Saturday, August 15, 2009

Continuation of Last Nights Post

Reading some of the posts that I did, I knew God had a hand in it. First I went to "Thoughts" where I found out about baby McKallister. I thought of the family from our church that just lost their 31/2 mos. old baby girl. to SIDS. I thought about my little sister who's baby girl was stillborn after nine months, and my parents who lost my oldest sister after 1 day. Then I thought of my sister-in-law asking for advice on how to help her friend who just lost her 14 year old son. This site on baby McKallister was the answer. It was made so clear to me. What a blessing. Talk about God's perfect timing. For everything in life be it happy, frustrating, devestating, it's all for a reason.

Then I proceeded on and read a prayer that I knew I was suppose to read. It confirmed all that I've been reading. This prayer was at "Off the Beaten Trek." You can find her blog on my side bar. It just lifted me even higher. Thank you Lord!!!

I proceeded on and read a testimonial at "My Three Little Monkey's,"--again you can find it on my side bar--where she had written of troubled times and God rescued them!!! Praise God!!! This was the point where I knew I must post about all this. He was confirming to me that all was good. That He was in control and would take care of everything. That He had rescued me and I was changed!

But before all the post readings, hubby had asked me to listen to two songs on his i-pod. One was "Sometimes I Cry" and the other "Walking on Water," both by Jason Crabb. Wow!!! I literally mean Wow! They both really hit home with me. This was the first time I'd heard the first song. The words were amazing. The second one I'd heard before but never really listened to the words. Well last night I did. Oh my gosh. I had this overwhelming feeling come over me and was told, "you need to share these two songs on your blog, face book, and with your daughter, son-in-law and family. For this is what will help turn them around and change their lives (our daughter and family)."

Talk about rejoicing. I laid there next to hubby telling him what was revealed to me and sobbed happy tears! Finally! Finally the answers were coming. I knew they would, but when you are doing battle with the enemy, you go into such heavy negative thinking. Now I can see clearly now, I can hear His great voice again. I'm full and being led by Him once again. Oh what a feeling, oh what a joy!

So that's my story. It's been an emotional ride, but well worth it. He has been flooding me with scripture, with others stories, with emotions that run deep, with just so much glad tidings. I can't begin to explain it, but those of you who have experienced this, knows how great it is. I've been changed, saved by God's amazing grace. Thank You Father. Prayers are being answered left and right. For we know when in battle with the enemy, with sin dangling over us, our prayers are not answered. He waits for us to get in alignment with him. Praise God, this is happening. Hubby's business is coming back. Some problems with it have been fixed, just as we had prayed for. Hubby and I are no longer at odds with each other, but the biggest of all, besides praying about my sister Lynn, (still don't know yet), our daughters family should be making a turn for the better. This is the message I received and I believe! I have faith in God. Thank You Lord for Your beautiful graciousness and saving those babies and family!!!


Karen said...

Praise the Lord, sister...God is so good....

RCUBEs said...

He is good....all the time! Praise His Holy Name! I'm so glad that when you came by, it blessed you...But knowing that if the Lord had used me to confirm what He wanted you to do or think, I am the one much more blessed here sister! Glory to God!

And may we continue to be in tuned with what He willed for each of us. Blessings to you sister and may the God of hope continue to work on you mightily. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Yes He is Karen, His very good! God Bless!

Thanks RCUBEs. Yes, He is so very, very good. Without Him life has no meaning. May He return the work on your mightly. Thank You Jesus! Amen. God Bless!

Denise said...

Our God is such an awesome God. I love you my friend.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

He is an awesome God for sure. Thanks Denise. I love you too sweet sister.

The Real Me! said...

Wow my friend. I've been so bad about coming here to visit you. I'm go excited to hear how the Lord is working through others to help answer questions and fill gaps! That's what the body of Christ is for.
Big loving hugs coming to you from me!