Thursday, February 5, 2009


I want to share this prayer with you all as well. This too came from the same message at Prime Time With God. You can click on it on my side bar of sites I like to visit.

Dear Father in Heaven, I know that You have given me special gifts, talents, and abilities to use in Your service. Please stir up those gifts, talents, and abilities within me. Help me to see how and what I am to do for You. Work through me, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, to accomplish Your purpose and to draw people to Yourself. I know that all that is done through me is not of my own power, but of Your power, God. May You be glorified. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Ah yea, to recieve our gifts and to be led in the way He desires for us to take and use our gifts. Have you been stirred yet? Have you asked for guidance in how He wants you to use those gifts? Have you found out what your gifts are? There are sites to go to take your spiritual gifts test. I was shocked to see my results. I always thought my main gift would be helping, it turns out that pastoring/shepparding is my main one which scored much higher than the rest, but is typical for most women. Then my next one was healing. I took the test at two different sites to compare and they both told me the same thing. One was taken a long time ago, while the other was more recent. Healing. I never would have thought that.

But something happened today while at our Capital Womens Weekly group with Pastor Connie. We were talking about some of this along with generational curses and done a more praying as this is where God led her today. I had a feeling come over me like none before. On my way home, I was thinking about those special gifts that God has for us; which led me to ask once again for tongues. Of course He answered me before I finished asking the question, "no my chid, you aren't ready for it yet. You need to learn to pray more fervently first." I chuckled and said, "I knew you were going to say that, but I had to ask anyhow, and I understand, Daddy, you are right. I need to work on being a more devoted prayer."

I then went back to thinking about healing. Then it hit me. Healing doesn't necessarily mean healing like a doctor does. Healing doesn't necessarily mean physical healing. Healing can be done through words, through motions, through feeling. A person can recieve healing just from a hug, a show of kindness, from kind words, from letters, from blogs. Wow! Now I understand my message that Jenn recieved for me. I was to keep doing what I am doing, that I need to keep following what the Lord has planned for me, that I'm going to reach out to many.

It's funny in a sense, but actually amazing how gracious he is at opening doors and windows for us. All we have to do is ASK! How many times have I written on this very subject? Many, and I sitll have yet to do this myself at times.

This brings me to another subject. Why is it that some of us have a hard time asking for something for ourselves. I always felt it just wasnt right. That we should be thinking of others not ourselves. But...if we don't ask for healing in ourselves, how can we help others? How can we be allow the Lord in if we are blocked with hurt, pain, confusion, frustration, or perhaps anger and what not? Ahhhh, so we do need to ask for our own needs as well. The way to do it is put ourselves last when seeking help.

I love learning. I am with some wonderful women in this group. We are working on connecting the young with the old and the old with the young. It's been a great walk/experience already. I love how we help one another grow each and every day. I love how us older folks can learn from the younger, and the younger ones can learn from us. Through Gods eyes, love, heart, plans, time, and designs. It's a beautiful walk no matter what we go through.

May God continue to bless each and everyone of you. Make a ripple and watch it grow and grow and grow. Reach out to someone and show them the Love. This is a subject I will be discussing in another post. Awww the lessons learned today! Can't wait to share them.

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