Friday, February 6, 2009

Prayer Requests

My dear friends, I have a request of prayer from all of you. My heart is hurting right now, but I know He will take care of it. I've noticed the enemy striking and working hard all over the world, working hard on breaking us down. Trust me, this is not a pity party I'm having, just a sharing of what I see right now, and it's almost brought me down. But God's faithfulness and strength has lifted me back up and I know that no matter what, I must focus, keep walking forward, and hold on to faith. It sure does get hard sometimes though, doesn't it?

Any way, I have friend who wants nothing more than to be fulfilled with the Lord. She seeks Him all the time. Her heart yearns for her husband to do the same, but he won't even discuss it with her. She is going through a tough time and unable to read the Bible and is having difficulty praying. Another is going through similar trials. She is having a hard time focusing and knowing what to do with her time. Her husband had been seriously hurt in a church and will not go back, discuss the Lord with her and does not want to hear about it. She so desires to have him return.

It breaks your heart to see such beautiful women experiencing this. So if you could pray for them. I'm not giving out names for obvious reasons. He knows who you are praying for. Another woman and her husband are having dire financial problems, plus there is a chance her husband may lose his job. Please pray for them. They have three beautiful boys too. She has given herself to the Lord, but her husband hasn't. We need the husbands to come to the Lord, as they are the leaders of the home. They need to be able to righteously uphold the home and family. Let's pray hard for this.

Our son has had a set back with his meds. It was a bit uneasy for the past two days, but thankfully he knew he needed help and got it. Pray for healing in him and the breaking of generational curses of mental illness. It runs heavy on my side of the family.

We were suppose to finally see our sons two kids this weekend, but of course with what he is facing, it isn't possible. I've come down with the crud. So weak and sleepy and my face feels like it is going to explode. But I am believing I will be healed soon. Pray for healing so that I can go visit the kids at least.

My dad had fallen on ice a little over a week ago and broke some ribs. They were concerned about his liver due to the location of the break. He is suppose to be taking it easy and doing no lifting. Well, he's a stubborn man, had gone to a Catholic school, faithfully went to church, and then quit. He believes, but something is holding him back. He is a very, very giving man. Always giving of himself, but will not ask for help. They heat their home with a wood stove. He's been going out and hauling in wood. My sister who has the back problems drove out with her son so he could haul wood in for him. Yesterday dad got up as he was in pain and put some wood in the stove. Mom got up and told him to go back to bed as it was 4 am. So he did. He tried to get back out of bed when he woke up and popped something in his back. He was unable to get up. Mom had to help him after he laid there for awhile groaning. She finally heard him.

My little sister finally had an MRI done on her back. They messed up and didn't do the lumps. She did find out that she has ruptured discs and bone fragments pushing into her sciatic nerve. The earliest she can see the Neurosurgeon is the 17th. Meanwhile, her husband and sons are not being of much help. They won't bathe the girls (the ones they just got custody of before all this happened), they won't clean the house, and she is not to do any lifting or bending of any kind. She is to keep her back straight. She couldn't take it any more and got up and gave the girls baths, cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed the kitchen floor on her hands and knees, and cleaned up the kitchen. She's a very thorough neat housekeeper. Anything remotely getting dirty, or something out of place drives her nuts. The beginning of the weak she talked of them letting trash bags full pile up in the house. Grrrrr. She has a heart of gold. She is like our dad, always giving of herself. While working in the nursing home, she kicked some behinds and whipped the place into shape. Residents hadn't been receiving proper care. Many were being neglected. Air tanks were not being checked. It was sad. She finally got many of the workers there to take pride in what they were doing, boosted moral, and got many of the workers to open their eyes as to how much those residents could bring happiness and how rewarding it was to take care of them. I'm so proud of her. She is a good woman in the Lord following His plans for her. She worked despite the constant chronic pain she was in. Those residents meant the world to her and she strived to make sure they were happy. She would take time to help them, even though she wasn't an aide or a nurse. She was laundry. She had worked as an aide years back, but her body can't take it any more. The laundry was hard on her too, but she stuck it out until now.

Then I have another sister that had thyroid cancer. Now they are thinking she has cancer somewhere else, along with other problems and is needing an operation, which they don't want to do, as she has blood clots in her legs that they can not get rid of. So she is a high risk.

A friend whose father is going down hill quickly. Another whose mother is in and out.

Now, on a good note--I should have put this all first--we finally get to see all our grandchildren! Praise the Lord. My lil' sis, come to find out was out of groceries, and had rent due. They were waiting on a check from her hubby's brother, but it never showed on time. They had to pay rent, which meant no food for two weeks. Low and behold. The day they "had" to pay the rent, her middle son received a check from way back when. It happened because he had called the company and asked for his W2's. This was from a place he had worked at where they used to live. He didn't even know he still had a check coming. Guess what, her son let her have the money for rent. The check was for $4.00 more than their rent! They were able to pay rent and get groceries. Hallelujah!!! God's timing is perfect. My mothers health is improving day by day. God is good.

This is why I'm asking for everyone to be praying diligently, and hard that the enemy is knocked down. That the cabal over our country is replaced by the glorious light of the Lord. We will not let the enemy take control. We will take a stand and fight the enemy.

I have to admit, the phone call from my sister was what almost broke me down, then I received a message from one of my friends, I started to get down; and then with her needs, I realized and said, "NO!!! you will not bring me down. I will not let you take me too. I'm a daughter of the Almighty God. I believe in Him and I trust in Him. You are not going to break my faith. No way, no how. I know I need to cast my cares up to Him and trust in Him to take care of it all."

Whew!!! Just writing this lifted a load off of my shoulders. He's moving right now. He's healing right now. Ask and He shall answer. Seek and we shall find. Knock and He will open the door. Oh Thank You Heavenly Father. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, we need You so now. Bring heaven down to earth. Shake the people alive. Wake them up to You. Open their ears, their eyes, and their souls. Fill us with the Holy Spirit. Don us all with the Armor of God. Anoint us with a covering. Surround us with a hedge of protection. Cover us with the Blood of Jesus, and seal it in Jesus Name I pray. Thank You Daddy, Thank You Jesus! You are the Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, El Shaddai, Elohim, El Rohi, Jehovah Jireh, Jehova Ra'ah, El Elyon, Adonai, Jehovah Rophe, Sweet Father in Heaven. We love You, We thank You. We believe Daddy, we believe! In Jesus Sweet Name, Amen!

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