Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary Capital Christian Center!

I just want to give a shout out to Capital Christian Center for 25 years of Service. You went from a very small congregation that started in a house, and gradually built to where you are now. We are proud to be of the church family, which has only been almost 2 years. And look forward to the next 25 years.

Also a shout out to Pastors Krist and Kelly for your ordaining Friday evening. We are so proud of the two of you. You are awesome. We haven't had the chance to hear Kelly speak, but Pastor Krist amazes us every time. Even though there are times he uses big words that we need to use a dictionary for. ;) But we have learned so much from you.

Pastor Ken and Connie are a Blessing to our Church. They are such loving, caring kind, people. The Lord shines through them. They have a love for the youth which is a blessing, as they are given a great chance to come into the Lord.

We may be newbies in a sense, but we can see what you have accomplished over the years, and thank God for such a beautiful family, along with Pastors Tracy, Mark, & Rochelle Francey, and baby Kensington who is adorable! Thank you all of you for your service, for your love of the Lord, for your great teachings. God Bless! Happy 25th Anniversary! The Lord is smiling down you Capital Christian Center and all of You. You've grown a beautiful church family.

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