Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Lesson

Yesterday I had recieved an e-mail stating that Home Depot was not going to use the word Christmas. I had a feeling this may be wrong and was taken out of context. It apparently had to do with the last add not having the word Christmas anywhere like some adds did, and used the word holiday instead.

I wrote to customer service to see if it was true, as I do not like seeing good companies having the businesses hurt from lies. It turns out that the group sending the e-mail talked with Home Depot and was set straight. This is not the case. Home Depot is not shutting out Christmas, but they are using the word holiday to reach those that do not relate to Christmas. I think this is admirable in the fact that they are respecting all people involved.

Now if only our government would do the same. Instead of removing God from so many things, removing prayer from schools, along with the Pledge of Allegeance, there are ways to honor all peoples beliefs. We need to quit taking away what America was for a few and work with everyone.

Any way, the moral of the story is: if you are not sure if what you have been told, or what you read, check the story out first before letting it go further. This can save a lot of heartache for many. Spreading and sharing things that aren't not backed with facts can do a lot of harm and possibly come back to you.

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