Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Cabal

Yesterday I learned a bit more about the Cabal. Thankfully some of our people of the church have been woken up to visions of this being broken up and desinigrating! Yeah, sure hope so. Any way, the Cabal works in many ways. We really need to be joining together tho have this beast removed from American and the world. The more we join together and pray, the less power it has.

The following is a site that explains the Cabal. It's demonic, it's evil, it's horrible. Let's let it know that we will not let it take our great country from us. We will not tolerate it rearing it's ugly head no more! We are taking America back!

One more thing; are you all aware that Barack Obama still has not produced an actual authentic birth certificate. A person can not be voted into office without one. So why is Obama being allowed to still persue the presidency when in fact he can not prove he is a native American? Speak out America! Let Congress, the Senate and the President know that we do not agree with the wrong doings in politics. It's time to stop the bueracy that takes place. We are fed up with lies and laws being broken to suit the needs of a few.

Several have shared visions that have been given to them that Obama is another Hitler and all the other dictators. Should he be voted into office, America is going to go down hill real fast. We will suffer and pay the price. Do we want to become another Iraq/Iran? Do we want to become another Weimer, Germany like it was during WWI? I myself was told that Satan lives in him. One day while watching him, I had such a chill come over me. That's when I was told who he really is and to beware.

Let's please save our country and not allow a nasty dictator to take our country from us. Pray!

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