Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Wonders of Babes

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a child's mind. You sit and watch them as they start to explore their world. The littlest of things catches their mind. They sit and stare, then reach and touch. As they get a little bigger, are sitting up and able to grasp and hold things, you watch in wonderment.

You buy them developmental toys and let them go at it, but they want what they see around them. Phooey on them toys, I want what my sissy's have or what Omah has. So I dig around in the drawers thinking back to when my two were little. What was it that fascinated them the most. Hmmm, times have changed, my drawers hold different things.

I find a little 2 oz. tupperware cup and give it too him, he is happy for a few minutes, then I find the top to the baster. "Oh yeah Omah, that's the ticket. Oh yeah, this feels good on them gums. Do you know how much they hurt me? I needed something like this. Finally someone figured out what I needed." And he sits for a long time with that turkey baster bulb in tyke heaven.

As they grow older--haven't reached this stage yet, but know it's comin',--you buy them age appropriate toys to form their motor skills more. You bring in a box and whoa, look out! "Gimme that box. I want to play in that box. Hee hee, you can't see me now. I found a place to hide where no one is going to bother me!" Pretty soon they peek out over the edge with squeals of delight and you can't help but laugh.

And now you sit in wonderment. I bought them those toys, and now they would rather play with a box that didn't cost me a dime. Why is it the simple things are what excites them. Pretty soon they have that box tipped over on top of them. It's a fort! Then it's a boat or a racing car. "Oh push me around in this box. Yeah, this is the best toy mom! Thanks a bunch!"

You actually find yourself having fun playing with them in that box. Then come the blankets, comforters, pillows, toys and we are making a fort that takes up the WHOLE living room.
Girls: "Hey Omah, can we bring the baby in here with us?
Omah: "Uh no, I don't think so."
Girls: "Oh come on, we'll be careful."
Omah: "Only if I can come in there too."
Girls: "Oh Omah, you silly, you are too big to come in here with us."
Omah: "I am?" giggle giggle. Oooh ouch, there goes the knees, yikes, okay, maybe I'm getting to old for this after all. Oh what the heck, you only live once. ;)
Girls: "Omah! You did it! You aren't too big! This is fun. Okay, you sleep over there, we are going to sleep here."
Omah's thoughts: Oh the joy to be young again, doing an inexpensive fun camping trip in the middle of the floor. Doesn't get any better than this. Yes, the imagination of a grandma and her beautiful grand children. Life is good.

Then the wonderment disappears, as you are reminded of how the simpler things gets those imagination juices flowing. Yup, I'll keep the plain old paper sacks, card board boxes and all the blankets, sheets, and comforters over all those big expensive toys that get put by the wayside after a short period of joy any old day.

What brought me to this story is my 7 mo. old grandson was sitting next to me on the couch. He was playing with his youngest sisters box from her valentines cards. She decided she wanted the box. Oh my gosh, you would have thought she was torturing him. He screamed at her and let her know that in no way was she taking away his latest prized possession. She backed away and said okay, and he continued to tell her off. It was the funniest thing. Guess she learned her lesson. ;)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comments anyway not as my dad he's good on guitar too have a great night

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Your welcome Grace. You still sound very good guitar or no guitar. You should post your dad singing and playing. ;)