Monday, August 3, 2009

Updating Blog

Some of you are aware of my blog titled, "Parents and Kids Living with Mental Illnesses." I am going to turn it into an all health related blog instead of just mental illness. Since the health issues I've been facing and my sisters and mother, I've come across some very interesting information and figured it would be good to share it. I'd like to invite everyone to check it out. Just click here.


Tami said...

Tammy, you are wonderful!

I have a friend "D" I'd like to introduce to you regarding Mental Illness.

She's taking classes on it due to a friend who is boarder line.

I'll email you the info.

I got her to start a blog on the subject, (she hasn't yet) just 1 post, and NOW look your doing a post about it!
If you look at the blogs I follow her's is called Life and Times of a Cowgirl.

I'll let her know and maybe you guys can email one another!


Tami said...

LOL, Ok.. I didn't finish reading the whole thing. I got EXCITED!
heh heh. IF you want still check it out LOL.
It's early here *groan*


Omah's Helping Hands said...

That's awesome Tami! Isn't it amazing how He leads it to one another to give support and help and learn through Him! Hallelujah!
Love You too sis!
That's okay. But yes, I still want to check it out, as the more we all learn about it the better. I'm looking forward to reading her blog on it. So glad you encouraged her to do so.
You are such a blessing!

Denise said...

Going to check it out.