Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Can Read...and Will!

Just visited Kim's blog at Homesteaders Heart where she has posted a challenge for reading. Like her, I have tons of books to read. I'll start them, but never finish them. I never make the time to read, but love to read, so why am I not reading them.

Any hoo, this challenge was stolen by her from Lisa, who stole it from another person--yes, brain farting here again--who stole it from another and who knows how far it goes back. ;) So I'm stealing it from Kim and am encouraging all of you to go ahead and steal this idea from me and keep it going! All you have to do is read one book a month.

Kim is doing a theme reading, 3 of one type, 3 of another of four different categories, which is one idea. You can do it how ever you like. Just asking that you comment to say you are accepting the challenge and post about what you plan on reading. Mine will all be devotionals since that is the main collection of books that we have. So here is my list for a year of reading!

For two of the books, I need to finish (am going to start from the begining so as not to miss anything)
1. Breaking Intimidation and
2. Honor's Reward by John Bevere.
3. How to Listen to God and
4. So You Want to be Like Christ? by Charles Stanley.
5. The Power of a Praying Woman and
6. Praying God's Will for Your Life by Stormie Omartian.
7. Trusting in the Names of God by Catherine Martin.
8. The Battle Belongs to the Lord by Joyce Meyers.
9. It's Not About Me by Max Lucado.
10. God's Power to Change Your Life by Rick Warren.

Happy reading everyone, and don't forget to comment and let us know that you are accepting the challenge and will keep this going!


The Real Me! said...

Woo hoo! Good luck my friend. I'm glad I'm not doing it alone! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like fun!! Hope you are having a blessed day. If you get a chance will you stop by my blog and read my latest post? love and blessings!!!

Karen said...

I LOVE to read and have to sneak in precious moments when I can...have fun with your challenge!

rcubes said...

That sounds fun! I just read whenever I get the chance. I just finished "The Power of Praying" by Stormie Omartian. Very powerful and thought-provoking. Take care sister and praying all is well! God bless you.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I love reading , too. I bought books, and I always end up struggling to finish them.
But I'm still reading... reading... It is the food for my brain.