Saturday, February 7, 2009

God's Protection

One of Sunday's Promises is God's Protection, which brought me to a testimony of His great protection. Of course I could list many a time, but this one in particular, he was definintely looking out for us.

Our daughter was about three at this time. It was when they were still allowed to ride in the front of the car. I had a layaway bill that was due this particular day. It was winter time and we had a little Chevette. I decided to head into town from the base to pay the bill. The weather didn't seem that bad. This is in N.D. by the way, where winters can get pretty ugly. So our daughter and I set off into town which was 30 miles away.

The roads were clear. I ended up behind a semi that was going slow and decided to pass him, this is on the freeway. As I got around him, I noticed it was snowing. It was like a wall. As I get halfway past him, I hit some black ice. Of course anyone that has ever driven a Chevette knows htere isn't much weight to them.

I lost control of the vehicle and spun out of control. I first headed for unerneat the trailer, then managed to head back away and headed for the ditch where a culvert was located. Then headed back towards the semi cab, then back towards the ditch, then we ended up ahead of the semi; done a full 180 degree spin and came to a stop in the semis lane facing him. There is no way he could have stopped in time.

Somehow I managed to turn the car around facing the right direction and took off. We made it into town and stopped at a friends house, but they weren't home. Talk abut shook up. I was so thankful thought that we were not hurt. Now you can't tell me that He wasn't looking out for us. I probably would not have been as shook up had I not had our daughter with us. But knowing I could have lost her, left me a bundle of nerves, shaking, and bawling my eyes out. Needless to say, we went and paid the bill, stopped to get a bite just outside of town to head back to base and call hubby to cry on his shoulder. He was my rock that day. He did chew me out though and asked what ever possessed me to head into town when we had blizzard warinings out. I didn't know that. I just didn't want a late bill.

It took a long time to feel secure on snowy, icy roads after that. In fact that was back in 1986. This is the first year I have finally felt okay driving in nasty weather. But then I've come into the Lord too. I love how He works in our lives. How He keeps us safe. It wasn't our time then. We had a lot of growing to do in Him. He wasn't ready for us to go home. Thank You dear Lord!

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