Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What if His people prayed by Casting Crowns

What if we all took a stand and prayed? What if we stood up to the handful of people that want to take God out of the Constitution, out of schools, etc? What if we stood up and said, "NO MORE!" What if we all started praying? Think of all the possibilities if we all took a stand together and started praying for our great nation, for the world! Our nation, our country, the world, God depends on it! He wants us to be a praying nation. Let's show Him we really care. Let's show Him we want Him to bring heaven down to earth. Let's show Him we don't want Satan to take another victim. Let's fight for one another and tell Satan NO! Let's fight for what is right. Let's not let those few consumed with darkness take over. Let's not let them have a voice that takes away the good that we so desperately need in our lives. Instead, let's pray that they too will come to see the light and brought out of their darkness and seek His face.

Pray! We all count on one another to pray. You can pray where ever you are. To say you don't have time isn't true. You can pray any time. In the shower, driving your car, sitting in an office, walking, standing in line, on the toilet. It doesn't matter where you are, or what you are doing, you can take time to pray. It doesn't have to be a long lengthy prayer. Just a couple of words sometimes is sufficient. He knows what we want and what we need, but He wants to hear it come from us. He wants a constant close relationship with us. Talk to Him, be in constant contact with Him. Read aloud a Scripture or true and personalize it, saying you believe that His word is true, and you trust Him to keep His promises.

Pray as if today is your last. Pray like there is no tomorrow. Pray like never before. Simply pray. Let's call upon the Lord to restore us and our great nation. Let's stand and call heaven down to earth.

P R A Y !!!


Child of God said...

Hi Tammy,
Yes!! We need to pray and pray. God calls us to pray and to be a nation of praying people.

You know what I find? When I pray and give things to God He always comes in, quietly sometimes unnoticeable and things smooth out. When I don't pray things just get worse. The hardest is to pray when I am mad or angry then I know that I have an unrighteous anger and I am sinning.

Very good post! We need to pray and pray.

Blessings and praying,

Omah's Helping Hands said...

You are so right! Great reminder about praying when frustrated or angry. I find myself doing that sometimes. Your comment will most definitely help me remember.

Thank you and God Bless!