Friday, March 12, 2010

Brianne Matthews: Of Softball, Sorrow

Brianne Matthews: Of Softball, Sorrow

We really need to be "In Tune" to our kids. So many young lives are taken by suicide. If your child is talking about death, listen to them. They may be crying out for help. There were many signs here with this child and it was missed, as so many don't realize. On the outside they may seem happy, but when they discuss something that is totally out of characteristic for them, be alert. Talk to your children to make sure they are doing okay, and not putting too much pressure on themselves.

This is a serious problem. Some parents don't believe in mental illness. Some think that kids just talk. Many times they are crying out for help in the only way they know how without coming right out and saying it. If your child is unhappy, then you really need to be listening to them. Swallow your pride if need be and get them the help they so deserve.

I'm not saying that the parent ignored her daughter. Not the case, but she unknowingly missed some significant signs, along with others. We assume all is good with our kids when they are doing well in school and other things. Friends as well need to be alert to odd behaviors of their friends. Something that happens out of characteristic.

Let's take a stand against child suicides. Let's let these kids know we care about them and are there to listen to them. Let's incourage our children to talk to us about anything; that they don't have to be alone with their thoughts.

Let's pray that we the parents, grandparents, friends are given the insight to notice there is something wrong and children are not needlessly taking their own lives.


RCUBEs said...

Hi sister. Just popping over to say a warm hello. I read this news this morning and was saddened by "what could have been" with this beautiful young life.

We, as parents, grandparents, should really cover our children with prayers. I believe this is also a big spiritual battle and as we know that our enemies are constantly active on devouring precious lives created by the Lord. And it's true, too to what you had said about the nature of mental illness. Suicide is on the rise, not only on younger ones, but of divorced males. And in prison, mostly are depressed as a result of substance abuse and a lot are suicidal.

God bless.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

So very true. Thanks for bringing that all up!

I so agree, we need to be covering our youth in prayer as well. So very important. The enemy is on the prowl big time now.

Love and Blessings to you!