Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May This Brighten Your Day!

Recieved this in an e-mail. It made me smile and start the day out right. Hope it does the same for you. Hoping the sender doesn't mind that I used it. ;)
May You Always Make the Right Moves

May Your Cup Runneth Over

May You Always Find Shelter From Any Storm

May You Remain Good Looking and Look Good

May You Find the Perfect Diet For Your Body and Your Soul
(If This Face Doesn't Want You to Stop Eating Sausauge, Nothing Will)

May You Find Perfect Balance in the Company You Keep

May You Have as Much Fun as You Can
Before Someone Makes You Stop

May the Worst Thing That Happens to You Come in
Slobbery Pink and Furry Tan

May You Manage to Make Time For A Siesta

May All the Folks You Meet Be Interesting and Kind
May Your Accessories Always Harmonize With Your Natural Beauty

Should Your Mouth Ever Be Bigger Than You Stomach
May You Have a Chewing Good Time
May You Always Know When To Walk Away And Know When to Run
And May Your Friends Always Bring You JoyRemember, Living Well is the Best Defense Against Mortality!

May all your troubles be small. All your dreams come true.
May the Love of the Lord shine through.
Be Blessed.
Smile Always.
Live Long.


RCUBEs said...

Cute pictures to start the day. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day and God bless you sister!

Tami said...

LOL, I know for a fact she wouldn't mind! *grin.

I LOVE YOU TAMMY! Have a bright sunshiny day!

I'm off to take Mr. Caleb to day camp. Pray for THEM. He's full of energy this morning.. heh heh!

Simply Heather said...

Oh Tammy!! Thank you for posting them all. Adorable.

Denise said...

So sweet, love it.


That is without a doubt one of the cutest things I have ever seen!! Have a blessed night!

Mikes said...

Thanks a lot for making my day today Omah! Those are really lovely pictures and blessed messages/promises! May it all happen to you and to me as well!

God Bless you more!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you RCUBEs. I'm glad you liked them. God Bless you too sister.

Tami, will do. :) And so glad to know the sender didn't mind. Giggle giggle. Love you much!
God Bless you sister, and may He be with Caleb and all the other day campers. :)

You are welcome Heather. Glad you liked them! God Bless sister!

Thank you Denise. Glad to hear it.
God Bless you sister.

Thank you Smile, glad you enjoyed them. God Bless you sister

Thank you Mike! That is so sweet. God Bless you to brother!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Those were adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

You are welcome Great Granny! Glad you liked them.