Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cat Food Recall

Just recieved this notice from my vet. Thought I would pass it on to any other cat lovers out there.

We wanted you to be aware of the following food recall from Nutro Products:
Franklin, Tennessee (May 21, 2009) -- Today, Nutro Products announced a voluntary recall of select varieties of NUTRO(R) NATURAL CHOICE(R) COMPLETE CARE(R) Dry Cat Foods and NUTRO(R) MAX(R) Cat Dry Foods with "Best If Used By Dates" between May 12, 2010 and August 22, 2010. The cat food is being voluntarily recalled in the United States and ten additional countries. This recall is due to incorrect levels of zinc and potassium in our finished product resulting from a production error by a US-based premix supplier. Two mineral premixes were affected. One premix contained excessive levels of zinc and under-supplemented potassium. The second premix under-supplemented potassium. Both zinc and potassium are essential nutrients for cats and are added as nutritional supplements to NUTRO(R) dry cat food. This issue was identified during an audit of our documentation from the supplier. An extensive review confirmed that only these two premixes were affected. This recall does not affect any NUTRO(R) dog food products, wet dog or cat food, or dog and cat treats. Affected product was distributed to retail customers in all 50 states, as well as to customers in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Israel. We are working with all of our distributors and retail customers, in both the US and internationally, to ensure that the recalled products are not on store shelves. These products should not be sold or distributed further. Consumers who have purchased affected product should immediately discontinue feeding the product to their cats, and switch to another product with a balanced nutritional profile. While we have received no consumer complaints related to this issue, cat owners should monitor their cat for symptoms, including a reduction in appetite or refusal of food, weight loss, vomiting or diarrhea. If your cat is experiencing health issues or is pregnant, please contact your veterinarian. Consumers who have purchased product affected by this voluntary recall should return it to their retailer for a full refund or exchange for another NUTRO(R) dry cat food product. Cat owners who have more questions about the recall should call 1-800-833-5330 between the hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST.Remember, this affects only NUTRO CAT food marked with the dates identified above. For more detailed product information, visit and click on "recall". Please direct any questions about the food to the 800# listed above.


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing this helpful information my friend.

Alleluiabelle said...

Thank you Dear One for your prayer support in everything we are going through right now. God places people across our paths, and you my friend are no one of them. I can't thank you enough for posting your prayer request on your site here. For me, the power of prayer and intercession others are so vitally important in His Kingdom. You have been an encouragement to me and I wanted to stop by and officially introduce myself and say that I love your blog and have become a follower just this evening. I haven't been commenting on blogs in the last week or two due to my own health situation as well as my husband's now, but I hope to get back on everyone's site very soon. I would be honored if you joined my group of friends on my site, if you haven't already done so. I didn't check to see if you had...I just knew I had to come here and thank you for your kind, loving heart.

God bless you dear sister,

Chris said...

Thanks for the heads up. We have three cats. Hope all is well!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

You're welcome Denise.

I too thoroughly believe in the power of prayer, and when I see a brother or sister in need, I try to do what I can to help. I'll be praying for renewed health and strength for you as well. God Bless You.

Well I hope your kitties are well. I love cats, dogs, all types of animals. All is going fairly well here. Hope all is well for all of you.