Thursday, July 2, 2009

ABC's of Kittydom

I just had to join in on this meme I found at Show My Face. You can check it out here.

It’s the ABC’s of Kittydom on first Fursday. Yes, I’m still a kid at heart, love animals and have a cat. ;)

A-Amanda was my first human mom. She was the sweetie that brought me home when I was old enough to leave my mom. She snuck me home and grandma and grandpa didn’t know for a couple weeks! Whew!!!

B-birds and Bells, oh how I so want to get out there and catch me some birds!!! Belle is my name and grandma just had to get me a collar with a bell on it. Hiss hiss

C-Cutie, grandma and grandpa laugh at me all the time thinking I’m such a cutie, gotta love ‘em.

D-Dog, thank heavens there’s none here, but grandma allows the neighbors BIG dog in once in awhile, makes me fur stand on end just thinking about it. :{

E-excellent life not having to do anything but lay around, act interested, be fed, and loved when I want it.

F-Fun, why is it humans think that all we are there for is to have fun with us when they want to. Ha, it’s on my time only!

G-Gorgeous…oh yes, that’s what I am. And grandma and grandpa, have to mention them as they now own me thankfully, as mom has way too many kids running around and way too small of a place to where I wouldn’t be able to hide. Thank you grandpa and grandma, you two rock! Oops, did I say that. Well gotta keep them thinking they are okay.

H-Hairball, why do we cat’s have to deal with them darned things? I mean come on. Could you see a human trying to hack one up? I guess that’s why we have them, they would make a big spectacle out of it.

I-Ignore is what I love to do when I don’t feel like being bothered. I think the humans are catching on. ;}

J-Jabber is what those darned pesky dogs all around us do. I mean come on, don’t you have better things to do than bark, bark, bark? Geesh!

K-kitten, there are none around here anymore, but grandma, grandpa, and uncle JJ keep saying I still act like one a lot. :0} So guess that means, I still got it!

L-Love is so abundant here. I hate to admit it, but my humans can be very loving.

M-mice, okay grandma and grandpa, how come I only get those stupid toy mice? You bring it home, I get excited only to find out it’s fake. Hmph. I want a real mouse!!!

N-nice is what the grandkids think they are. Augh, keep them away…okay, okay, the older ones aren’t so bad anymore.

O-older, I’m getting older. I’m already 10 years old, okay, 70 if you want to get technical. But I sure feel a whole lot younger, well unless I want to use the whole age thing to my advantage. Course I’d never play that card. ;}

P-paws. How come we have to have paws and not hands? I mean come on, just once I would love to have fingers…

Q-queen that I am around here. I run the household! I am the Queen Bee around here. :0}

R-rest, I need lots of it, and please don’t even think about disturbing me, or I will give you one of my evil-eye looks.

S-sneaky-hee hee, oh yeah, I love to sneak up on them humans and watch them jump trying not to step on me. I’m getting real good at it too.

T-time lots of time to do whatever I feel like doing. No appointments, no chores, no datelines. Ahhhh yes, now this is the life!!!

U-underrated. We cats do not get the credit we so deserve. Why do so many hate us. I mean come on now. We make much better lap pets than dogs do. We don’t come up to you and slobber all over you or lift our leg on you….

V-very gorgeous, did I mention that before? Oh yeah, grandma tells me so.

W-well adjusted to my area. I love where I am, and don’t no one come and try to change that.

X-xray, yup, had em before. Didn’t like it, but I guess it was to help me get better. I mean after all, what are you suppose to do, bite and run like crazy? Yeah like that’s going to happen.

Y-yellow is one of my favorite colors even though I can’t tell one color from the next. I mean after all we were given the ability to only see black and white. How mean was that? But yellow I can see better and can catch that yellow yarn pretty darned fast.

Z-zealous is what I am. They love me!

Oops, gotta run, I think I hear grandma coming. Remember, I'm sneaky! I have to keep my reputation after all, donchya know?

How about playing a long! Even if you don't have a cat, you can put in your own quips. ;)


Susie Q said...

How cute! And look what a talent you have for posting sweet kitty! I promise you that MY dog, Kipper, is good and he just lves kitties! he has two of his own so you need not be afraid of him! : )
Tell your Mama hello from me!!


Denise said...

Very cute, lol

Call Me Cate said...

Like so many things, this meme was originally intended for humans. But since this human was flat out of ideas, kitties took over.

Glad to see your kitty also runs a dog-free household. I'm not opposed but my fur freaks certainly are!

I also wanted to thank you for following my blog - and I'm returning the follow. Have a great weekend!

Mikes Sumondong said...

This is cute. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself Omah. May God bless you always!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

This was delightful. You are quite the talented writer. LOL

Omah's Helping Hands said...

You all are so great! Gosh I've missed being on here. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the wonderful comments. Blessings to all of you.