Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Revelations!!!

I hope you all don't get tired of testimonies to God's love. Personally, I could listen to them all the time. I love hearing of God's greatness, even when it's not the greatest. But thought I would share a few more of God's wonderful steps in others lives.

For starters, I've talked about my little sister getting custody of her to young grand daughters and how she had injured her back and was suppose to have surgery. Because of all the problems she is having, her husbands niece has come to stay with them for the summer to help. My sister probably won't have surgery now, (big mess), and may not be able to go back to work. But let me tell you, God had a purpose by sending their niece there.

Yesterday K was in her room crying in the morning. Sis went to check on her and she was doubled up talking incoherently in pain. At first sis thought she might be on drugs as her eyes were all glassed over. So they got her in the car, got a hold of our dad and he drove the two of them in. All types of tests were ran, to include a drug test. She came back clean.

They are not for sure what is wrong, but assume from her throwing up all the time, she has ulcers. Further more, they found out that she has anxiety attacks. They were in the ER for 8 hours as there was a problem with tracking her medical records, which it took the doctor to get on the phone to have success and it took forever for sis and hubby to reach family.

This poor girl has been living with her grandparents since she was little. Grandpa was the one to care for her, went to all school functions, doctor, dentist checkups, teacher conferences, you name it. Apparently being away from grandpa for the first time became overwhelming for her, as the grand parents just left that morning.

K has been suffering severe stomach pain for two years!!! She was suppose to have had an upper GI done and it never happened. If anyone will make sure this girl is taken care of, my sister will. She would give the shirt off her back to someone in great need. They are suffering from her not working and him being laid off, not to mention all the medical bills, and having two of her sons living there. But God willing, they have been getting through it all and she's standing strong.

Coincidence that K ends up there? Coincidence that all this has been happening, even though it seems unfair that someone as loving as sis would have to go through this? I don't think so. It's all in the workings of the Lord. Sis is in pain, but dealing with it and taking care of the little ones with help. Now K will have someone to take care of her too.

Another was on the news. I didn't catch where this little boy was, and you all may have heard it. The little three year old boy that had wondered off in the woods. Thank the Lord he was eventually found with just a few scrapes. I had shivers run through my body as I praised the Lord for taking care of that little boy. A three year old; think about that out in the wilderness. Yes, the Good Lord was with that little boy! :)

One more. I had talked about my oldest grandson trying to follow in daddy's footsteps and being a non-believer. It used to drive me nuts driving the boys a half an hour away to school then rush back to take my oldest grand daughter to her school. But now I know why it happened and am thankful for the opportunity. I've learned a very important lesson through all this. "Always" look for the positive side in situations. It's there, you just have to look.

With the traveling back and fourth, R has started asking a lot of questions about God. He is hungry and thirsty for the knowledge!!! At first it was a so-so ordeal. Now he is more serious and wants to know more and more. The other day he said, "You know Omah, I've been thinking about what we've talked about and I'm trying really hard to get my dad to believe." (Sitting here tearing up with joy just thinking about it). Let the little children come to Him. I am so elated!

Curiosity brought R on the path to God and now perhaps with persuasion and seeing how serious his favorite son feels he too will come to know the Lord!!! I keep praying that something soon will change. Our daughter has been talking to our son and we are praying she will come back.

Praise God for all His glorious workings!!! It's by His time and His will be done. I have the faith that many more are going to be saved. A friend and I were just talking today about how many are struggling and feeling like everything around them is closing in. The battle is on, but we both stood in agreement that God is stronger than the enemy and He will prevail. We just have to hold strong to our Faith.

Make a ripple and watch it grow and grow and grow. All the Glory is for God. May He pour out many blessings upon each of you. I'm so happy to see that the list of brothers and sisters continues to grow. The friendships He's helping us form is glorious. Thank you Father for all the wonderful people you lead us to.


Denise said...

Wow, God is so good, His timing and love are precious. I love you my friend. Did you have your MRI? You are very much in my prayers.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Denise! You are such a sweetie. No, I did not. The wrong codes were submitted to my insurance, so I have to wait until next week. Thank you for your prayers. You are such a dear friend. I love you very much. Thank you.

RCUBEs said...

For those who don't know God, it is a coincidence. But for those who love Him, we know everything, good or bad is in His loving hands!
Thanks for visiting me and the encouraging comment. Happy Mother's Day to you. My son is not lucky to have me as his mom...I'm blessed to have him as my son :) He is a great kid, glory to God!
God bless.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

RCUBES, I believe it is still God's intervention even for those who do not believe. It's His way of trying to get their attention.

And actually, I would say you are both blessed to have each other. We are all blessed to have children in our lives. I couldn't imagine life without them. Blessings to you my friend.

Karen said...

I love it when we are able to look back on circumstances in our lives and clearly see where God has been positioning events into place to work His will! I love testimonies like this...