Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daily Devotional: Don't Worry

Are you a worrier? Is there something(s) in your life that is troubling you? Often times in our lives we find things that trouble us and we carry it with us. I know I have a bad habit of that; especially when it comes to children. With the grand kids, I find myself constantly worrying over some things that are going on in their lives and the treatment they recieve. But then I constantly remind myself of a recent pod cast I had heard from Dr. Charles Stanley saying, "Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry." I can't count the times anymore when I am constantly reminded of that very thing.

Partly hearing this repeated is due to listening and writing what I hear so that I can go back and referr to different areas of the message. There are times when the cast would skip ahead and I'd have to go back and would hear the "don't worry" part over and over. At first I was irritated, then realized that God was probably trying to tell me something. That particular pod cast was the worst one I've had problems with. Now I know why! :)

Anyway, on today's Crosswalk.com; Greg Lauries Daily Devotions has a great pieced called, "God's Answer to Worry." Definitely worth the read. Have a great day!

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