Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I had mentioned writing a testimonial on laziness and here goes. When we had first moved to Mountain Home AFB from Germany, it was a total culture shock. I was used to the land of trees and lakes and beautiful vegetation everywhere. Now I was in the desert!!! Ugh!!! I looked at hubby and said, "What in the world did you get us into?" I cried from Mountain Home all the way to the base.

We received our household goods right away, and that was a blessing. We ended up with a nice home on base. But that didn't matter to me. I hated it there. I was afraid to go outside of the house for fear of scorpions, rattle snakes, and poisonous spiders. I didn't know what else the desert held in store for us. All I knew, I did not want to deal with any of it. We lived on the boarder of the desert that surrounded the base. I was certain that we were going to find rattlers often.

I should have asked granted. So what did I do? I buried myself into the computer playing solitaire games and whatever other kinds of games I could find. I even kept a running score list of the games that had scores. I made it my goal to beat my old scores. I would scurry around the house just before hubby was due to get home. I started to put on weight. I didn't take good care of the house, just kept it neat. I didn't take good care of myself either. I just did not care any more.

Eventually I began to realize hubby was seeing someone else. We had gotten into an explosion over the subject for the umpteenth time and he decided he was finished. That woke me up! I began getting up at 5 am everyday and started walking and doing aerobics. I had worked up to walking 5 miles 5 days a week. I done the aerobics stretching and toning segments when I returned home. I looked and felt fabulous.

It was our daughters birthday and we decided to take her to the roller rink with the friends she wanted to invite and her brother was allowed to invite friends as well. Hubby took the boys, I took the girls. We still were not on good terms. Amazingly that was our turning point. I tried to roller skate with the girls (never have been able to, but can ice skate the socks off a person ha ha), and fell on my butt just a few feet onto the rink. It hurt, but did not want to show it. How embarrassing when I was trying to win hubby over. Well it worked!

After that I got a job, kept the house up, kept in shape and we bought our first house. I learned my lesson. Never let feelings over take you. Never let depression seep in unless of course it's a disease that you don't have control over, then seek help. Never just sit around all day doing a little here and there, as you easily become depressed. Be active, stay active. You can do this even if you are disabled! Never allow yourself to become a sluggard (lazy). I'm thankful that I finally realized this and a few years later found the Lord. Thank you God for all the blessings and lessons you have poured upon me and I pray you continue to teach and guide me to be like Christ. Amen


sailorcross said...

Amazing isn't it? How God uses what WE see are terrible, horrible conditions that lead us to make poor choices in our lives, and then opens up the opportunities to make change for the good.

All in His good plans and purposes for us!!

A wonderful, open, honest post!!


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Yes it is. It's all by His time and His plans that our lifes come about in the right direction. Ever since coming back to Him life has been so wonderful. Like you had stated, even through the tough times we are still able to stand!
Thank You Beth,
Love and blessings to you,