Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seeing Things in a Different Light

Today while driving into Boise via the connector, I looked upon the valley in a whole new light. I've never seen it in this manner before. It took on a whole new, beautiful look. It is impossible to explain it exactly other than the Lord has been moving me in new directions and taking me to knew levels. I just drove in awe at this new found beauty of our surroundings. Thanking Him the whole time for this new light.

I made it to hubs appointment and then went to coffee with him. The mood had changed. Concern came over me for my husband. He seemed to have something troubling him and wouldn't open up, as he does often.

We parted, he headed for work, myself heading to pick up two of the grand kids; one of which is home sick. I was pondering over hubs, wondering what must be going on in his mind, when I all of a sudden focused on worshipping the Lord. On my way home was the usual crazy driving of some, slow from some, excessive speeds by others, and then there is that one that seems to want to join you in your lane. But this time it didn't bother me so much. What was going on?

I look in my review mirror after picking up the kids and see a young girl smiling from ear to ear, blowing a bubble from her gum and talking on the phone. At first I was thinking, great, watch her run into the back of me as she's not paying attention. Then all of a sudden the Lord took hold of me, and I was reminded not to judge.

Then I saw her as a beautiful girl, smiling, happy, childlike the way He wants us to be. I thought you know, we are all different in so many ways, but are all alike as well. We are all sons and daughters of the Lord our God. We all have a special place in this crazy world. Then I really got to looking at people as they drove by.

What did I see? People of all walks of life. Then I thought about how some were obviously not well off financially and some were well off. I thought back to a time when finances were bad. We didn't know if we were going to be able to keep our house, our vehicles needed work done on them, were we going to lose them too? How would we get to work. What about our kids, what would happen to them.

That's when I thought; we have so much to be thankful for. It doesn't matter what we have. It doesn't matter whether or not we are rich or poor. It doesn't matter what we wear. What matters is how we treat one another. What matters is what is in our heart. What matters is do we accept our Father and walk in the manner in which He desires for us to walk? Are we shining His light? Are we kind, gentle, loving, full of grace and mercy, thoughtful, joyfull, living with the Fruit of the Spirit in us?

Gratefulness, Thankfullness and Joy filled my heart. Gone was any worries. Gone was the comtemplations of, we need this or that, the worries about how to handle this mess, what should be said or done about this or that problem. I was reminded to hand all my cares to the Lord and let His light shine through. I had a heart and soul that understood and realized the value He was showing me and placed right in front of my face.

A new energy came about. No more frustration over things not getting done. Gone was the irritation over how busy life has become and how it seemed I needed to drop something of which I was involved in doing, but where and what to choose as I knew that I needed to be in the groups that I am to learn and come closer to Him. I knew that volunteering is where I'm suppose to be. I know the importance of watching the grandkids; then of course the house has to be cleaned...how was I going to do it all. Laughter filled my head. "Silly one, has He not always provided? Has He not always walked you through those difficult times? Has it not been good to get home and feel wonderfully exhausted knowing full well good things came from the day?

A small sacrifice for all that He offers us and gives us each and every day. He "always" provides; even in those times we feel it's not what we wanted. He knows what is best for us, what is "needed" at the right time.

Step back/sit back and really look at your surroundings. Look at those that are around you. See the uniqueness each one of us has to offer. Look at all the beauty He has provided us. What a wonderful world it really is. There may be some darkness in your life, but His light will shine through eventually when the time is right. For it is by His plans and His perfect timing that all comes together for the good of all. Take in a deep breath, smile, let your heart sing joyfully. Know that He is near. Never will He forsake you. Never will He leave you. Blessings to All!

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Together We Save said...

Wow - that was a a beautiful uplifting post! Thank you for sharing.