Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We All Have A Purpose In This World

This video has a very important message in it. I will write some thoughts on this very video after it plays. I'd love for you all to take the time to listen to the whole thing. Thank you and God Bless.

Leeland: "Tears of the Saints"

This is the same song with in Christ Alone as well, but the video has more to it with some powerful words and more powerful pictures.

I say hats off to Leeland, and young man with such a strong heart for God.

Anyway, tonight as my hubby, son & I sat and listened to Pastor Ken Wilde's message from this past Sunday since we were sick and unable to attend. Wow! It was very powerful. I learned many things from that and then the Lord started to move in me. I'm going to apologize now if I go in circles. I have so much going through my head right now. I love it when He fills us up!

For starters, I've always been a lover of people. I've always thought that if we look hard enough we can see the good in everyone. I used to drive my parents nuts, as they thought I was going to get hurt with that attitude. We lived near an Indian reservation from the age of five to age nine. We had some rough experiences with them, and I was being taught not to trust them. I tried to explain that just because there were a few that caused a lot of serious trouble it didn't make them all bad. I befriended some and it drove my parents crazy. I didn't care. I was out to prove a point, that you can't pass judgment on all for the happenings of a few. Besides there is bad in every race, but there is more good in every race as well.

We become a product of our environments when we don't let the Lord in our lives. Of course back then, I didn't understand enough to fight for my beliefs through Christ. To this day, I get frustrated with all the cursing's towards one another. I've wanted to see an end to this evil ever since I could see it happening.

I've been listening to this worship song off and on and each time it has basically brought me to my knees and I sing it out loud, not caring who hears me. It has had some power on me, pulling at the heart strings, almost like someone was saying, come on, follow Me, follow the dreams placed in your heart. I thought, me, make a difference? Yeah right, what can I do? I'm just some lowly person with a small voice.

Well tonight combined with Pastor Ken's message partially on dreams, I realized, this was placed in my heart at a very young age. It is the one dream that has stayed with me over the years. One person can make a difference. It started with Pastor Ken, then Leeland, and now it's in my hands to keep it going.

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We are children of the Lord. We have His passion in us. He created us to live the life He chose for us. All we have to do is listen to His voice, or follow the dreams He gives us. As Pastor Ken stated, "Get creative, He wants us to be creative!"

Another part of the message was about praying. Do any of you wander off while praying? I sure do, as Pastor said, we all do at some time. Well it's not that we are being taken by the devil per Se, it could be the Lord trying to tell us or show us something. He's using our prayer time to talk to us. Let the thoughts flow. Any way, I would highly suggest just watching the message from Pastor to get the jest of the whole message. I learned a lot from it. His messages just keep getting better and better. Each of equal importance. You can feel the Lord's presence in there, and you can see Him working through Pastor.

I believe God is wanting us to go higher. To live fuller life's. To do more to reach out in our communities, in the world. He's calling to His children to reach out. As Pastor said, "It's not about money." There are many ways we can all be doing something to make a difference.

I finally figured out why this song has been touching me and talking to me so loudly. My gift, "Healing" if you remember a few posts back I had talked about spiritual gifts and could not figure out why healing is such a big one for me. Well it started to come to light and then hit me "whoosh" like a flood tonight! Praise God for His enlightenment. This song has a message, reach out to the lost and lonely, the crippled and frightened, the prodigals we are to lead them home. We can make a difference!

I'll post a different post on some ideas. I don't want to make this one too long and lose anyone. ;)


Tami said...

I Fell in love with this song. Your message tonight was very powerful, I had questioned my prayer time, as I wonder off at times, feeling I never give GOD my whole time. I felt shame, for so long over that. Now I know I'm not the only one, and YES, It's God trying to reach me.


Omah's Helping Hands said...

You're very welcome. I had a feeling there were others out there like myself that felt shame for having a wandering mind while praying. It's a relief to know that it's normal and probably for the good! Glad you liked the song too.
Hugs to you as well and may many blessings come your way!

Chris said...

I echo what Tami said. Thank you Tammy!


Come on!! We need some bold people living for Jesus Christ, now more than ever and I think that you are one of those people!! God Bless~

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Chris and Smile! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't know about being bold Smile, but I know I'm doing it all for Him!!!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm going to post the second video on my At The Foot of the Cross blog. They are both powerful! And I do relate to your post too. That's what's so great about sharing. We find out we're not unique in what we go through.