Thursday, October 16, 2008

Book Ratings

I found another interesting blog who was one of the Blog of the day sites. Alice has listed the Finalists for the National Book Awards. She also has a link on her page to visit the book site. Very interesting. Let me know what you think of the books selected and whether or not you think the covers and titles are a bit on the dark depressing side.

Our nation is in turmoil and we really need to be coming together to turn that around. Maybe this is a kick off of how many are feeling these days. The sad thing is; we forget to look on the bright side. We can either let the bad times drag us down, or we can look for any hint of positive and work off of it. In dark times why not write and publish something light. Lift spirits instead of bringing them down. After all, the enemy wants us in that dark moment. So lets say no and put some light back into the dark. After all, isn't that what is wanted for us?

So have a great weekend all and put a smile on and look for the good in life instead of dwelling on the negative. Much happiness to each of you.

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