Friday, May 20, 2011

Who You Are

First off, just want to Praise the Lord for bringing some huge break through's through some very dark trials. I'm relieved my husband's season seems to be coming to an end! Hallelujah! It's been a long tough trial, but all is good, for now he has a good testimony to share with many.

My mind was brought to saying a few things on beautiful us. I know I've posted many a time about this subject, yet was brought to talk on it again. I see so many beautiful people struggle with who they are. I went through it and know how it feels. I still resort back to my insecurity at times. The enemy does know our weaknesses, so we must always be on guard.

It breaks my heart to see such beautiful, inspiring people go through life feeling worthless, ugly, rejected, and the list can go on and on. My word to you is, you are beautiful no matter what people may say. Unfortunately of the flesh, people can be very cruel. They themselves that are speaking harshly or giving nasty looks may be insecure with themselves or angry with life. Don't take it to heart. There is one thing you need to remember: Psalm 139:14: I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.

Hang on to that Scripture! You are who you were meant to be. He made you to be beautiful, wonderful you. When you look down on yourself, you are looking down on Him. Remember that. That is what got me past my insecurities. When I look at myself and think; "you are pathetic, your so stupid or ignorant, look at you, you look pathetic!" And on and on it goes; I stop and say, "Forgive me Father. I am who you made me to be. I thank You for that. I love who You made. Give me the strength to believe and follow by Your ways and Your desires." The insecurities came from years of degrading by many. Always being told I was stupid, ugly, worthless, wouldn't amount to anything etc, etc.

Don't shun your creator for who He made you to be. We all make mistakes. Not one of us is perfect. Nor are we to judge one another. So someone doesn't act the way you feel is right. Someone is heavy set, or too thin. They don't dress properly. They have too many tatoo's. They wear their make too heavy. Pray for them instead of condemning them. What difference does it make. They are who they are. You only have to take care of you and if you are a parent, your children as well.

When you look down on yourself, and you portray that image to your children, they are more apt to feel ridiculous to themselves as well. Unfortunately I did not know the harm I was bringing to my kids. I pray they can get past their ill feelings about themselves and the curse be broken. Being in that darkness of self denial is no place to be. We have so much to offer. We all have a purpose, we all have a design, we all have been given gifts to help others.

So lets all take a step off that pity party, gloomy ride down into the pit. Let's take a stand and say no more! We will not stand for listening to negative words! We are beautifully and wonderfully made! I am proud of who I am, for I am a daughter/son of the God most high. He made me who I am today. I will stand beside Him and let Him lead me, not others.

May the Glory of the Lord surround you with peace. May His love for you shine through to others. May you be lifted and filled with His strength and knowledge. If you haven't accepted Christ into your life yet, I challenge you to do so. Believe me, you won't regret it. Perhaps some day I will get my husband to write his testimony on here of what coming to Christ has done for him. He was insecure as well with himself. Thank Your Lord for taking that from him and making him a godly man that hungers and thirsts for You and made him a loving family man!

Be blessed everyone. Hold your head up, but not in a prideful, boastful manner. Walk forward keeping your eyes focused on Him. Do not let the ways of the flesh/world tear you down, for that is the enemy. The Lord does not condemn, only the enemy does that.


Young Adventures... said...

Thank you for that beautiful reminder! Have a wonderful weekend.

Child of God said...

I am praising God with you!

We are living in the end times and the Bible tells us it will be very wicked. People will be lovers of themselves and money. Very difficult for Christians to keep their eyes on Jesus, but He has promised that if we try He will be faithful. And that I am thankful for. I too struggle with certain things and just have to keep turning my eyes to Jesus.

When you hear the accusation; 'you', like in you are pathetic, or you are stupid. Stop. That is the voice of Satan and only a temptation not a sin. It is when we claim it and believe it that it becomes sin. Try this next time you hear; you are pathetic, say I rebuke you Satan leave me. Satan will tempt us to sin but he cannot make you sin. I have fallen into this trap time and time again until a man I know told me that we hear three voices; God, Satan and our own. We choose whom we wish to listen to. God's voice we will know because He goes along with scripture, Satan's is the accuser so he accuses us and our voice claims by saying I.

I feel so much better rebuking Satan and running into Daddy's arms for protection, then having to repent and ask for forgiveness for believing a lie.

Glad to hear things are continuing to smooth out with hubby. It sure can be a rough ride.


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you both!
So very true child of God. Rebuking the enemy is the best way to stop anything negative coming at us; with repenting comes release. God is so very faithful, loving and forgiving.

God Bless!