Monday, October 13, 2008

Prayer Schedule

Ken Wilde has posted the prayer schedule on the following site This is the prayer schedule for the individual states with 3 states per day. One at 6 am, then noon, then 6 pm. The site has links to each state for the seats and the nominees running for election this year. I hope you all will follow this as we really need to be praying for this years election.

You can also go to and listen to any of Pastor Ken's sermons. The last one talks about the election process and how he came up with the 21 day prayer schedule. It is very interesting.

While driving to pick my daughter up from work today, I saw church signs with the talk of Daniels Fast. This makes one aware of how God is working and talking to many, trying to warn us. We need to take heed and listen to His messages to us. On Pastor Ken has a piece on David's Fast. I for one plan on following it. I've needed to get in shape, healthy and eat better anyhow. What better way and time to make it happen; while at the same time coming closer to the Lord and learning to become more faithful.

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