Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 Mom's 20 Pounds

Well, here we are again. Another week! I hope you all have had a successful week. I know I have. Not as successful as I'd like it to be, but it's been a good one. :) Without further ado...

Water: This has not been a problem as I fasted soda's all week! All I've been drinking is my usual coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day. WOW!!! What a difference that makes. I'm loving it.

Exercise: Okay, this is where I have been lacking. I haven't stuck with the plan, as I had all week off last week and not most of this week. So I've slacked. But, when I go anywhere, I make sure I have to walk a little ways from the parking lot. Well, actually started that before doing this, but am much better about it. I do chase the cat up and down the stairs and around the house (we play tag and hide n' seek) just to make sure I get some cardio activity going. Then of course there is the cleaning, which on some days consits of a lot of extra walking!!!

Challenges: Well obviously have so much luxury time has made it harder to stick to the plan for one. I am however improving on the late night snacking. I have improved the eating habits immensely. No more junk food except one day. No more fast food except this morning, because I ended up with the shakes while at an appt. and had another meeting for 2 hours after that, so had to eat something. It was still breakfast time and only had a couple minutes on the run. Wasn't too bad though. ;) Need to remember to take healthy snacks with me for those moments. Overcoming bad habits is the biggest challenge right now, and of course exercising, which will always be a challenge.

Success: I was able to get into a skirt I haven't worn for a couple of years and almost a blouse!!! Talk about excited. If that isn't a get you pumped move to motivation, nothing is. I felt like a woman again. Hee hee

Weigh In: Well as you all know, I don't weigh myself, but since I have a pair of pants that fall off now and am into a skirt I haven't been able to wear and almost a blouse, that says it all.

My motto: Believe in God. I know He wants me to keep His temple healthy and looking good, so now that I have the right frame of mind, it is going to happen! Believe, believe, believe. Walk in Faith!!!


3 Bay B Chicks said...

What success you are having with your weight loss, Omah. Such wonderful news. The fact that you are drinking water alone is amazing. I can only dream of such fortitude. :)

Congratulations of being able to fit into your skirt and keep up the good work.


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you Francesca! It's nice to have support. Am determined to do it the right way this time so that I keep it off. Diets don't work, because when you've lost the weight, you tend to go back to the old ways. So learning to eat right is the ticket.
The water consumption isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got used to it real fast.
Thanks again for your kind words!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Good motivation, Tammy. He will bless you in glorifying His name by taking good care of your body.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Yes, I'm believing that Grace. Thank you, you are so sweet.