Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Back!

Hello All! It is good to be back home, but at the same time was hard to leave. I left Monday morning as you all know. It took longer than normal for some reason to get there. Stopped at my parents house since they were on the way and visited with them. Dad wanted me to stay for dinner, so did so. I hate driving up there at night due to all the deer, but luckily it was okay. It was chaos at my sisters. The poor thing is trying to get her apartment packed up as they are moving into a house that they will be renting. She was in so much pain by the time I arrived. Her youngest son was hauling boxes down to the motor home. Hubby was tending to the girls, and sis was trying to get dinner ready.

Luckily I felt refreshed and took over with dinner and helped with the girls and getting things set up for bed time. Was worried, as she was having some serious pains and did not look well. Plus it was snowing and was suppose to snow hard on the way to Missoula, MO to see the surgeon. It is a 4 hour drive in good weather, and sitting kills her. :( The next morning they had to leave by 5 and it was snowing really hard. Thankfully they made it okay.

Sis will be going back for cortizone shots in her back to see if that will do anything for her and can still do no lifting for two months if they do work. If not, then she definintely has to have an operation.

Her hubby also had an appt. with the VA hospital for his neck which he had injured way back. They need to do an MRI, but could not do it there due to him having plates in his neck. So now he was to travel to another city in MO or WY, (can't remember for sure) and have a special scan done. So needless to say, they have their hands full.

My dad still is in a lot of pain with his busted ribs and he somehow has hurt his back now too. Mom on the other hand is staying active. She has a lot of energy which is amazing since she had little to non before. It is so good to see her doing well. A testimony to God's love. I've been praying steadily for all.

I was going to come back tomorrow, but Jay is still having problems with his new prescription. So I needed to come back and get him in first thing in the morning. Hopefully they can get this all worked out with him. So I came back early.

I get home to find out our daughter had been in an accident and something is wrong with her neck. She goes in tomorrow to try and find out. She also took her oldest daughter in to see a doctor as she's been having problems and found out that her back is really messed up. So here we go again!

The Lord has been answering prayers, and the devil is close on His heals trying to unravel things more. :( But I'm not letting him win this time. I'm standing firm! In fact, I received an e-mail while gone with lots of good advice which I'll share later, but one was that to worry allows satan in, but concern is different. If there is something to be concerned about then pray and ask God to reveal to you what He wants you to do. If it's a worry, then let it go.

Lately, I've been a bundle of nerves worrying about my little sister possibly becoming paralyzed, the stuff her boys are going through, them trying to take care of their grand daughters, my dad and what he's going through, my other sister possibly having cancer again, my son going through what ever he is, our daughter and grand kids, not being able to see two of them, friends that are really struggling with the attacks on them and/or their family members. So I was really down and out and just had no ambition.

But that has all changed. I have been able to take what I can do something about and try to work on that, waiting for an answer to it all, and that, that I can not do a thing about, will hand it to the Lord. It's a sense of freedom actually. Mom & I had the first really good discussion about the Lord last night which really helped. We talked about this very subject. Once again, God's timing as always was perfect.

Do I still worry? Yeah, to some degree, but not to the point where I'm an emotional basket case, shakey, not able to sleep, cranky, and spending every waking minute dwelling on it all. That all is gone!!! Thank You Father!

So why did I write about all this; to show God's faithfulness, lessons, and release of worry. Keeping an positive attitude really does make a big difference. I learned over the course of the three days to relax and deal with things when it happens, following His guidance. Although there is so much negativity going on, there is still a lot of good too! We just have to look past the negative and dwell on the positive.

Oh, and one other quick note of something that is actually funny now. On my way home, I hit the tail end of rush hour traffic as I drove into Boise and Meridian. When low and behold, I met up with those darned, I'm in a hurry, I'm going to cut you off and then slow down type stuff, and those that feel it's a thrill to dart in and out. Okay, that's okay, I can handle this. Whew, finally instead of stressing and chewing out drivers that can't hear me anyhow. Then I get almost home at the last four way stop when someone decides to pull a partial stop and goes in front of me. Then stops suddenly, sits there and then turns without signaling. Of course I started to chew him out and then stopped myself. Yeah!!! Getting control of the road rage. God is Good. Thought it was funny though, as I was relaxed on the trip, but the anger started up when getting back to the "big city." Ha ha. "TAKE ME BACK TO THE COUNTRY LIFE, PLEASE!!!"

So now needless to say, I'm homesick for living on a farm again out in the country where life is more peaceful and you learn good family values. Poor hubby, he's going to have to listen to it all again. ;) No, I now know it's not going to happen, so make due with the situation.

UPDATE: As I was typing this out, Jay & I were talking about his struggles. Guess what. I told him that I felt it was because he's given up on his faith. Come to find out, he's been thinking about that, but had questions. He told me what they were, I answered them, and he's decided to cancel his appointment tomorrow and spend the day praying and getting back with the Lord!!! Praise God! Hallelujah! In fact, he's listening to a worship CD right now. Oh how my soul is rejoicing and dancing with joy right now. If we really listen, read, and watch, we'll see His workings taking place. It just came to me, He's working hard on preparing us! Amen!

This is the song that he really wanted to listen to now, he feels better already, headache is gone, sluggishness, depression, and heaviness has dissappeared! Yes!!!!

I Can't Even Walk (Without Holding Your Hand): by Gordon Mote. I love the video that goes with this.

May the Good Lord Bless each and everyone of you!



Yay! Missed you and your posts!! love you!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you! Love you too! Missed being here and reading everyones blogs.