Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today's small group opened up some doors for me today. It was a powerful meeting with many words of wisdom and of testimony. Then the prayer meet afterwards was awesome. The presence of the Lord was so strong.

When we are going through a dark period in our lives, we need to stop and remember that God is there. He doesn't leave us. We need to hold on to that and not give up.

For those of us that grow up with a lot of ugliness in our child hood, do not hold grudges, do not judge, as we don' t know what the whole story is. Instead of blame, learn from their mistakes. We are to honor our father and mother. We are to love our brothers and sisters.

When we feel like giving up, ask the Lord for help. Remember, taking our own lives when we are in our right frame of mind will keep us from seeing our Great Father.

Grandparents, if we see our grand children acting out, do not label them as bad children--this goes for teachers etc. as well--as you do not know their home situation. The home environment may be full of sin. These are the people that need us more than ever. They need kind, caring heats so that they have someone in life to talk to and learn from.

Last but not least, "do not judge one another." When someone stops going to church due to others judging them, making comments about something they had done years ago is sad. We don't know their lives. Our words can hurt. Granted we are suppose to let what others think flow off of us, but we all know how hard that can be.

A wise person told me, "If you don't haven any thing nice to say, then don't say it at all. Very simple. Think of how great that would be if we all started working together, how great and strong we would become! There is more power in numbers. Let's come together and become one voice.

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