Friday, June 5, 2009

More CA

We are having a great time here. Graduation was awesome. We went to hubby's stepsisters house for breakfast afterwards and sat and reaquainted with them. We finally met the other two fo the three boys. What handsome young lads they are too. Of course the oldest is 18. He is going into the army next year. The next one is 14 and the youngest is 11 or 12.

We still haven't met his brothers youngest yet. We should get to tomorrow unless they will be at their sisters tonight. We are going back there tonight, as hubby and her set up a (what was suppose to be a suprise ;)) birthday cake for me tonight. Is that so sweet or what. I got after him for it, as we are here for her son's graduation. But just the same, I won't complain as the gesture is just too kind. His sister is such a sweet heart. Beautiful woman. I love all his family.

Anyway, not much time before we are off and running again. Between graduation and coming back here we went shopping for gifts for the kiddo's and our kids; then out to eat. Taking a short break and then back out. How I so wish we didn't have to leave Sunday. Yes, I'm boo hooing. Any hoo, hubby's saying it's time to go. More to come later. Ta Ta for now.


Denise said...

Sounds nice sweetie.

rcubes said...

Thanks for the update :) Glad to know you're having a great time! That's a lot of catching up to do in a short period of time. But everything in God's perfect time. Happy Birthday! May God bless you and give you more days in your special life!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

It has been Denise.

Thanks RCUBEs! Yes it is a lot of catching up. Hoping to make another trip back out here soon. May the Lord Bless you and yours as well and give you many, many special days.