Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hello All!

I just want to apologize for being gone from here for so long. I hope to have content to post soon. Our daughter who was renting a home had someone place a for sale sign in her yard; come to her door and ask is she knew the place was being sold.

She found that the owner had been pocketing the rent money they were paying to the rental agency. The home went into default of course. The agency never kept them up to date on what was happening. She would have to call them. Recently she found out it's going into auction on Aug. 15th. So we've been scrambling to find her a home.

Praying something comes through soon. Plus other issues have been happening as well which keeps me on the road a lot and running like crazy. Praying it all comes together soon all the way around. Thanks for your patience. You all are so wonderful. Hope this finds everyone doing well. God Bless and have a beautiful rest of the week!


Child of God said...

I will be in prayer for your daughter to find a home. How sad this happened. :(


christianna said...

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