Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be Careful What You Ask For

Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed with all I really need to take care of; well what I feel I need to take care of anyhow. I know there is no need to feel that way, but sometimes we focus on the somewhat trivial things. So yesterday while talking with hubs about how I have so much jumbled, mumbled mess going through my head, I decided to pray about it. I asked the Lord to please provide time to "get caught up on those things I've been behind on."

Well He gave me time alright, but not the kind I was hoping for. I was blessed with my daughter informing me I did not need to pick up any kids today, as unfortunately two of them are home sick. :( So that took away a big portion of running today. But, I also missed another group session, which the topic is so good and important. Plus, I've been going to get groceries for a week now, and still have not made it; and still wont.

My cold seemed to be getting better until yesterday, which was more of just a nagging irritating cough. This morning I woke up to chest and sinus congestion. Growl! I haven't done anything, as I'm very week, tired, just out right exhausted. I try to get up and do something & I feel like I'm going to drop.

When I finally took a shower--and as many of you know, this is where I receive a lot of insight, is in the bathroom--I realized; okay, it was revealed to me, that I prayed a general prayer. But, then again, was it? For I realized then and there, that I was weakened in order to spend time in the Word, which I've for some ridiculous reason have not done yet. He had another plan for me.

I asked for time to get caught up!

He gave it to me. Instead of working on the house, I'm to be spending time in HIS Word. Am I disappointed? NO! Not by any means. As HE comes first anyhow. So my day was partially wasted trying to recoup; but in the end, it will not have been wasted, as I'm going to do as HE had planned for me.

The lesson here is to always when praying, be specific. If you pray for something in general, chances are, He will take you in a different direction, not always in a good one like He did with me. Pray specifically. A more appropriate prayer would have been: "Lord, you know my struggles. You know I have a hard time being organized and finding time to do what I feel I need to be doing. My house needs a thorough cleaning, I have a garage sale to prepare for, I have a room that is full from all the moves, a garage that needs reorganizing and cleaned out. Please provide adequate time for me to accomplish these tasks when you deem right."

See the difference. It covered the areas that is driving me nuts. Time is not very ample for me by any means. But it's all good. He is always faithful. He always listens. It's just that His plans for us may not be the same things we want. Some of you may say, "Well He already knows our needs and wants, so why would you have to be specific?" Because He wants a relationship with us. Because He wants us to take it to Him. He wants us to talk to Him like you would your parents, siblings, best friends etc. Tell Him what is exactly on your heart/mind. He listens, He answers--not always in the manner we ask for--but He knows what is best for us. He's faithful, loving, kind, and wants what is best for us. Trust Him, ask specifically, and believe He will answer. If you doubt Him, then don't expect your requests to be answered. BELIEVE! TRUST!


Great-Granny Grandma said...

Hope you're feeling better.
I enjoyed reading this post and got a chuckle out of you saying you get some of your best insights in the bathroom, because I do too and to my earthly mind it just seems like such a strange place.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

I agree with you! It does seem strange, but where ever He feels He can reach us best, then let it happen. I've been tempted to place a chair in there and got sit and meditate.

Thanks for you comment, gave me a chuckle as well to know there are others in the same boat, feeling the same way. But Father does know best. :)

Blessings to you,