Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Let Me Miss the Glory

Gordon Mote is an amazing man in the Lord. He is blind. He can play the piano so well. You can learn more about Gordon by clicking on the Gordon Mote link on my side bar. Hubby and I were able to see him in concert at the Gaither concert we attended. This was the first time we had heard of him and fell in love with him immediately. He has a beautiful personality, a great sense of humor, a strong love of the Lord, and a family man who loves his family. And what a talent he has.


Don't Let Me Miss The Glory

In the view from the mountains
There's a story to be told
In the crashing of the ocean
There's a power that no man will ever hold

All the stars in the Heavens
Decorate Your handiwork
And like a mighty choir
They've come to celebrate Your worth

Don't let me miss the glory
Don't let me miss the grace
All creation is singing
To the honor of Your name

Don't let me miss the wonder
Don't let me miss the grand design
And the lightning and the thunder
Lord open up my eyes
Don't let me miss the glory

In the cry of a baby
In the laughter of love
In the dance of the faithful
you will find the greatness of our God above

In the prayer of the righteous
In the beauty of Your grace
In a brand new morning's mercy
All your memories of my sin have been erased


Don't let me miss the glory


3 Bay B Chicks said...

Lovely, lovely post, Omah. The video paired perfectly with the lyrics. It is wonderful to hear such powerful words while being able to see how truly awesome our planet is at the same time. Thank you.


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Oh yes, I so agree with you Francesca. This is a well thought out song, and gives God so much glory. Thank you for your comments.