Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Little Children

Children are amazing, especially when they are loving and accepting God into their lives. Yesterday I needed to take 3 of the children down into Boise to get the base for the babies car seat. I knew it was lunch time, they would be hungry and probably get a bit edgy and argumentive with one another. I had to run home and pop in my contacts and then it came to me; grab the kids worship CD's.

We got on the road, I popped in a CD and they started singing, lifting their arms and getting into praising the Lord. Bless their little hearts. It is so heart warming to see their love for the Lord. If only we all had that desire. Children are a great inspiration. When they are going through a rough time, all I have to do is turn on God is Good. That is their favorite. Then I also play the kids worships with one of them being Here I am to Worship. Both the girls love that one. My oldest grand daughter knows the words to many songs now by heart. The youngest is getting there.

I can watch the kids getting irritated with one another one minute, turn on Christian music, and wow! Their attitudes turn to giggles, running in a circle, singing and laughing, raising their arms, acknowleding their love for the Lord. How awesome is that?! We can learn a lot from children. Juila, the oldest loves to listen to our I-pods, and has a favorite that I can not remember the name of at this time, but she listens to it over and over. Ashley, the little one, one day had Rick's I-pod and ran back and forth along the fence shouting, "This music is awesome! This music is so good! This music makes me happy!" I had such a warm feelilng. I could feel the Lord's presence and thanked him for being there, for working with them. The younger we feed the little ones the better.

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