Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Breaking Intimidation

I haven't gotten far into it, but sitting here listening to Jay talk about what he's listened to and all the struggles he recently went through, I just had to get word out about John Bevere's "Breaking Intimidation" set. As mentioned in my previous post, I had attended a small group that covered the book. It was great, as the book tells a lot. But...going through the DVD's and the work book brings about a whole new perspective. And like anything with me, repeating a series hits home stronger anyhow.

So if you haven't read the book or better yet gone through the series, I highly suggest you do. Just to touch on a little bit of it, it's breaking all those things in your life that hold you back from really experiencing God's love.

Letting Satan have authority is a huge mistake. Yet so many of us do it without realizing we are. For instance, fear. Fear is the work of the enemy. Break free from it! Also, Jay brought up a great point about asking the Lord to remove the enemy. Well, we need to do it. Remember as Jay was telling me John had commented, God gave us dominion over the demonic spirit. Meaning we need to tell them to leave. Bind them up and toss them out. Don't let them run amok in your life.

I hadn't told anyone this until sitting here discussing Johns series, and struggles. Jay had really hit a low, Satan had his grip on him, but GOD IS STRONGER. Praise the Lord! With prayer from many and best of all, God never giving up, he's back. It's been an interesting conversation with him this evening. I've learned more from his questions and was able to help him with many of the questions, and those with no answer, we both knew, get on our knees and ask.

But the biggest break through was his listening with hubby this morning to John. I'm so thrilled with God's timing. Anyway, back to what I hadn't never told anyone. It scared me, but now I know I'm okay and what to do. The beginning of this year while watching the Passion of Christ again--which is one of our new traditions--for the first time I saw Satan in the back ground. I never noticed him before in many of the shots. It freaked me out and made me very uneasy. The past two months I've been seeing that face a lot. I've been worrying more and more about the grand kids, seeing things that aren't there. I was literally allowing the enemy to drive me crazy.

I would cry out, Lord, help me, take the devil away. I would yell, "Satan, your a liar, leave me alone for I am a daughter of the Lord, you are not welcome here," but would still feel heavy and uneasy. The turning point came when I decided to volunteer again despite the pain I was experiencing. All of a sudden the heaviness lifted bit by bit. It has been two months since I've been able to see Jesus' sweet face, I can again! How I've missed that connection with him. I would be worshipping in church trying to see Him and would start to get a glimpse and then I would get this ugly distorted blah. The light is shining through again! Gone is the darkness. I have the tools. We ALL have the tools because our Daddy gave them to us and we need to make use of them.

Tell the enemy to leave. Demand the enemy to leave. Believe in yourself. Believe in God. Trust in Him. Don't let darkness in. Only allow the light of our Heavenly Father to shine through.

Well I hope this all made sense. I just let my mind go and my fingers run here, so it may be jumbled. I hope and pray it all makes sense, as it's a good message I'm trying to get across. I've learned that the best thing we can do is share our experiences, especially our trials and tribulations, as often times He puts us through them in order to help others or save others. Just like the woman that helped me by sharing what she had experienced. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

Ahhhh, it feels sooooo good to be filled to overflowing again. To feel the Holy Spirit working again, to feel the electricity flowing in our family once again. To hear that He is working in others, to share, to be alive. To be able to walk in the church--our family--with the light shining and hopefully help others whose light isn't strong. After all, aren't we suppose to be sharing the light of the Lord? :) God Be with you all. May His light shine brightly in your lives. Kick those demons out. Live free of the bondage. Live free of Intimidation. Read and listen to John Bevere's "Breaking Intimidation." Thank You Lord for all the wonderful people you place in our lives at the right time! Your timing is always perfect! Amen!!!


Denise said...

May you be abundantly blessed.

Tami said...

How Blessed you are sis! I Love you and am so VERY VERY proud of what God has done for you and your family! He's SO AMAZING!
His power and love will conquer all!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are inspiring!! hope you are having a great day!! If you could, I wrote a couple new posts and wanted you to read them please. love and blessings to you my sister in Jesus! Remember that nothing is impossible with God!!!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Denise and you as well!

Yes He will Tami. I love you so as well. You are a true genuine friend and sister!

Thank you Smile. I will be by today to read them. Have been trying to get caught up with everyone. And you are so right, nothing is impossible with Him. Bless you!

Karen said...

What an encouraging post! Thank you for sharing this testimony....