Sunday, October 19, 2008


Correction: My mistake. This article has been posted for a full day and I just now realized I had placed the wrong pod cast. It should read Focus on the Family instead of Charles Stanley. Sorry! I've been listening to both pod casts often and get the two mixed up.

Today while listening to Charles Stanleys pod cast titled "If God Lived in my House," by Lee Strobel. Wow! What a powerful message he has. I've only gotten through part one and can't wait to listen to part two.

Any way, I wanted to share a part of the message that sounds like a great idea! Lee talked about a special function to do in the church. It is called, 1-1-1. This is what you do; The Pastor asks everyone to come to agreement to chose one person in their life that is heading for a Christ-less eternity. Each person of the church will pray for that person everday at one o'clock for one minute until Christmas. Then each person is to invite that person that they prayed for to service in hopes they will come to Christ.

What Lee had done at Willow Creek Church was handed out business type cards that could fit in their wallets as reminders with just 1-1-1 on them and a line for them to write the name of the person on it that they were praying for. Of course this was not for showing to the person you were praying for. I would imagine it was to be kept personal no matter what.

Lee did say that one lady had taken her card to the person she was praying for and said, "Look, I'm praying for one person, that's you for one minute a day at one o'clock, so that you may come to Christ and enjoy it as much as I." (this isn't the exact words). The woman just laughed and said okay. Two weeks later while the woman being prayed for was taking a shower getting ready for work; she was hit by the Holy Spirit. She dropped to her knees and started praying right there in her shower and received Christ.

A funny comment was made by some people of his congregation that there was a conversion and a Baptism at one time! Hee hee. But think about how awesome that would be. Think of the many people that could be saved by performing one simple act. Lee also stated that someone asked if they could pray for 2 people at two o'clock instead. Lee said, "No!" This had to be done the same way with everyone. After all that is how when all comes into agreement that it works. Something to consider and perhaps mention to your Pastors as well.

Have a beautiful day, and God Bless!

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