Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday's Crazy Questions-#1

This comes from Becca @ Becca's Backyard. Just play along if you wish.

This weeks meme: Hodge Podge

1. MEN- Boxers, briefs or commando?LADIES-Hipsters, thongs or granny panties?
Eh, I plead the 5th thank you very much. :) That's gettin' a little too personal. ;)
2. Have you ever had an infatuation with someone on the internet?
My hubby when we first start dating after seperating for almost a year.
3. a 20 dollar bill is laying on the door step of a store as you are leaving. Half the bill sits outside the door..half in. do you turn it in or pocket it?If you were coming INTO the store when you saw it, would it make any difference in your decision?
If there is no one around, then I would defiintely take it. Now if someone were around and looking for a dropped 20, then I would give it to them and not ask questions. But, as Becca had stated in her answers; it's impossible to tell one 20 from another.
4. You just won the lottery....your family will be all over it as soon as they find out. Do you try to keep from telling them about it?
I would tell the because if I were to win, I already had it planned to share the wealth.
5. Did you ever play ' I'll show you mine, if you show me yours', when you were a child?
No, not that I can remember any how.
6. Do you remember a huge crush you had on someone while in high school?Did the crush turn into more?
Oh yeah, he was my first real love. The only one who respected me. Unfortunately I went into the military, so didn't have the chance to see if it would go further. Fortunate on the other hand, as I met my sweet hubby.

7. Have you ever had a full body massage?Were you comfortable or uneasy about being touched all over?
I've only had one, as my sister done it as a getaway/relaxation time for us. We were massaged in the same room, so it wasn't so bad. But I had the guy. So at first I was a little nervous. But once he started massaging, I was laxin' big time.

8. What do you think of wet tshirt contests?

Your turn!!!


Tami said...

Tammy, LOL, you crack me up, I LOVE answer #1!

Love you!!!

RCUBEs said...

That was fun :) and funny...Have a great Monday! God bless sister.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

This is cool... and a fun way of knowing you, Tammy.
Have a happy MOnday. :)

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks Tami, Gotta have fun sometime! Love you too!

Have a great Monday as well RCUBEs and God Bless to you sister.

Thank you Grace. Have a happy and Blessd Monday!

Toia said...

Yeah, I think the first questions was just a wee bit personal. Great answers!! Happy Monday!!

rcubes said...

I came back to let you know that I want to share a blog award with you. So if you want to do it and you have a chance, come visit me and grab it! God bless sister.

Denise said...

lol, you are so funny.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks Toia. Yeah, that first one was just a wee bit too personal. ;)

Thank you RCUBEs. I'll be by to get it! That is so sweet.

Thanks Denise! ;)