Friday, October 31, 2008

Beautiful Street

There is a street in Boise, ID that is just beautiful in the fall. This morning it just seemed extraordinare. It was a cloudy morning with the street lights still on. I was taking my step grandkids to school. We turn down Warm Springs and my heart soars. The bright yellows, vibrant reds, and yellow oranges are just stunning on the old oak and maple trees.

My son had a good idea, it would be neat to ride a horse driven carriage down that street during the fall when the trees have all turned. I thought it was a romantic drive through there. The old homes along the way just make it that much more beautiful along the way.

This morning started out on the wrong foot, but taking a drive down that old street just set the mood right. I could just sit there or walk along there for hours. It's nice to have such picturesque beauty in a bustling growing city. It helps one appreciate the goodness in life and stops you in your tracks to remind you there is much to be thankful for.

I really do need to get out there and take some pictures. I talked about slowing down (granted that was about driving), but it's time to take time out for capturing and saving such a beautiful sight and share it. Especially since it only happens once a year for brief period of time.

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