Monday, October 27, 2008

Beautiful Vision

I just had one of the most beautiful visions. I thought I would share this one. Hubby, son, and myself were sitting here listening to Third Day (I'm terrible with song titles) some of the words were: "I will lift my voice up to worship you my king." Any way, I was sitting in my chair with arms stretched up, singing with my eyes closed and this vision came to me.

Sitting in a sandy area with a small pit fire burning, there stood Jesus talking to us. I thought "yes Jesus, talk to us, give us direction, guide us." It was so real. Then the song came to me, "I Can Only Imagine," It is one of my many favorites. I could spend my whole day worshipping and talking to God. Well, basically do the talking all day, with half the day worshipping or listening.

Speaking of which. It is amazing how Christian music can take and turn an ugly, moody moment the kids are experiencing and turn it into a beautiful day. When the grand kids are down and out and just augh, we will turn on Christian music and they will calm down, start singing and dancing and then they are a blast! God is good! In fact, God is Good all the Time is their favorite. I turn that on and all you hear is giggles, singing, and running around the living room and spinning and dancing. I absolutely love watching them come to life with the worshipping of God. When I do play that one, it's play it again, play it again, play it again. Yup, 3-4 times. Here I am to Worship is another that they want to hear over and over again.

Oh the innosance of babes. Isn't it great! Could not imagine life without children. They are the joys of our lives even there are times you wonder how in the world you are going to get through the day.

"God is Good;
All the time;
He put a song of praise in this heart of mine
God is Good;
All the time;
Through the darkest hours, His light will shine;
God is Good;
God is Good;
All the time.
When your walking; through the valley; there are shadows all around.
Do not fear, He will guide you; He will keep you safe and sound.
For His love; Is never ending; and His mercy, it will never end."

Those words hold a lot. I'm sure the kids pick up on those words too and think about it. I know there are many different versions of the song, but this particular one is our favorite thus far, as the beat and tune is so catchy.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Just wanted to share which brought up other thoughts. Have a wonderful blessed week all!

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