Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He's Not Finished With Me Yet!

The song "Wait and See" by Brandon Heath brings comfort during what I'm experiencing right now.

The night has been long. Lay on the right side and it hurt. Lay on the left side and it's better but have to lay a certain way. Kept waking up having to reposition. Up at 3:30 am as I couldn't sleep. More lumps on the head. The ones already there have grown. I now have one on my shoulder about the circumference of a baseball, and one in my armpit about the size of an egg. Still all on the left side. Along with numbing in my forhead and the top of my head. I don't feel well and am just wiped out. Have been the past couple of days. It's getting to where it hurts to talk.

Am I scared, well I woldn't say that, but yes, concerned. But then this morning--I love God's timing--hubby turned on some worship music on the tv and the above song came on. I knew then it was meant for me. He's not finished with me yet. I have a lot more to do here on earth before He takes me home. Am I ready to go home? Yes as I can't wait to meet our maker and leave the ways of the flesh and world; but know that I'm needed hear right now. I need to learn more aobut our Father and grow closer first. He has work for me to do first. So a certain peace and comfort has come over me.

What bothers me most is the thought of needles going into these things that already hurt. The thought of a needle going in my neck makes me nervous. The numbing stuff is even worse. But better to know what is going on than keep suffering.

Please say a prayer for my family and I. I know hubby and son and sister is very concerned. Ask for peace and comfort to come over them as well. Thank you and God Bless!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that they are completely benign. With your strong faith in God, you will pull through this.
We are praying for you.