Monday, February 22, 2010

Doctor/Science Mystery: Once Again!!!

I swear my side of the family should really consider selling our bodies to science. They would have a field day with us. Today I went in as I had a lump on my left elbow that showed a few weeks ago. Yes it burns in there constantly but figured it was another ganglion cyst and blew it off.

Then two days ago I found two lumps just in the hairline of my forehead on the left side. They itched like crazy. I figured I probably had those darned underground zits popping up. Then one became really red all around a large area.

Then last night I found a good sized lump in front of my left ear. It hurt. Today I found an even larger on in the gland on the left side of my neck. That's when I decided to go get checked out.

I saw a practioner student first, who was totally confused and went to look some things up. The PAC came in next and she was flabbergasted. She had ideas, but nothing fit what was going on with me. She went and talked to my doctor who decided on a cat scan.

I was not thrilled with that, as I've had so many MRI's, a cat scan and x-rays in the past two years. That didn't make her happy, and I agreed to have it done.

Well that showed no infection going on in there, but did show a lot of nodes, which explains why I've found two more lumps.

So now they are trying hard to get me in to see an ear, nose and throat specialist to have some biopsies done. Ughhhh. I am not thrilled with that notion at all. I may end up in the ER tonight if the lumps continue to grow. The one by my ear is causing an ear ache now. The one on my neck is creating an uncomfortable pressure, and something is causing some blurring in my left eye.

The blood work drawn hasn't come back yet. I'm hoping to hear something back on that yet tonight. We'll see. So here I sit, wondering what in the world is wrong with me. I'm not pannicked and actually find it a bit hilarious as this is par for the course. Each of us three girls and my daughter have experienced the unknown so many times. It's our family. We are sciences mysteries. But please don't let them know. I don't want them banging down our doors just yet. ;)

I have to laugh, as worrying solves nothing and can actually complicate things more, and I just find a peace in my heart knowing that the good Lord will take care of me. I will take what ever is handed; but Lord, when are You going to give me my health back so I can go on to do the work You have planned for me??? Although, and this has come to me a lot lately, that perhaps I'm going through these things to be able to share a great testimonial of His great love!

So my final question: has anyone ever experienced this sort of thing? If so, what did it turn out to be, and what did they do for you? Thanks! So if you all could say a prayer for us, as my family is going through this with me, I would greatly appreciate it, as in numbers we are stronger!

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Lydia said...

This is the story of my life right now. Doctors always want to test me because 'something is wrong' and it always turns out to be 'nothing'. My latest fiasco has been to have a bladder scan and a CT scan to find out that I have nothing wrong with my kidneys or bladder and that I am just one of those weird 10% of people who have blood in their urine all the time. That is just the tip of the iceberg but I take the same tone as you. I am reluctant, but then agree to be better safe than sorry. And I try not to worry too much.