, we ask and encourage you in the Lord Jesus, that as you have received from us how you must walk and please God--as you are doing--do so even more.
2 For you know what commands we gave you through the Lord Jesus.
3 For this is God's will, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality,
4 so that each of you knows how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor,
5 not with lustful desires, like the Gentiles who don't know God.
6 This means one must not transgress against and defraud his brother in this matter, because the Lord is an avenger of all these offenses, as we also previously told and warned you.
7 For God has not called us to impurity, but to sanctification.
8 Therefore, the person who rejects this does not reject man, but God, who also gives you His Holy Spirit.
9 About brotherly love; you don't need me to write you because you yourselves are taught by God to love one another.
10 In fact, you are doing this toward all the brothers in the entire region of Macedonia. Be we encourage you, brothers, to do so even more,
11 to seek to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you,
12 so that you may walk properly in the presence of outsiders and not be dependent on anyone.

The Comfort of Christ's Coming
13 We do not want you to be uniformed, brothers, concerning those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve like the rest, who have no hope.
14 Since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, in the same way God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep through Jesus.
15 For we say this to you by a revelation from the Lord. We who are still alive at the Lord's coming will certainly have no advantage over those who have fallen asleep.
16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the archangel's voice, and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.
17 Then we who are still alive will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and so we will always be with the Lord.
18 Therefore encourage one another with these words.

Where is my brotherly love? Why am I complaining? What good does that do? I felt so good afterwards and prayed. Sitting there listening to God's creations, thanking Him for leading, for His creations, etc. And I prayed, and prayed. I felt so uplifted by the time I finished. Guess what, hardly said a complaint that whole day. But... still did some. So I decided to make this a morning ritual. Sit outside in the presence of God and His creations.

There was one other happening that scared the bejeebees out of me. I was outside the apartment cleaning up out there, spraying all the cob webs and garb down. I got out into the parking area and felt something on my leg. I looked down and there sat a pretty good sized hobo spider. Now anyone familiar with these things knows that they can pack a nasty bite that has no anti venom. The stuff they secrete into your skin eats away. There is no cure. Yes, I screamed and sprayed it off my leg. Thankfully I didn't try to swat it. I managed to step on it. After that, talk abut paranoid after that.

But we are not to be fearful. I had Jay come out there with me to tell me any more got on me. He finally took over and told me to go inside. He said, "You are way to paranoid and are driving me up a wall." ;) So I handed the hose and went in. And yes, when he came back in, I checked him over. So sad. If I was meant to get bit, it would have happened when I found the first one. Then short after that, I opened a bedroom window to put the screen back in and there sits and even bigger Hobo waiting for me. I was like, that's it, you guys are going down. You will not get control of me. I was able to go about my business then.

Chapter 5
1 About the times and the seasons: brothers, you do not need anything to be written to you.
2 For you yourselves know very well that the Day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night.
3 When they say, "Peace and security," then sudden destruction comes on them, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.
4 But you, brothers, are not in the dark, so that this day would overtake you like a thief.
5 For you are all sons of light and sons of the day. We're not of the night or of darkness.
6 So then, we must not sleep, like the rest, but we must stay awake and be sober.
7 For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk are drunk at night.
8 But since we are of the day, we must be sober and put the armor of faith and love on our chests, and put on a helmet of the hope of salvation.
9 For God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,
10 who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him.
11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up as you are already doing.

Exhortations and Blessings
12 now we ask you, brothers, to give recognition to those who labor among you and lead you in the Lord and admonish you,
13 and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work. Be at peace among yourselves.
14 and we exhort you, brothers: warm those who are lazy, comfort the discouraged, help the weak, be patient with everyone.
15 See to it that no one repays evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good for one another and for all.
16 Rejoice always!
17 Pray constantly.
18 Give thanks in everything, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
19 Don't stifle the Spirit.
20 Don't despise prophecies,
21 but test all things.
Hold on to what is good.
22 Stay away from ever form of evil.
23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely. And may your spirit, soul, and body be kept sound and blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
24 He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.
25 Brothers, pray for us also.
26 Greet all the brother with a holy kiss.
27 I charge you by they Lord that this letter be read to all the brothers.
28 May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

This all clearly states how we are to love one another, not talk bad, to treat our brothers and sisters as Christ treats us. It clearly states what happens if we don't live a Christ like life and do evil instead. There are many more great scriptures depicting all this, especially the plank in my own eye. But this is where I was led and was awakened once again. The next day I was given more to read, but that is for tomorrow.
Blessings to all!