Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finances and Today's Economy

Today on there is a great article that talks about finances and having to cut back on spending during the economic down fall. This article makes a lot of sense. I talks about staying positive during the whole crisis.

When we look at how we have to make do with less than we are used to having, we set ourselves up for downfalls and depression. It can give you a sense of deprivation. Here's a quote from the article:

"Shifting your focus away from what you wish you had, though, frees you to take a closer look at what you actually do have right now. It’s then that you can discover hidden treasures in your situation. Could it be that living with less money could lead to more satisfaction?"

I know this to actually be true. When growing up, my family did not have a whole lot of money. There were many things that we did without. Granted there were times that we felt we were being deprived as our friends had so much more. But as we grew older, we realized how rich we were even without the money. We grew up learning good values in life rather than being greedy, selfish, and keeping up with the Joneses.

I'm thankful for the fact that we were not given anything we wanted. There are a lot of children growing up today that are given so many material things. I've seen many become selfish and greedy. They want, want, want, and when they don't get it, they throw temper tantrums. It's sad how many are stuck on the material side of life.

Now that the economy is slowly slipping, what are they going to do? Personally, I think it does us some good to be brought back to the basics of life, and learn to appreciate what we have. Life is so much more enjoyable then. You can go here to read the whole article. And remember; Life is Good. It is what we make it.



Oh, good post!!! We don't consider how blessed we truly we are always looking at how "unblessed" we are. Good job on this!! be blessed! love ya!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

This post is just so timely, considering our economy here nowadays. The news are really depressing. But God is the strength in our heart, we shall not be wary.

Laura ~Peach~ said...


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Smile, Grace, and Laura. Isn't it great how His timing is always perfect! I love how He works in our lives. Be blessed always! Love you all.