Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two News Flashes

Two news flashes here.

First, for those living in the Meridian area and may not have caught the news, and live near the 10 mile area between Cherry Lane and Franklin, there was a man that assualted and raped a woman outside her house at 8:30 pm. The man was quite enough to where her family could not hear what was going on just outside the house. This is scary. So please women, be very careful when out alone at night. This can happen to anyone, anywhere. She had just gone out to walk the dog. I happened to be there to see my daughter when all the investigators were out and about trying to collect any information. She lives just across the road from where this took place.

For those in the Meridian area, he was wearing a dark hoodie, holy dirty jeans, was slim and about 6 feet with short dark hair and a beard. He hit her over the head with a blunt object then raped her. He threatened to kill her. She tried to fight him off but to no avail. He eventually took off. So be on the look out if you see anyone matching this description and looking suspicous.

Please pray for this poor woman that was attacked that she may find peace and will heal quickly. What a horrible experience to go through. It makes me sick.

For the other, there is a nasty virus going around in the Florida area any how, I'm sure other places too called the NUNDO virus. A friend of mine e-mailed me about it from her work computer that their home computer picked it up and no matter what they have done, they were not able to get rid of it and have it in for repairs now. Some of their computers where she works at the AFB have received it as well along with many area residents. She said it is a nasty virus that virus protectors can not get rid of, nor protect your computer from. So be careful when receiving mail. It's thought that it may have come from a joke site that had been e-mailed to them.

One thing I learned, don't open anything with attatchments unless you know it came from someone with good protection. Even then it's best not to. When forwarding e-mails; paste and copy to a new e-mail. Send it as a BCC so that others aren't able to get anyones e-mail addresses. This keeps one from having to send on attachments, plus safeguards everyones e-mail addresses.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh, this is so bad, Tammy. Anyway, thanks for the warning. I'm just glad that I feel safe here because I don't go out alone.
But I worry about that virus that is spreading throughout Florida. I hope it will be ceased very soon before it can damage more. :(

Tami said...

So terribly sad about that woman,Prayer and God, is what she needs. Friends and family as well. However only God can get her through this terrible thing that has happened =(

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Grace and Tami. Yes it is very sad. I just ask that we stand united and pray that this man is caught real soon, that the woman heals quickly, and the virus is stopped in it's tracks. Thank you and God Bless you both for your kind hearts in the Lords way!

Julie said...

Hi! Thank you so much for the warnings! Computer viruses are such a pain to get rid of and this one sounds like a doosy!

Praying today for that poor woman. I pray that he is caught and punished and she is healed both physically and emotionally very quickly. Only with the Lord's help,will she heal.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen Julie! Thank you so much for your prayers. She is going to need them, I'm sure.
God Bless You!