Sunday, February 14, 2010

Millionaire Gets Rid of Everything!

For some time I've felt that hubs and I need to get rid of "stuff" that we have in our home. We don't live richly, but we do live in a nice home. I used to desire a larger--well not necessarily larger, but a home set up differently with a different kitchen and bath. Coveting is so easy to do, and I'm guilty. When I catch myself, I stop it--but sometimes forget. Ahh the ways of the world/flesh; gets us everytime. The important thing is we realize and stop ourselves.

After reading this article:|hp-laptop|dl3|link3|

I realized there was a good reason for my feeling like we needed to unload some "stuff" in our house. I've slowly been doing that the past year and can't wait to do more! The article made me thankful that we aren't rich--and honestly, I've never wanted to be, as it seems to change people. Uppity people that think they are better because they have money and nice "things" I have little respect for due to the fact that there are so many people hurting out here and we should think of them instead of turning our noses in the air. The competing to see who can do better than another just drives me insane!

Many a time when we've seen someone on the corner with a homeless sign, we stop and give them what we have on us; but when I have nothing on me, it breaks my heart to just drive by. I do pray that the Lord fixes their situation, but still feel empty hearted. If I could, I'd take every homeless family in and help them.

My whole point here is be thankful for what you have. Accept it when you are given a financial struggle, as it's the Lord working on us to draw us nearer, and/or teach us a lesson. Honestly, when we struggle financially like we are right now--due to no construction going on--I realize He is probably telling us to slow down and live within our means. I have a habit of getting excited when we have money and buy for the grandkids "stuff", and things they need. But the stuff they "need", I have a tendency of going overboard, as I just want to make sure they have what they need and not have to want for. But wanting for things is a good lesson in life.

All too often in today's world with all the latest gadgets and what not, kids are spoiled and become selfish. I'm thankful I grew up in the country and wanting. We didn't have the newest and coolest "things" that came out. We didn't have game systems, VCR's and what not. We had animals and a large garden and hay field. We had to walk, ride bike or horse--or in the winter time thankfully we had snowmobiles; but could only take them occasionally due to gas--to get to our friends house, as our parents both worked full time. We lived at least a mile from our friends except for one house, it was a 1/4 of a mile. Did we ever complain, oh yeah, you bet we did. We were jealous of those that lived in town. We coveted what they had.

Today, I'm glad we lived like that. I'm sooo thankful that we didn't live in town, as many of them are now struggling in life, drug addicts and alcoholics. Some are of course living on the high life. Jealous, no way! I do hurt for those that are struggling. At one point in life, I wanted them to hurt like I did. I wanted to "get back" at those that turned their noses up at me, and they still do, as I "hated" them at the time. Such a hurtful word. Now I pray for them.

So for every struggle we go through, its for a reason. It's a testimony to those that are lost and confused. It's a testimony to those going through the same thing, that it's okay. The Lord is working on us. For we are all a work in progress as long as we are here on earth. Instead of moaning and groaning, we should be listening for his voice and follow the path he sends us on. Think about it; Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert fasting. He had nothing for that time. He was tempted but never gave in. We must learn to do the same. Be blessed all, and live the life the Lord intends for you to live and rejoice in what you have!


RCUBEs said...

Popping over to greet you a Happy "love" day. Glory to our God Who is the Source of love.

From my own experience, it doesn't matter where you are, it's knowing Jesus first that will make you feel contented in everything or even with lack of things. He is our All in All. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

看到你的好文章真是開心 加油囉.......................................

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen! Blessings to you RCubes!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

My second commenter, please translate for me or have someone do it for you in English so I know what you have written. Thank you.