Friday, January 9, 2009

Beautiful Revelation

I'm sitting here just feeling fulfilled in the Holy Spirit. Tonight was the beginning of our Catalyst Conference. First off, 30 children gave themselves to the Lord tonight! How cool is that?!!! It was an uplifting night all the way around.

Our Pastors son and his wife were ordained ministers tonight. They deserve to be there. It was a beautiful ceremony. I've never witnessed anyone being ordained before. It was awesome.

We had pastors from other places also. They were all very uplifting with great words, but the one that really touched me and gave me a great revelation was Pastor Iverson. I'm not sure if I've spelt his last name correctly or not. But what he said was soooo uplifting, it was words I needed to hear to get back on track.

Firs off, "When you're walking on water, keep your eyes on Jesus." We've recently talked about that on here, and wow, hearing it from him was like YES!!!

Then he talked about the "Power of Faith!" Walking in Faith. "Your attitude affects your behavior." "We need to guard our faith, hope, and love." Don't count on our five senses, as they aren't going to get us through. Without faith, hope and love, we have a faithless, hopeless, loveless life.

He told two stories that really put light to his words. One was to do with not relying on your five senses. He went to a conference or something of the sort. He stayed in an old hotel. When he was walking into the lobby, he noticed the floor creaking and thought to himself, "Wow, if this old place caught fire, it would go up real fast." Well, he ended up on the 10th floor.

About 2 am he woke to sirens. He heard the sirens. He got up, tried to look out his window but couldn't see all the way down and his window faced an alley. But he "saw" red lights flashing below. So then he thought fire, the building must be on fire. He ran around trying to decide what to do. He put in his bridge, pulled up a pair of pants over his pajama bottoms, had no top on, grabbed his bible and headed for the door. He remembered that he needed to check the door to be sure it wasn't hot. He peered out and "saw" waves of smoke. Then he dashed for the elevator but remembered not to take it, and could smell smoke, and took the metal stairs all the way down and was barefooted. When he reached the bottom, he ran through the door into the lobby. The hotel guy on duty was sitting their half asleep and just looked up at him and gave him a funny look. So he went out and went around to the back of the building and there was a fire truck. They were putting out a barrel heater out in the alley.

So, had he not let his senses lead him, he wouldn't have panicked and went through all that. He "heard" the sirens, "saw" the lights, "saw" the smoke, and "smelt" fire. Granted that wasn't all five senses, but it still gets the point across.

The other was losing someone precious to him. He gave up his faith and fell into a deep dark hole. He lost his faith, hope, and love and was living a dark life. He was angry at God for taking away his precious baby. This went on for awhile until the Lord talked to him. Then he began to listen and the Lord reached down and pulled him out of that deep dark hole.

See, He never leaves us. He waits on us when we go through our trials and tribulations. We should never give up on Him either.

I realized tonight that I had given up on Him some. I wrote to hon and told her some of what has been weighing heavy on my heart and then my heart really felt heavy. Then I realized tonight. That message should never have been written. I should have taken it to the Lord. I had lost some of my faith, hope, and love. But you know what, I've picked myself up, quit complaining about the bruise on my heal and am ready to crush down the enemy! Amen!

Oh how God is good! His timing is perfect! His word is good. I love how He leads us and teaches us, and forgives us. I want so badly to be just like Him.

Oh Daddy! I thank You for the transformation tonight. You opened my eyes, gave us a new beginning. We've felt that this year is full of great beginnings and already they have started. You truly are an all Powerful, Loving, Mighty God! Thank You Jesus for Your great sacrifice. Oh Daddy, without You, we are nothing. I'm not worthy of You. I Love You Dear Daddy. Thank You for never giving up on me. The glory all belongs to You! Please continue to teach and to lead me Daddy. Take me, I'm Yours! I want to live out what you have designed for me to do. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Deare Diary said...

Hi Tammy,
I really enjoyed reading this post. I found your blog by following "Amazing Grace". I too am a Christian and love the Lord with all of my heart. I really enjoy reading other testimonies that are encouraging, uplifting, and faith filled. I will be following your blog daily and look foward to reading more encouraging posts. Nice to meet you.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Hi Judy! Thank you. I like following people with Faith filled blogs as well. I found yours through mine. Thank you for adding yourself to mine. I have done the same on yours. I too will be visiting yours daily. Looking forward to reading more!