Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

My dear sweet friend Valerie Lynn at Simply 4 God awarded me this. Like Valerie, when I first started blogging, I wasn't even sure if it was something that was going to fly and the last thing I thought about was receiving awards. Not that I mind, it is very humbling to be thought of. My whole thought was I want to help spread the word about Jesus and how coming to know our Creator can really change your life.

The best part about the rewards is not receiving them, but to give them. I've always been a person who loves to give. (Too bad I'm not rich, you all would be in luck.) ;) Tee hee. And the best part about this reward is there is no limit as to how many of these you can send out. Although, Valerie had a good share of those that I follow on a regular basis, there are still some left to send it too, so here goes. I'm going to go by the creativity of your blog to make it more fun, but I have to say, I would give it to all of you if possible. You all deserve it!!!

So here goes:
Heather at Simply Heather--does she put together some great blog skins or what? Plus now she has her camera and has added photo's, and here creative writing skills are awesome!

Hon at God is Our First Love--I mean, who can avoid that chocolate face!!! ;) Not to mention her creativeness with the youth group she teaches.

Roberta at For His Glory--What an inspiration! I love your flowers and your cheeriness and I could go on and on!

Grace at We Live To Tell God's Amazing Grace--She has the most creative articles to post about. Talk about getting information needed, she's the one to go to!

Susie Q at Rabbit Run Cottage--She always has some unique header picture--and her stories about her beloved Kipper, now that's creative!

Now there are many more that I would have loved to have added, but many do not accept awards any more. But you still deserve the award. Love, hugs and blessings to all!

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~hon~ said...

Funny...I have a chocolate face? hahaha! Oh now you need to explain that...hahaha!