Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Funnies

I thought of this when reading another blog. It made me giggle and think of the fun adventure we had a few years back. It's funny today, but at the time, well, you decide. ;) Ha ha

While living in base housing on Mountain Home Air Force Base (MHAFB), we lived in a single unit near a huge desert field. There was a row of houses seperating us from the field.

Of course, everything seemed to happen every time hubby had to go TDY (on temporary duty somewhere else). It never failed. This particular time was a night mare but hilarious. When I look back and think of how funny we must have looked, I get to laughing.

It was a fall night, we were all nestled in our warm beds, of course minus hubby. :( When all of a sudden, Smokey, our sweet grey kitty crawled into bed with me making a weird noise. I woke up and noticed he had something in his mouth that looked liked tissue. I went to grab it thinking he was choking, when some little voice said, "No! Turn on the light first." So I reached over and turned on the lamp, and EEEEEKKKKK!!!!

Smokey quickly dropped what was in his mouth, it was...(ready for this one?) It was a mouse. No, it was not a dead mouse. It was a live, breathing, frightened field mouse trying to figure out where he should run to. Smokey sits there proud as could be after bringing mom a trophy!

I froze for a brief moment then went and found the hammer and chased that mouse. Up my clothes in the closet he scurries, (long house coat got him there), across the hangar bar, up the wall. Oh my gosh, how am I going to catch this little guy. Smokey is trying to help too needless to say. "Look out mom, let me get him for you."

By this time the kids are up wondering what all that racket was about. Of course they freak and scream. I get them settled down, and then it becomes a fun game. Until...daughter sees it coming out of the closet. Then it's shreaks and scampering feet of every kind.

At this point I'm thinking, why is it only when he is gone? Smokey, you brought me a trophy, but a normal cat will kill it's trophy's. Why do you have to be the abnormal cat and do this when dad is gone? But then I think, hey, you fit in with the family. None of us are normal. {:<( Hee hee.

The chase is on. Down the hall, into the kitchen. Where are you, then I spot him heading for the laundry room. He hides under a stool, or so he thinks he's hiding. "Okay Smokey, no way, you had your chance, he's mine now. I'm fighting the cat to get to the mouse to get rid of it.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could kill an innocent animal. You see, I'm an animal lover of all kinds. Hurting an animal just isn't my nature. Especially when looking into their eyes. I know, I'm a sap! But what else was I going to do. I sure wasn't going to sleep with it. I couldn't have it running amuck in the house. So bam, down with the hammer, then it hits me. A mouse is tiny, I have a hammer, I smash it, ugghhh, it's going to splatter. Whew, spared the gore! Thank you Lord!

Then comes another struggle, Smokey still wants to claim mousey for his own. He scoops it up and snarls at me. So the chase is on once again. Mousey has gone to mousey heaven now, but Smokey is still claiming it. "Ah come on Smokey, it's late, the kids & I have to get up early, while you can sleep all day! Give me mousey PLEASE!!!" Finally catch him still growling and hissing at me. I get the mouse, throw it away and off to bed. ;) Ahhh, yes finally.

Wahhhh, I can't go to sleep now. How many more of those little critters is he going to bring into bed with me. Is there more? There must be, cuz where there's one, there is more. Whyyyyyy??? Oh come on, quit being a sissy and just go to sleep. Finally sleep comes. But...the story does not end here. Oh no, not now. This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come. Down the hall on the wall, bump, thump, thump bump... Oh sorry, this isn't a Dr. Suess story. ;)

Oh that's right, hubby reads my posts. Sorry baby, but you have to admit, this was pretty funny. ;) I have to share, it's for lifes best medicine. We all need laughter.

Any way, we go through this several nights before hubby gets back. He thought it was funny hearing about it. He he he...Well, turns out Smokey was not going to leave hubby out of the picture. Oh no, he had to get dad in the fun. After all, dad deserved a trophy too didn't he? Oh yes he did. Mom shouldn't get all the awards. Uh-uh, no way. Dad was his pal! Uh-huh. Yes he was. Smokey loves daddy!

Middle of the night, Smokey jumps in bed, and I knew that sound all too well. Hubby asks what the problem is, I turn on the light and holler he has another mouse. (I'm sitting here laughing thinking of this all over again). Hubby stands up in bed, starts running in place (mind you, we had a water bed at the time) hollering, "get it, get it." I stand there floored, thinking, I've dealt with these buggers for how many nights now, and you are running in place, on the bed, telling me to get it. Augghh, okay, chicken little, I'll get the hammer and take care of it. Geesh. Of course during this time, up the clothes in the closet, back down, and Smokey's on it.

Hubby is still in the bedroom not knowing what to do. Finally get it and squash it. Poor guy, claims he was in shock, hadn't woken up completely, he wasn't scared, just didn't know what to do. ;) That's my hubby. I love him so though. That's okay babe, I'll let you off the hook this time. mmmwwwaaaahhh love you.

Needless to say, we finally found where the buggers were coming in at. I thought it was under the stove, and set traps there, of course never caught them. Or perhaps the laundry room. Set traps there too, but to no avail. They were coming in through the utility closet. Smart little farts. Here was a rather large hole in the floor where the gas pipe came in. Grrr. Why in the world did they leave a whole in the floor. We fixed that rather quickly, and thus that ended the mousey problems. Whew!!! Our fun ended. Thanks to hubby for figuring out there entrance and closing it off!!! My hero. ;) XOXO

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