Thursday, October 9, 2008

Strong Faith

I highly suggest going to Focus on the Family and downloading the pod cast called If Jesus Lived in My House by Lee Strobel. Wow! The stories and experiences he shares are amazing. He was once a journalist for the Chicago Tribune and was an atheist. He went in search of answers on Christianity to find proof that it was real. He discovered it was. He gave himself to Jesus Christ. He’s been writing and speaking ever since.

One of his stories was about a woman who was in her 30’s dying from terminal breast cancer. Her doctor was a non-believer. The woman had a husband and young child. The doctor wrote that she was more concerned about his not being saved and talked to him about it. He was amazed how she wasn’t worried about her disease and dying. She told him that she knew she would have eternal life. He gave himself to Christ! This is just a brief discription of the story.
You can go to the website that I heard the podcast from and either down load it and listen to it that way, or order a CD. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

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