Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eyes Open, Ears Hearing Part II

I wasn't going to make this post part of this session, but realized that it fits right in. As always, amazed and in awe of His perfect timing. I just visited a few blogs and was so touched and in awe of how a couple of them dealt with this situation. I wasn't going to do any visiting tonight, just get on, type away and be done. I'm glad it didn't work that way.

Any hoo, hubs and I were discussing a situation that has popped up again in our family. We were talking of our concerns, well I was doing most of the talking, as I have that need to have things out in the open. Humph...As I was talking it occurred to me that we have been down this road many a time and have always come out of it, but I still said, "Why do we keep going through this? I wish the Lord would grab hold of him and hold on to him." Then it hit me.

This isn't his time to come to the Lord completely. He isn't ready for the fullness of the Lord. He still has trials to go through before fully giving himself to the Lord.

Then I stated, "I know he isn't ready, but it's so hard to watch our children suffer and go through these stages in their lives. Just when we think life is getting on track, wham, smacked back down." But we all want the best for our children and don't want to see them suffer. On the same token, we know they must go through their trials in order to learn.

It's easy to sit back and think, "Darn, why didn't I do this or that differently? Perhaps our kids wouldn't be going through all this 'garbage'". But then I stop and remember, God has our lives already planned out. He knows what is going to happen before it actually happens.

So in ending I said to hubs, "What am I thinking? He never gives us more than we can handle. But it is hard to watch them suffer."

That's when I realized that a post was at hand, and while contemplating how I wanted to present it, it occurred to me how much God suffered giving of His only begotten Son. Watching His Son suffer for our sins so that we could come to Him through Christ. Wow! Imagine giving your child or the closest person to you like that. Imagine the pain you would go through. Imagine what Mary His mother and the disciples and Mary Magdalen must have felt.

So I am reminded once again that it is in His hands. We watched the rest of the Book of John tonight, which I will write about next time, but I felt at ease again. The past two days in the late afternoon I've felt a heaviness. I tried to rebuke it, shake it, talk about it, but nothing helped. Then between the movie and the revelations, that heaviness once again is broken. That and the reading of other blogs.

Thank You Lord for all the great people You have placed in my life at the right time and place. Your timing is always perfect. Thank You for providing me with a wonderful God fearing husband. It's funny, as I finished with the revelations that came to me as I was discussing the situation with hubs, he chuckles. It's because he likes seeing that I am in the Lord and the Lord is in me and I am led to where I need to be and receive the answers as I speak. Sometimes I get frustrated as he doesn't say much, just a umhum or yup or what ever. But he is wise and knows he doesn't need to speak as when I let Him in, then I will have the answers.

Back to the situation. I realize that there are times we must travel down that dark road, sink in the dark miry pit, or walk what seems to be alone, allowing the enemy to do his dirty work as He is using this time to draw us nearer, to teach us what He wants us to learn at that time. Only He knows what will work for us.

Some of us come to Christ early on, and walk a pretty up righteous life, while others come to Him as a young adult, while others at a later age. That used to bother me, but now; I know that He had a plan for all of us. Hubs and & endured some pretty harsh situations. Some that are too embarrassing to talk of unless the time is brought up that it is necessary to help someone else. We go through those walks so we can shed some light. So that God will receive all the Glory and His light will shine.

So once again, I will walk beside my son, knowing that God has a hand in this and accept our trials joyfully, for each time our son is led back, his faith is stronger and he offers so much. Work in him Lord, teach him and lead him back to You. You know his heart. You know his love for you. He's lost but You our Sheppard will lead him back to the flock. Thank You Jesus!

Be blessed everyone. Smile often, Hug a lot, Love always. You never know who you are talking to or dealing with. ;) Peace and Joy to all!


RCUBEs said...

And some even come to Christ and stray away again. Like me. But I'm grateful for His many chances of forgiveness.

It is in brokenness when the redemptive power of the cross works best. I believe that everything happens in His perfect time. We grow impatient but Father knows best :) God bless you sister.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Great Blessings to you dear sister! I should have added that hubs didn't accept the Lord til five years ago and I came back 5 years ago. I had left at the age of 18 and didn't return til age 45. So I totally understand what you are saying. I know that being lost during that time served a great purpose. It's all for the good. :)