Thursday, October 30, 2008


The night before, my son & I got into a discussion about the grand children. We talked about one of our grandsons who appears to be mentally retarded. He really struggles and is way behind children of his age. Often times it is like talking to a body that doesn't have any one inside it. You can see the emptiness in his eyes. He is unable to comprehend much.

I had talked to his dad about this very thing one day, and his dad commented on how he has no idea what to do for him. His fiance, my daughter has told him to get him some help, but he won't do it. Ignoring the problem is only making things worse. No one has the patience with him as he is a handful with not listening, making messes whether it be eating, handling things that can make a mess, or going to the bathroom. He gets very physical at times which scares us with the baby.

I mentioned to my son that I wish he would get the boy into see a doctor and then go from there. That's when my smart son mentioned that prayer, talking to God, having him prayed over, and for him to believe is all that it may take to help him. Of course, the healing powers of our great Father in Heaven!

That's when the idea came to me. There are many times that alter calls are made for those struggling financially, those with health issues, those with other physical problems, etc. Why not do a monthly alter call for children? There are many out there that need the prayers, especially in a group that has everyone in agreement. Can you imagine the amount of children that would be healed and how much good that would do for our nation? Prayers for mental illness to be resolved, abuse to be removed from their lives, illness to be taken from their bodies, for the Holy Spirit to reside in them, and guide them, etc.

I used to read stories about children going through these very things and now actually live it with my grand children. I read a post today about a pediatrician going to the ward where meth babies are trying to get through the days of detoxifying their bodies and waiting for their moms to get out of prison and come claim them, and how she had taken to one baby in particular. These babies sit in the nursery crying almost constantly, in pain, not wanting to eat or sleep. Can you imagine? Those poor babies definitely need to be prayed over along with the mother to get herself cleaned up for the childs sake.

But even now, we can be praying for the children of the world being neglected, abused both physically and verbally--which reminds me, despite the old saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones; but words shall never harm me," is way off. Words can sometimes hurt more than physical attacks--those that are in hospital care units with drug abuse born in their systems, those of disease whether chemical, bacterial, or mental. They all need us to stay in contact and be near and strong in the Lord and they need our prayers.

God Bless!

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